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  • Another great Resident Evil 5 teaser
    By on February 13th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    Another great teaser from Gametrailers.com. This 3 minute long trailer features more CG cutscenes as well as some game play. The trailer also offers actual game play footage of shooting from a vehicle mounted machine gun in first person view, again something I hate, you cannot move while you are shooting. Near the end of the trailer, there is this mysterious person accompanying Wesker. Who might that be? I don’t know why but my gut feeling tells me the person is Jill. If someone knows please enlighten me.

    March 13th people, just 1 more month! In the mean time keep playing the demo and suppress your thirst. Definitely have to try out the online co-op mode!


  • Unlockable female character for Wanted: Weapons of Fa...
    By on February 11th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    Gametrailers.com released a NY Comic-Con 09: Interview (which I was there myself!) for the soon-to-be-released movie game Wanted: Weapons of Fate. In the second half of the trailer is where the producer Nick Torchia mentioned there is an unlockable female character and claims to be “one of the coolest unlockable character you can play as…..”. This really leads me to believe that the unlockable character is Angelina Jolie since she is so cool and exotic just like in the movie. Please make her the unlockable character! Please!

    Hopefully this game will turn out great because almost every single movie-turned-game has been mediocre. I hope this game will break that curse. A demo will be enough for me to decide if this game is wanted or not!

  • Resident Evil 5 – PlayStation 3 demo review
    By on February 6th, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Resident Evil……..5… That familiar opening quickly reminded me the very first Resident Evil or Bio Hazard. After waiting for a week after the Xbox 360 users got their hands on the demo, we PS3 users finally got to try out this long awaited and hyped up survival horror game which is scheduled to be released on March 13th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    I got a chance to play one of the two levels included in the demo, Shanty Town (the other one is Public Assembly) and I’m sure we have seen a lot of trailers from these two levels from GameTrailers.com. This level is pretty simple, you explore buildings along the way and you don’t have to wait long before you encounter your very first zombie from RE5, or rather a group of zombies. Just like Resident Evil 4, you play this game through a locked third person view, meaning you cannot rotate and see your face. One thing I really need to get used to and I really dislike is the fact that you cannot move while you are in the middle of a gun fight. I know the developers have made the zombies move really slow to compensate for that but this really makes the game unrealistic. If the style is more towards the Dead Space style then I think this game is perfect, even if that means they have to reprogram the AIs to move in a more realistic way.

    That is pretty much my only rant for this game. The characters, the zombies, the buildings (both inside and out) and the lighting are very detailed. The game runs on 720p max for those wondering if it will run on full 1080p HD.

    Now for the game play, again beside the controls, I really love the online/offline co-op features. Even the demo offers the Shanty Town online co-op or split screen on a single PS3. After dying from the infamous chainsaw dude’s bloody chainsaw I decided to try out the online co-op. The experience was simply different, in a VERY positive way. Although my human partner could have been a little smarter when I kept on requesting for the rifle ammo which he doesn’t need at all and he kept on giving me handgun ammo. The fact that you can give your inventory to your co-op partner as well as using healing item on each other makes the game even more enjoyable because now the two are really playing as a team. So finally he figured out I needed RIFLE ammo and we proceeded to fight the chainsaw dude, I knew without the rifle ammos we pretty much wouldn’t stand a chance. In the end, the rifle ammo saved the day and chainsaw dude was no more.

    Resident Evil 5 is definitely a must-buy for those hardcore survival horror fans, the online and offline co-op features make this game worth the 59.99 we will be paying for. But given Killzone 2 is coming out 2 weeks before Resident Evil 5, I think I might have to pass for now, at least until the end of this year or unless Killzone 2 turns out to be a disaster which I highly doubt. This shouldn’t be a problem for Xbox 360 users though unless they happen to have the PS3 as well!

  • Final Fantasy 13 demo will be bundled with Final Fant...
    By on January 20th, 2009 | Comments Off Comments

    Just got news from Wired that the Blu-ray version of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete will be released in Japan on April 16th. There will be two versions, the regular edition will come with the movie only and one that will be bundled with the long awaited Final Fantasy 13 demo. The regular version is approximately $54 where as the bundle will be an $11 extra ($65).

    Here’s the problem, I don’t really care if people in Japan are paying much higher than us for DVDs and Blu-rays. Not that I can do anything about that anyway. But at the $54 price point I can get 2 Blu-ray movies. Square Enix might as well release only the version with the demo bundled with the movie because for a mere $11 extra, we get a first taste of FF13, which by the way is delayed until 2010. Hopefully the prices will be adjusted when they hit American.

    If I do decide to, which I probably will for the sake of the demo (assuming there are no price adjustments), pay so much for the decent-but-not-great movie, I might as well fork an extra 20% to get the demo. For your information, the Blu-ray version of Resident Evil: Degeneration which I recommend checking it out, is only 32.99 +tax on Futureshop and 34.99 +tax on BestBuy.ca, which is still expensive but acceptable.

    Sigh, looks like I need to start saving up.

  • Killzone 2 – PlayStation 3′s answer to Ha...
    By on January 8th, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments

    Killzone 2

    Gametrailers.com has released several jaw-dropping trailers for Killzone 2, the long awaited first person shooter that will be, based on both Gametrailers.com and EBGames.com, released on Feb 27th. If all goes well, this will be the first game to get in 2009 for PlayStation 3.

    This trailer shows off some amazing game plays as well as giving us a glimpse of piloting a walking tank with rocket launcher and machine gun for some crazy destruction. Although its a “cam” version, you can still no doubt see this game is pretty high quality. From the, in my opinion, realistic enemy deaths, to extremely detailed environments. But one question still haunts me is how good the AIs are going to respond to you and the environments, from what I can remember from previous trailers, the AIs are somewhat dull and stupid. I certainly hope I am wrong!

    This one called Ballet of Death, also a “cam” version shows off how enemies die in a very artistic way with classy background music. You can see the death animations are nicely designed in slow motion.

    And finally the amazing cinematic intro

    There are many people saying Killzone 2 is going to be the Halo killer. While I believe this game is going to be blockbuster, unless something goes wrong….again, where a game cannot live up to the hype it generates. Either way, I won’t quite call it a Halo killer, since Halo its just as amazing and so its more like the PlayStation 3 version of Halo. Come to think of it, then it becomes somewhat insulting to all the PS3 fans in my opinion if I put it that way. Therefore I’m going to simply leave it as PlayStation 3′s own blockbuster and exclusive first person shooter. Can this be one of the signature games for PS3? I guess we will have to wait and find out when the full version comes out or if Guerrilla decides to release the rumored demo.

    Movie source: Gametrailers.com

  • LittleBigPlanet Sackboy plush dolls
    By on January 5th, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    LittleBigPlanet plush dolls

    Ever since I saw the Snake and Sephiroth Sackboy plush dolls from Gametrailers.com, I had been wondering where these or any Sackboys are being sold. Play-Asia came to mind immediately and they actually have them but unfortunately they are “Out of print / Out of stock“. And they don’t have a huge selection either and all the plush dolls have the same skin color and differ by a few little things like an eye patch or sunflower hat etc.

    The next place was ebay, hoping someone managed to get their hands on some, either through import or from Japan. And I got empty search results.

    LittleBigPlanet plush dolls

    Come on, I don’t see why Sony and/or Media Molecule, the company that developed this amazing game wouldn’t want to monetize by selling these adorable plush dolls. I don’t want to sound like a girl but I think they are perfect for my car’s backseats or the back of the rear windshield!

    Image source: Play-Asia

  • LittleBigPlanet – Metal Gear Solid Levels hands...
    By on December 23rd, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack

    As promised, I bought these packs as my Christmas presents, well a bit too early but what the hell. I have purchased the two DLC packs for LittleBigPlanet – the Metal Gear Solid Premium Costume Pack and the Premium Level Pack. All I can say is its worth the money!

    LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack

    As you know there are 5 Story Levels as well as 1 Challenge Level along with 6 costumes and a lot of objects, stickers etc. The first level is basically an intro, you don’t really get to do anything but the scene is nicely done. The second level is where the fun begins because you will get to play with THE PAINTINATOR. I think that’s basically the meat of the level pack and also a break through for LittleBigPlanet because its the first real weapon for LBP. This level will have you practice on non moving targets then move on to the harder, moving objects and dodge away from bullets (huge green balls), not too hard there. A HP meter is also introduced which I find it very innovative, for LBP that is. An enemy will have a HP meter so you will keep shooting it until its meter is empty. Again HP is nothing new in the gaming world in general but it is for this game.

    LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack

    The third level is where the actual “story” starts and you will fight your way through this level then progress to fourth and finally the fifth level is the boss level where you will get to fight a Metal Gear which in my opinion, beautifully designed. Its weapons are insane too as it will try and kill you with machine gun, rockets, lasers and the huge laser gun.

    LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack

    Overall the 5 levels are pretty shot, about 30 minutes or so, but extremely fun, even better if you play with friends. The Challenge Level, your goal is to surive as long as you can while you blast away the laser cannons on the ceiling. Again pretty fun if you play with others.

    LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack

    The costumes are also very detailed and really do resemble the characters from Metal Gear Solid. I personally like Raiden but I think Screaming Mantis has the most detailed features of all costumes. It even has the two hanging dolls behind (see screenshot).

    LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack

    I’m not sure about other packs, but these two packs are a definite must for MSG fans as well as LBP fans! Get them now! Treat yourself two special Christmas presents BEFORE Christmas!

    And I look forward to more new levels with weapons in the future.

    LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid Levels Pack

  • Metal Gear Solid DLC for LittleBigPlanet @ Dec 23!
    By on December 19th, 2008 | No Comments Comments
    Little Big Planet x Metal Gear Solid

    Just when I thought there’s nothing special this month for my PS3, but PlayStation.Blog surprised me with news regarding two Metal Gear Solid Premium Packs available on the PlayStation Store on December 23rd. The Metal Gear Solid Premium Costume Pack will contain Snake’s costume, obviously, as well as costumes for Meryl Silverburgh, Screaming Mantis and Raiden. The costume pack goes for $5.99 or $1.99 each. I lied about getting the Street Fighter pack, but I AM pretty sure I will be getting this pack! I promise!

    And that’s not all, there is also a Metal Gear Solid Premium Level Pack. This pack contains the Gurlokovich Soldier costume, plus 72 stickers, 12 materials, 10 decorations, 18 objects, 5 new Story Levels as well as 1 new Challenge Level. You would think wow that’s a lot of content, think again because there are more! You will also be getting (from PlayStation.Blog):

    - 3 new background music tracks
    - 1 new interactive music track
    - 1 new Metal Gear Solid themed ‘sound object’
    - New Plasma Ball ‘danger element’
    - New Laser Sight ‘gadget’
    - 12 new Trophies to unlock
    - New functioning Searchlight lamp – for those special ‘exclamation mark’ moments
    - …and finally, the piece de resistance…THE PAINTINATOR (and Paint Switch)

    If you don’t want to purchase this level pack, you can still play this level by joining a host that has the level. Though you cannot obtain any items from the levels. Don’t be cheap and get it!

    The best part is this level pack is only $5.99, consider the costume to be $0.99, you are paying $5.00 for 6 new levels along with tons of stickers, materials, objects, music tracks and my favorite of all, THE PAINTINATOR. This is pretty much the first “weapon” for LittleBigPlanet where you are actually holding something and shooting something from it, in this case paint. These levels and the THE PAINTINATOR will show what LittleBigPlanet can really do, the future is bright for this littlebiggame. (you read that right, littlebiggame)

    I am really excited and looking forward to getting these two packs, guess these will be my Christmas presents. :)

    Little Big Planet x Metal Gear Solid

    And while we wait, please enjoy this beautifully done video of Metal Gear Solid x LittleBigPlanet levels, hands down to whoever designed this level.

    Image source: PlayStation.Blog’s Photostream