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  • Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3
    By on November 23rd, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    You’ve probably seen this comparison thousands of times. And its normal to see these two games being compared over and over again as new versions come out. There are fanboys from both sides bashing each other similar to PS3 vs Xbox 360 fanboys. I originally bought Battlefield 3 because I wanted a change (been playing the MW series for more than 3 years). And just yesterday I could resist but bought Modern Warfare 3 as well after trading in another game at EB Games.

    Modern Warfare 3 is nothing special on the single player side, same graphics but new story (picked up from where last game left off), weapons and its still action packed. I was able to get back in the “game” almost right away after getting re-used to the controls. I have yet to play the multiplayer but I can imagine its the same fast pace, arcade-ish feel like previous titles.

    So now comes the comparison, in my opinion, there’s none. Battlefield 3 is a slower paced and more realistic first person shooter with more players, bigger maps and you can drive vehicles. On the other hand Modern Warfare 3 is faster paced and less realistic, noticeably much less recoil from firing guns. But Modern Warfare does come with zombie mode (World at War and Black Ops) and this time there’s a survival mode where you fight off waves of enemies, buy/upgrade your weapons similar to zombie mode but without the zombies. This is the one feature I’m looking forward to after I finish the single player. For people who likes shooter games, this are a lot of advantages and they can learn about shooter other games at sites with OverWatch: News and other info. If you like the game Overwatch and have been following the championship, you can place bets at https://www.rivalry.gg/matches/overwatch-betting.

    I think that both games actually compliment each other because they provide two distinct styles of game play for us gamers. When you want to get totally serious, play Battlefield 3. When you just want a few quickie games then play Modern Warfare 3.

    Now can we just shut up and play the games? Both are great games with their pros and cons. So in the end, you cannot argue which is ultimately better. And guess what? They are both best sellers in the first person shooting genre.

  • Well looks like Duke Nukem Forever blew it
    By on June 15th, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    I’m glad I forgot to buy Duke Nukem Forever on Tuesday after reading the review from IGN which gave it a jaw dropping 5.5/10. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the result after watching this multiplayer trailer from GameTrailers. It looked like a really generic shooter and it just didn’t feel like the good old Duke Nukem. The single player story might be entertaining but I can’t justify paying $69.99 + tax just for single player because I value the multiplayer aspect of a game a lot.

    I’m just sad that after 10 years of waiting and the hype generated throughout, went to waste. I felt like they rushed it out because they knew the fans had been waiting and the developers didn’t want to wait any longer. Instead of rolling out with something similar to StarCraft 2 status, which also came out 10 years after the first game, Duke Nukem Forever blew it.

    Hopefully not forever as the game name suggested. Hopefully there will be another one coming out that’s done properly. One that retains the old humor and game play with next generation game elements. For now I would just bring out the old Duke Nukem 3D in the mean time while we wait yet again for Duke Nukem to return. This one just didn’t do it.

  • Vanquish – Will this be another SEGA hit?
    By on September 3rd, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Bayonetta was good, I personally thought it was much better than Devil May Cry. This week, the demo for SEGA’s upcoming third person shooter Vanquish, was out and I finally had a chance to try it out. First impression, wow, got to love the demo they picked for us. It is the one that Gametrailers has posted before. You get to fight the ginormous robot boss for this demo, which is basically the majority of the demo. I really love that battle suit (forgot the name of it) of the character you are controlling. The gun can morph into 3 different modes – shotgun, heavy machine gun and assault rifle that shoots quicker than the heavy gun. Only complain here is I wish the guns were louder, that’s it.

    I love a lot of things about this game, huge boss, huge drop ships for you to shoot in the demo and you can make your character Tom to have a smoke in the middle of a gun fight. What more can you ask for? The third person system is pretty much the same as other ones so regular third person shooters will feel right at home. Remember Max Payne and its bullet time slow mo? Well its also in Vanquish (I’m sure there are other games that have bullet time), only this time you don’t need to fill up any meter to activate it, it will activate as soon as you are about to die, which opens up a few seconds for you to shoot your way out of harm.

    The demo didn’t really let me do the power slide move (or maybe I’m just a noob and haven’t figured out how) which I don’t like, it looks kind of weird to be power sliding your way to cover. It reminds me of what soccer players do when they score goals, they do a power slide in front of the fans.

    So after playing this short but sweet demo of Vanquish, I’m half sold. The only hold back right now is the fact there is no online component to it as mentioned in Destructoid. So I might actually wait a bit for this one until the price by half or something. I’m thinking of buying Bioshock 2 since the price has dropped to 29.99 and PLUS it has multiplayer, not that I want to play it though.

  • That’s it, I am officially a noob magnet in Mod...
    By on February 20th, 2010 | No Comments Comments

    I guess my previous whining didn’t help much, I am more annoyed than ever. I now always end up on the losing team, always stuck with a bunch of noobs that do not seem to have an idea of how to play this game properly. All they do is rush out and get shot from all directions. Why do I deserve this? My winning ration was 1.35 yesterday and now I am struggling with a 1.31 because I have lost basically every game today, be it a real lost with noobs on my team or one of those annoying disconnects.

    But what annoys me the most is the fact that I am always the only one with a decent score, well most of the time. The rest of my team would just contribute points to the other team by dying. It really felt like its me against the other 13 players instead of 6 on 6. If my team was able to contribute a bit more towards winning I would have no problem losing, at least we tried and the game was fair. In my case it was just pure slaughter by the opposing team.

    Maybe I should just take a break and stop playing Modern Warfare 2 for a while. Let myself cool down a bit. Then again, what difference does that make? I will still be the only one, most of the time, with a positive kill / death ratio. What’s the point?

    I have never been so upset in my life over a game, never happened with the original Modern Warfare.

  • I found a Bayonetta exploit, cheat or hack whatever y...
    By on January 10th, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    So I’ve been playing Bayonetta for a few days now, as I mentioned in my review the game isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. One of the main reason why it is giving me such a hard time is how much damage the enemies can inflict apon you if you miss calculated a dodge. I had, in a few occasions, half my life taken from an enemy’s combo attacks. That is why healing is such an important factor, at least to me, in this game. But you either have to purchase them from Rodin in Gates of Hell or you have to concoct your own using green compounds. The problem with purchasing them from Rodin is you can only have 3 green lollipop and 1 mega green lollipop. If you have already reached the limit, you won’t be able to buy anymore but to concoct your own. Normally they won’t come as often as I wish but I have found a way to get Halos (money), Butterflies (that will replenish your magic) and the three compounds. I am not too concerned about the Halos and Butterflies since they come in quite often. This “exploit”, “cheat” or “hack” does not really help gain a lot of Halos anyway.

    So what is it? Its probably been mentioned already somewhere but I thought I would mention it again. Basically the benches, flower pots or any breakable objects respawn everytime you go from one place and back. For example, going in and out of Gates of Hell will cause a respawn of all the breakable objects when you re-enter the area. If you keep going in and out, you will be able to collect TONS of compounds. I have tested this in and out for at least 5 times and the objects still respawn WITH Halos, Butterflies and the compounds randomly.

    I’m sorry to say I do need this to stock up my healing, attack / defense increasing lollipops.

  • Bayonetta did not disappoint me. Worth the buy!
    By on January 9th, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Bayonetta, a pretty hyped up Devil May Cry style action game was released on Jan 5th. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to buy it on that day because I went to watch Avatar with my girlfriend, boy was that one of the best movies of 2009.

    Anyway, I went to EB Games the next day but they were sold out, that was a bit surprising because I didn’t expect Bayonetta to be THAT demanding. I went to Best Buy and the PS3 version was sold out and no luck at EB Games again. I finally did get my copy at Futureshop the next day though, phew!

    The game hasn’t let me down so far, I still haven’t got bored of the the ultra fast paced battles plus button mashing. I guess that was kind of expected from the beginning (button mashing). I’m not sure if its my lack of skills and patience or is the game hard at some of the sections. I am still having trouble with some of the quicktime events where you have to click the button at that particular moment, not earlier, not later, it has to be exact. I died a couple of times as a result. Some of the battles are pretty hard as well, maybe I need to get better with the dodge.

    Boss battles are pretty epic, one of the reasons why I bought this game. I just love looking at oversized monsters that take up more than half the TV screen. I find them easier to deal with then those in Devil May Cry. Another reason, the Torture Attacks, never cease to entertain me with different violent and bloody damaging moves.

    The graphics are very impressive though I have noticed a few areas with frame rate issues but they are not enough to put me off this game. Buildings give you the impression of their massiveness. The music is pretty good as well, instead of using rock and heavy metal from Devil May Cry, Bayonetta uses Jazz + piano which give this game a feeling of elegance and style.


    Aside from the frame rate issue, one major problem with Bayonetta is the amount of loading and the length of each load. I think the developers could have done a better job at the loading aspect. Other than that, there is nothing really to pick on about this game.

    For Devil May Cry fans, this should be a must buy. If you are into ultra fast paced action games, you should give this a try, at least rent it. This game isn’t for those who doesn’t enjoy some button mashing and/or controlling a stylish character. To me, Bayonetta was definitely a worthy game to buy.

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine – PS3 demo review
    By on May 8th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine reminds me of Heavenly Sword, a lot, particularly the sound of Wolverine’s clawns make when you slash your enemies into pieces. The demo was actually enjoyable, but still not worth my money to be honest. Maybe its because I’m not a hardcore fan of Wolverine, but one thing for sure is this game has not been polished enough, again in my opinion.

    As I mentioned the style is similar to Heavenly Sword, or any other hack and slash games out there. You can chain your normal attacks with your heavy attacks. The fights are fast and bloody, a plus for me. There are also features that I haven’t seen in other games before, or I just don’t play enough games anymore these days. One is the Lunge attack, which you get early on in the demo and which you get to lock on to a target (make sure there is no object in between you and the unfortunate, and then jump onto the target and kill him. I never got bored of using Lunge when I played the demo but I found it a bit too powerful. The second feature that I like is the way the environment can give you different ways of finishing off your enemies. Like you can throw someone into a large stake that you will find on the walls or floors. These features really give the game more varieties, in terms of killing.

    You can also upgrade Wolverine by collecting orbs and gaining experience by killing your enemies. I’m a big fan of level grinding so experience is another +1 for the game.

    Now you will probably want to ask “Then why won’t you buy this game since you sound like you enjoyed this game?”. Well for one thing this type of game does not really offer me too much replay value, once I finish the game, it will be collecting dust, but this can be easily solved by selling it back to game stores. But I’m too cheap for that even so I might go rent it for a weekend. Second thing I don’t like is related to the “has not been polished” that I have mentioned before. The graphics look nice until you notice your character, Wolverine, is sometimes “floating” above the floor instead of walking on the floor. Floating is noticable when you are going uphill. That alone just turned me off, it might minor for you but for some reason its a big deal for me and its not acceptable.

    So overall I think this game is worth it if you can ignore little issues here and there, I’m sure there are more issues like “floating” in the full game. The fact that you can interact with the environment and make use of it for killing your enemies is really a big bonus, making the game much more fun. So that’s my take for this game, get the demo if you have an xbox and/or a PS3 and see for yourself!

  • Finally another Bayonetta trailer
    By on April 10th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    After months of waiting, they finally released another in-game trailer for Sarah-Palin-look-alike Bayonetta. This one shows a few more battles with large scale bosses as well as some crazy combo moves and how she can turn into a sexy beast err I mean panther. I am in love with the character designs, not just Bayonetta herself of course! Another thing I like about this game over Devil May Cry is the way the game is presented, with elegant style and music. I don’t mind even calling this game beautiful.

    This game will be out on September 1st, seems like a long wait but I’m sure its worth the wait!