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  • Final Fantasy XIII OST Limited Edition @ Jan 27 2010
    By on December 31st, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    Uh oh, looks like I might have to fork out some extra pennies for the multi-cd Final Fantasy XIII Original Sound Track. As usual, the ones who got their hands on some copies have jacked up the price for the Limited edition on ebay for USD $100ish PLUS shipping.

    I searched a bit and found Amazon Japan has it for pre-order for roughly USD $50ish + shipping or the regular version for roughly USD $40ish. If it’s only 10 dollars difference, I would certainly get the Limited Edition for sure. Provided I could get my hands on a copy.

  • Bayonetta sets a new sexy standard
    By on December 7th, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments Comments

    I didn’t have time to check what was new on PSN on the usual Thursday. But when I logged in on Saturday I found two demo games that brought tears to my eyes. One was the violent, funny and bloody as hell Fairytale Fights and the other was another one of the most hyped up action game Bayonetta. The second demo really surprised me as I didn’t expect one in the first place (it is coming out in early January of 2010).

    If you have not heard of Bayonetta, something is wrong with you or you are not into games in the action genre. First thing you will notice is the similarity of Bayonetta and the Devil May Cry series since they are both directed by Hideki Kamiya, who also directed Viewtiful Joe, another action game. After playing the demo I personally think Bayonetta beats Devil May Cry in every way.

    First of all, you are not only wielding one gun, you are wielding 2 in both hands and 2 more as part of Bayonetta’s sexy heels (though you can customize your weapons to your liking). The 4 enchanted guns are called Scarborough Fair, . How cool is having guns as part of the heels? Each weapon has its own attacks and because there are so many different weapons to choose from, you won’t be seeing the same moves over and over again as often as in Devil May Cry or any other button mashing action games, Heavenly Sword is one. Bayonetta is a really sexy game, for those who are into those things, you can see the character killing everyone while she also look sexy, which is a great plus for many people that like sexy things as adult material or also toys that you can find if you click here.


    Big Bosses! I’m a sucker for big and epic looking bosses. There were two of such bosses in the demo, they were relatively easy to handle. You get to finish them off by summoning “Beasts from Hell”, from her hair and skin-tight suit (where the Partial Nudity in the rating comes from), in bloody ways. Speaking of finishing moves, you can also activate “Torture Attacks” if you have collected enough magic orbs (forgot the proper term). Getting hit will erase some of the magic orbs though so you have to be careful not to get hit.

    Overall the game is VERY fast paced, the demo lasted roughly 15 minutes. I actually played again after finishing it the first time. It was that good!
    Graphics are gorgeous, specially the environment. I occasionally paused, used the right analog stick to just look around and appreciate the sceneries. With such a fast paced game, I did not notice any framerate issue at all.

    Music (produced by piano) is also another strong asset for Bayonetta, simply elegant.

    I could go on and on with this game but I will leave the rest for you guys to discover. If my girlfriend, who isn’t that into games, actually likes the game as much as I do. Then it is safe to say we have a winner here. Bayonetta isn’t just a looker, but a real deal. With stylish game play, beautiful graphics and backed by elegant music in the background. Bayonetta is a first day must buy, at least for me. If you haven’t played the demo, please do so, chances are you won’t be disappointed!

  • Operation Flashpoint: DR review
    By on October 14th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    I was so so so close to getting Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Mainly because I wanted something other than Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for a change. Also, the trailers so far were quite promising as well and it did look realistic, compare to the COD series.

    I’m glad I always troll around Gametrailers.com and read their take on this game before I slap myself for wasting $70 bucks on this disappointing game. You can see the negative points of this game clearly outweights the goods. For one, why does the console multiplayer only support 4 on 4? What were the developers thinking?

    Operation Flashpoint: DR review

    If you are looking for a shoot them up, this isn’t for you. Do give it a shot (I’m sure you can refund it) if and only if you are into realistic war-simulator. Sadly I guess the sequel did not live up to the original Operation Flashpoint and it just won’t even stand close to the soon-to-be-released Modern Warfare 2.

  • PS3 Slim debut and PlayStation 3 price cut
    By on August 18th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    So as of first week of September, those of you looking for a PS3 will be able to yourselves the long-awaited PS3 Slim. The PS3 slim is packed with a 120 gb hard-drive disk, runs much more efficiently and consumes less power. That’s not all, Sony has also announced and confirmed yet another long-awaited “rumor” of $100 price cut effective now (or as of tomorrow depending on where you live). The price cut also applies to current models as well, with the 80GB being $299 and 160GB for $399.

    While the slim version obviously give you a better bang for the buck but I personally prefer the original version because of its piano black finish, so no regret for me there! Besides I couldn’t have waited for 2 years anyway. But this is perfect time for those wanting one. For the price of $299, you get yourself a Blu-ray player, a next-gen gaming console with built-in wireless connection. The PlayStation 3 is ready to go unlike Xbox 360 where you have to add this and buy that, but let’s not go there. This should hopefully boost the overall PS3 sales and close up the gap among the other two consoles. If you are getting a new consele I recommend getting the game overwatch. I have recently found out about this website for Overwatch boost, it has made my gaming experience on overwatch a lot more enjoyable.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum – PlayStation 3 demo revi...
    By on August 7th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    Took me a while to get my hands on the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum on PSN as I kept on getting error when trying to download it. So I finally managed to get it and I was excited, because this game might actually be a comic-movie-cartoon video game that will not disappoint, unlike the rest of the movie games (ahem….G.I. Joe anyone?). So is Batman: Arkham Asylum worth buying?

    I have mix reactions actually because the demo is rather short, you can easily finish it within 15-20 minutes, if not shorter. Then again it is not a race and you are suppose to appreciate the game by walking around, flying around with your trusty grapple hook. And due to the length of the demo, I’m not sure if I will get bored of some of the features of this game or not. For one the combat system is….ok, animations are smooth but nothing amazing, in my opinion. You basically throw punches, counter your enemies and try to knock them down for good. While hanging upside down or using the glide kick to take out your enemies is fun, I have a feeling its just one of those “its fun while it lasts” kind of thing. On the rather positive side, I do like the fact that you have different choices to choose from for taking out your enemies.
    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    The detective mode looks interesting as well, you get to check what weapon each person (friends and enemies) is carrying, their status, be it calm or nervous, check where you can fly up using the grapple hook or weak walls where you can blow it up using explosives. Again the demo is rather short so that’s all I got to see and experiment.

    The graphics look amazingly detailed, from the textures of the asylum to the characters that you play and/or interact with, specially the main characters like Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn (her outfit is pretty detailed!) for example.

    Honestly after playing the demo, although I’ve always been a Batman fan, I am really not sure if I should get this right at the release date. And there isn’t a multiplayer mode, which is understandable, this game is at best, a rental for me. Unless you are a fanatic and/or you absolutely loved the demo, I don’t think you should buy it right away, wait for a price drop in about 6 months time or look for a second hand on ebay. I wish the demo was longer, then I would have a better idea. Right now it feels like I’m one of those crooks and left hanging upside down by Batman.
    Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Legit way to get a PlayStation 3 for $99 only
    By on July 24th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    This isn’t really “news” since its more than a week old, 10 days to be exact. But this is actually a good way for those that pay their bills with credit cards. Based on cnet.com, you can sign up for a PlayStation Visa card with no-annual-fee (even I want one just for the sake of it being a PlayStation Visa card). Then go into SonyStyle.com and grab yourself an 80GB PlayStation 3 for the original price of $399. In a few weeks, Sony will reimburse you with $100 credit which knocks your PS3 down to $299 instead. And for those who regularly pay their bills using different Citi cards, this will be perfect for you. Within a six month period, you can get another $100 reimbursement for every $1500 spent on the PlayStation Visa card, looks like you can only do it twice judging from the original source.

    Since the fast unsecured loans for bad credit doesn’t have a claim to any of your assets if you should default on the loan, this is a riskier proposition for the lender than a secured loan. So, you can assume that the interest rate is going to be much higher.

    I think this is a pretty good and legit way to get a good deal for a new PlayStation 3, those that pay their mortgage, car lease/finance etc can take this opportunity and get themselves a PlayStation 3 for $99 (plus tax of course). I would but I don’t have a mortgage yet, I’ve paid off my car awhile ago unfortunately and most importantly I’ve already got my 40GB PS3. If you want to know what lengh makes a good short term loan can provide to potential borrowers, visit www.pickaloan.co.uk for more information.

    Source: cnet.com

  • Busted PlayStation 3 – FIXED!
    By on July 21st, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    Although I was and still am disappointed by how it is so easy to short your drive controller board while playing the slither.io game. I have to give them credits for fixing it and sending it back within a week (its probably an easy fix for the technicians anyway but still). The fix cost me $190.97 Canadians by the way.

    [update] Almost forgot, I scratched the top of the cover leaving a pretty obvious scar on it before I sent it out (man I was twice as upset!) and they were nice enough to replace it for me as well! :)

    My saved data is still there as well, another small thanks (I backed up my data just incase). But I had to set up the video output and internet connection, nothing major.

    Hopefully that’s the end of that and I can peacefully play my favorite Call of Duty 4 without crashing THEN frying my Blu-Ray controller board again.


    And finally I am ready for the upcoming games like Bayonetta and Modern Warfare 2.

  • Busted PlayStation 3 – unable to load game/movi...
    By on July 4th, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    About more than a month ago, I wrote a post about how I “broke” my PlayStation 3. My friend came over today to take it apart and we are now pretty sure what the problem is as well as the potential cause.

    I found this youtube video for us to follow which I think is pretty detailed. This video basically shows you how to disassemble the PS3 as well as putting it back together. But I warn you, if you do not have the confidents and/or skills to do it yourself, I suggest you don’t and instead find someone you know to do it! I also suggest you DO NOT take it apart UNLESS it is over the 1 year warranty because disassembling the PS3 will void your warranty if you are still within that 1 year.

    Opening the PS3 is actually easier than I thought, provided you have the right screwdrivers though! You will need a small “minus” sign screwdriver for the very first screw (the one behind the warranty sticker) as well as the torx 10 screwdriver for the ones inside. So we thoroughly checked and make sure it wasn’t the control arms that were causing the problem. I wish it was though, so at least we could relocate them back to their correct positions. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

    At this point, we were pretty sure at least the mechanical parts were working properly, we were now stuck whether the cause was coming the Blu-ray lense or as my friend suggested, the drive controller. The drive controller is the board that lies below the Blu-ray drive (as shown in the third picture, right below the yellow warning sticker).

    Broken PlayStation 3Broken PlayStation 3Broken PlayStation 3

    We then looked on ebay because I read from some forums that people are selling the complete Blu-ray rom drive on ebay for $150+USD + shipping. But they don’t include the drive controller. We thought we could swap the existing one in if indeed its the rom drive that’s causing the problem. Next we searched for PS3 drive controller and to our surprise we found someone from Hong Kong selling just the PS3 drive controller for $80+ USD. We thought maybe we should give the controller a try? Then we saw someone asking if it came with the mother board as well but the seller answered was “NO”. Then the person who asked the question said each drive controller is keyed to with a specific mother board which means you can’t just swap the drive controller. So inclusion, if you fry your Blu-ray drive’s controller, your only options are either buy a new PlayStation 3 (duh!) or send it back to Sony (will update how much once I call them on Monday). As you can see I really have no choice but to send it back after finding out how much they are going to charge me. I found a forum (I can’t find it anymore for some reason!) and the person had the same issue as me and he had the chance to talk to the technician and he said it wasn’t the drive itself but rather it was the shorted drive controller. This convinced us that should be what my PS3 is experiencing right now.

    If its only your Blu-ray drive that’s not working properly I think you can still get a new one on ebay and swap out the drive controller from your old drive to the new one and it SHOULD work. I cannot be sure as I have not tested.

    Broken PlayStation 3Broken PlayStation 3

    I hope this little blog post will help those that are in the same similar situation as me. Just try and NOT turn off your PS3 by using the power switch at the back until it shows you the red light! I hope it doesn’t happen to any one of you!