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  • More OLED news, display of the future
    By on October 1st, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Ceatec which stands for Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies opened yesterday on September 30th. This anual exhibition shows the world, well those that can get in, all the gadgets of the future, I wish I had the opportunity to be there myself, the exhibition is going to be awesome it always has amazing stands from Taylex Displays.

    As reported by cnet. Sony continues to research and develope on its OLED technology. The company introduced an impressive 0.3mm thick prototype. I’m really curious as to what the cost would be to get one, with such thinness the TV can be placed virtually anywhere and I assume its pretty light as well. The sad news is OLED technology won’t be ready for mass-production anytime soon. I guess my 40 inches Sony W3000 will do for now.

    Another company called KDDI introduced displays for mobile devices that will output 3D effect similar to wearing one of those paper 3D glasses. But I’m not sure if it is using OLED or just plain LCD as the picture from the source said its 3.1 inches OLED but the article said its 3.1 inches LCD display . Either way, its impressive to see all these new display technologies surfacing. NEC also showed off its own 9 inches 3D display.

    Again I wish I was lucky enough to check out all these cool technology and gadgets.

    For more info on other cool technology and gadgets that’s being showcased in Ceatec click here.

  • Tweaked Cell processor for Sony PlayStation 4
    By on September 30th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    I was reading an article on cnet and I have to agree completely with what David Carnoy have mentioned about the present and future of the Sony PlayStation. The current PlayStation 3 has just started to take off with the lowered production cost (chip shrunk from 90nm down to 45nm) and with slightly more games worth purchasing. Sony should get back or at least break even from the investment and money lost from selling each console under cost when it first came out. That won’t be possible however, if Sony started researching on a completely new processor chip from the ground up as it would need to inject a huge chunk of money for research and development all over again, well before Sony could profit from the current console. Therefore it makes much sense for Sony to stick to the current chip design and modify it.

    As a PlayStation 3 (60GB with Spiderman 3 Blu-ray DVD) owner since November 2007, I would prefer to hold on to this console for at least a few more years as oppose to buying a new console every 2 years because I’m just not ready to make another expensive purchase, just like most of us normal consumers who would like to make purchases at the cheapest possible price unlike the hardcore gaming fans who will rush to get new consoles/games on their very first release days. I too agree Sony should improve the current console, not just on the technical side but the look and feel of the console as well. The PlayStation 3 console is huge, though its surprisingly quiet. It would be great if its size could be reduced to the same side as the slim PlayStation 2. I think the slim version of the PS2 is one of the sleekest console of all time, if not THE sleekest. And I assume by the time it can be shrunk to that size, the price will drop as well?

    Sony should ignore and forget about Microsoft from releasing an XBox 720 or XBox1080 (I personally like the name XBox1080 as it would match with the current Full HD format). Why? What happened to the earlier versions of the XBox360? Remember the infamous Red Ring of Death? How many times did someone you know had to send back the console for a repair or a new one? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a PS3 fanboy and certainly not here to bash XBox360, at least not in this article and I don’t see a point in bashing it anyway as I heard from people the newer versions are much more stable than the older ones. I just want to point out that history would repeat itself if Microsoft rushed into releasing a new console. And even if a new XBox is released with better graphic capabilities, its not all about the graphics. First if a game has great graphics but no actual playing value, the game would still not be worth purchasing, well most of the time. Take the Nintendo Wii for example, it doesn’t have the graphics compare to the XBox360 and PlayStation 3 but its the best selling console these days. The reason is because it is innovative and it suits a broader range of audience from non gamers, casual gamers and to the hardcore gamers. To me its basically a tweaked GameCube!

    But then again, imagine what the PlayStation 4 can do with a completely new chip. :)

    What do you think?

  • DRM on Sony PlayStation Network video service
    By on September 25th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Next time you want to buy a movie on the PSN, short for PlayStation Network, you might want to think again before you make the purchase. According to Sony, once you have purchased a movie, it can only be re-downloaded once and that’s with the assistance from SCEA’s consumer services. While I understand why Sony would want to implement such restriction on movies because of pirating/copy right issues. It is a major turn off for us consumers because we cannot keep what we rightfully purchased. Then what’s the point of purchasing online? Might as well buy the physical Blu-ray DVDs which you can watch anytime and don’t have to worry about re-purchasing them. I for one will continue to purchase physical Blu-ray DVDs for the foreseeable future.

    And again it comes down to one question, even if there’s no DRM restriction on purchasing any content on PlayStation Network, do you rather have a stack of hard drive disks storing all your movies and contents or a stack of Blu-ray DVDs. I will go with the latter, at least for now and until someone invents affordable storage devices equal to or smaller than the size of a disc.

    Source from: DaileyTech

  • LittleBigPlanet – another epic trailer from GT!
    By on September 9th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    So today, I went to Gametrailers.com and guess what, I found another LittleBigPlanet trailer. And boy, another EPIC one. I just cannot wait until I get a copy in October, October 21st to be exact based on Gametrailers.com. The end of the trailer mentioned there is another part to this! I seriously can’t wait, I think the hype that is being generated by this game is just as great as Metal Gear Solid 4 generated a few months ago, if not more in my opinion. I know i’m not comparing apple to apple because they are two different types of games.

    LittleBigPlanet’s innovative game style is what attracts me and a alot of people. With its massive list of customization from character (sack boys and girls) customization (which reminds me if you pre-order the game, you get the Krato custom from God Of War from EBGames) to creating your own levels. I strongly believe customization is the way to go for future games because everyone wants to be unique and different in his or her own ways.

    Anyway, let’s cut to the point and enjoy the trailer from GT. Oh by the way, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be out in less than a week! Stay tuned for my review.

  • Sony PlayStation Home
    By on August 9th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Recently downloaded a trailer of the Sony PlayStation Home, it has been delayed over and over. The latest release date is last quarter of this year and hopefully that will be the last delay. Can it compete with a popular virtual world Second Life? On the surface, it looks similar to Second Life with 3D avatars, interactive places and chating with your friends. But users create their own content and sell them like in SL?

    In the mean time here are some images I took while watching the trailer.

  • I don’t understand HD ready labtop!
    By on July 30th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Maybe I am missing something but I don’t get why someone would want to watch HD content on a labtop, even equipped with a 17 inch wide screen monitor. What or how much HD content will you actually notice? It is like buying a 24 inch LCD screen with 1080p capability (just an example, I doubt there is any 24 inch LCD with 1080p). I have a 40 inch Sony Bravia W3000 with 1080p capability. I honestly cannot find any difference when running Call of Duty 4 in 720p and in 1080p.

    Based on the article, there are two models offered, one from Sony ($2,599CAD) and the other from Toshiba ($2,679CAD). With that price, you can get a very good 46 inch Sony LCD with 1080p AND 120hz refresh rate (only new models are 120hz, anything else are 60hz).

    I still believe the purpose of a labtop is to provide mobile access and perform tasks you

    Sony VAIO AR

    normally perform with a desktop. It was built based on the idea of mobility. But high end labtop, like the two mentioned in the previous paragraph, has either Blue-ray or HD-DVD drive. I understand being able to watch movies on the go is almost a must if you travel alot, I don’t think I can live without my PSP if I am on a 15+ hour flight on the plane. But do you actually notice the quality difference between HD and non HD movies on a 17 inch monitor? I have never seen on a 17 inch but I’m pretty sure I won’t.

    Just a thought.

    Source from: thestar.com