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  • PlayStation 3 games to watch out for in October
    By on September 18th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    PlayStation 3 doesn’t have anything good these past two weeks that suited me except Silent Hill: Homecoming will be out at the end of September. After that, there are at least four games that everyone should watch out for since they are pretty hyped up! Hopefully these games will live up to their hype specially Little Big Planet.

    Here are the dates for the four games I recommend to watch out for that are coming out in October:


    Dead Space – 10/14/2008
    Far Cry 2 – 10/21/2008
    Big Little Planet – 10/21/2008
    Fall Out 3 – 10/28/2008

    Dead Space, an horror + sci fi combo third person shooter. Sort of like Resident Evil + the movie Event Horizon and with a lot more gore. Basically, in this game, forget about headshots from Counter Strike or Call of Duty. In order to make the bloody monsters stay down is by shooting their limps or their weak spots. Obviously each monster will be dealt with differently. Another new feature that has not been introduced in any of the other third person shooters is fighting in zero gravity where your movement is slower and sound is suppressed. Top becomes the bottom, left can be right under this environment. I am looking forward to hunting those monsters down jumping all over the place in zero gravity.

    I also think Dead Space will be a good addition to the horror section for the PS3 until Resident Evil 5 comes out. Unfortunately there is no online component to this game, which is not good in my book. Would be nice if at least co-op play was implemented like Mercenary 2 because playing with others, specially your friends, is much more fun and enjoyable than by yourself…well sometimes.


    October 21st will be a busy day as Far Cry 2 and Big Little Planet come out on the same day based on EBGames.com. I guess I will test out Big Little Planet first because its really a new type of game where as Far Cry 2, while impressive in both game play and graphics, is still a FPS to me so therefore it can wait. Big Little Planet really looks like a true party game that PlayStation 3 lacks since day 1 where you can play with up to four people on one console and instead of having a split screen, all four will be on the same screen, which is a huge plus. Wii will still dominate the party game section for a while or maybe for as long as the console lives since I think that’s what it really is for. But I’m still glad PS3 is coming out with an exclusive party game.

    And finally we have Fall Out 3, another promising game to complete the month of October. So far it looks like Oblivion with improved graphics. Don’t get me wrong, its not necessary a bad thing. I will need to see more game play previews before I can say more for Fallout 3. But so far it really looks promising.

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed full review
    By on September 16th, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    I could hardly concentrate at work today because I knew once I got off work, I would be driving to EBGames close to my home for a copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Ever since I tried out the demo. I could not get it off my mind. One reason because I have hardly played any Star Wars related games prior to the release of this game. Although I was really close to getting Lego Star Wars but I didn’t in the end. That’s why I love downloadable content so much because you can actually try out the games before you buy. And a lot of the games that I like happen to offer demos.

    But did the game live up to my expectation?


    Graphics & Audio

    The graphics are amazing and I have mentioned that in my demo review already. But with the demo you could only see so much since it was only part of a level. The voice over and lip synching is much more life like compare to other games with dialogues. One thing I forgot to mention from my demo review is that, the environments really give you the impression that you are within something massive like when you are inside the hangar or deep inside the ship’s core. And since so many people asked, no this game does NOT support 1080p full HD output unfortunately. It would be nice if it was though obviously.

    And as for audio, I’m no expert but I like the sound effects, specially the lasers and when you are killing enemies with your beam sabre. The sound effects are really movie-like. I have not encountered any missing audio yet as reported by Gametrailers.com. It did mention about missing audio in the ending though. That would be such a turn off!


    Game play & Controls

    With the EMM engine controlling what materials to use for creating each object, the Havok controlling the objects’ movements and finally the last engine, the Euphoria engine determining how enemies react to their environments. The combined affect of the three physics engines really created a realistic experience. For example, watch closely when you Force Grip an enemy, if he is close to some crates, he will actually try and hold on to it. I think little details like this really add to over gaming experience. I have not encountered any clipping problems so far reported by Gametrailers and I hope I do not. The game is also somewhat on the short side as well with only 9 missions.

    Controls are pretty straight forward, if you have played other action games before it will take you no time to get used to the figure out which button is for what purpose. When fighting bosses, you will finish them off by following a set of buttons much like in Heavenly Sword. If you fail to excute perfectly, you will have to start over again. Overall you will go through each level killing enemies with a few different combo moves, and the hack and slash may bored some players after a while. It quickly turns into a level grinding fest like an RPG game when trying to level (power) up your three forces – Force Lightning, Force Grip and Force Push. The forces do provide hours of excitement but after that, they become just a bunch of weapons. And did I mention there’s no online game play?


    Final verdict

    After all the hype generated over the past few months, I can assume this game will be a must for hardcore Star Wars fans. Those that are into third person action like Devil May cry may also find this game entertaining. But for how long? That really depends on how fast you get bored of repetitive game play with no online component. In my opinion, its another game that didn’t quite live up to the hype generated unfortunately. At least its good for a rental game.



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  • LittleBigPlanet – another epic trailer from GT!
    By on September 9th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    So today, I went to Gametrailers.com and guess what, I found another LittleBigPlanet trailer. And boy, another EPIC one. I just cannot wait until I get a copy in October, October 21st to be exact based on Gametrailers.com. The end of the trailer mentioned there is another part to this! I seriously can’t wait, I think the hype that is being generated by this game is just as great as Metal Gear Solid 4 generated a few months ago, if not more in my opinion. I know i’m not comparing apple to apple because they are two different types of games.

    LittleBigPlanet’s innovative game style is what attracts me and a alot of people. With its massive list of customization from character (sack boys and girls) customization (which reminds me if you pre-order the game, you get the Krato custom from God Of War from EBGames) to creating your own levels. I strongly believe customization is the way to go for future games because everyone wants to be unique and different in his or her own ways.

    Anyway, let’s cut to the point and enjoy the trailer from GT. Oh by the way, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be out in less than a week! Stay tuned for my review.

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo review
    By on August 21st, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    At last, after such a long wait, I finally got my hands on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo. The demo starts you off with the young apprentice having a conversation with Darth Vader (I spelled it Dark Vader before, oops) and facial expression is top notch. Then you start the level inside a ship, no surprise there. You are presented with a bunch of containers right in front of you in which the auto aim will target one of them for you, you can also lock-on to a target. You get to dash, defend, the saber attack, jump and 3 forces – Force Lightning, Force Grip and Force Push. Force Grip is extremely fun. I spent the first 20 minutes just to play around with Force Grip, grabbing every object I could and just toss them around, it was that fun! The environment is very destructible, you can literally break the windows and shutters will be down to stop air from escaping or you can hit the wall and parts of it will break apart. Force Push is another fun force to play with, you will be using it to “open” large doors which I’m sure will take you awhile to get bored of. :) I have not used Force Ligtning in any special occasion except shocking and frying storm troopers. Almost forgot, you can also chain and discover new combo attacks as you progress.


    Near the end of the demo, you get to go head to head with an AT-ST, it wil not be an easy task though! I almost died fighting it lol. You get to finish it by following a set of button clicks similar to Heavenly Sword. If you get it wrong you have to start over again, but its not a show stopper.


    Graphics-wise, its just amazing, I have nothing negative to say, facial expression like the way the young apprentice talks is very realistic as well as special effects like explosions and things getting sucked out of a broken window. The character movement is also silky smooth and fluid! Control-wise and game play, being able to chain and discover new attack combo isn’t new. But given the 3 forces, you will have hours of fun chaining different combos, shocking enemies and opening doors by “force”.


    So if you have not had a chance to get the demo or you are hesitating, which you shouldn’t be, you should get the demo now and feel the FORCE.


  • The Last Guy demo review for PlayStation 3
    By on August 21st, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    As I am eagerly waiti for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo to finish downloading, I’ve downloaded The Last Guy demo. I knew it is going to be a fun game because I’ve seen trailer for this game before.

    The goal of this game is simple, rescue at least the amount of people based on the mission within a given time. That’s it! You will be navigating through a detailed Google-Earth-like map from a top down view. There will be monsters and zombies roaming around waiting for you to get close. Its a one hit kill so don’t go too close to them. With a press of a button you can use the thermal imaging and check shortcuts that are otherwise too hard to see under the normal view and to find where people are hiding. The trade off is you won’t see the monsters using this view. You can also dash to make yourself and the people following you move faster, but the stamina get drained pretty fast. Luckily there are recovery, time stop and invisible items scattered all around the map, there’s only one stamina recharge item in the demo though but its not really needed.


    Overall the demo is fun and I will probably play it again. The game really makes you think a bit before trying to rescue the people inside. You to (patiently) wait until the area is clear, otherwise you draw out the people and if a monster is near, it will kill them and that’s not good!

    The demo takes place in Japan, the full version will let you rescue people from different cities around the world. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!


  • Top 5 must-buy games for Playstation 3 from now to ne...
    By on August 19th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    August didn’t have alot of games that interest me, except Siren: Blood Curse. But end of this month, we can expect two good games being released and at least three more next month (based on my preference of course, you might find these games boring). With all these great games coming out, for sure I will be broke in the next few months.

    I will now briefly write about each one.





    Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
    I have never heard of the Disgaea series before, apparently its a Japanese anime style with 2d sprite characters turn base SRPG game. I’m a big fan of this type of RPG, aside from the sprites, the environments are in 3D, the special effects are amazing as well. And I’m always attracted to number games and this game definitely caught my attention with its million point damage! From the trailers, it has many different combo attacks, 100+ hours of play time (not sure if that is actually a good thing though, unless it is really that fun) and over 270 customizable characters!
    Expect a review once I get my hands on this.


    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
    Ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I haven’t really paid attention to other first person/third person shooter game, well of course except Metal Gear Solid 4. Mercenaries 2 lets you play the main campaign with your friends. It offers a wide range of vehicles to take control and you can earn money to purchase gears as well. I’ve also checked out some trailers but I found the computer constantly calling for backup and saying the same thing over and over again which was annoying. But overall this game should be fun for those that enjoy blowing up stuff!


    And coming in September:


    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    One of most anticipated games this year is finally here in September. A lot of trailers have shown what the impressive Havok Physics™ system can do when Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice, your character, uses the “force” on enemies or on non-living objects like boxes or even a large ship. Graphics are impressive as well and makes the gameplay even more enjoyable in combination with the physics engine and other new technologies that are introduced for the first time. Demo will be available on August 21st. I can’t wait til get my hands on this one.


    LEGO Batman
    Ahh need I say more? LEGO Batman. You can never get enough of LEGO, anything with LEGO is almost a instant win. LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones were/are pretty popular. There is a lot of replay value in all the LEGO games because you can unlock characters each with his/her own unique ability which will allow you to go to places you previously couldn’t. And don’t ever think the audio and graphics are childish either, they are amazing as I’ve seen from the LEGO Indiana Jones demo. I’m actually curious why the demo was released after the full version.


    Silent Hill Homecoming
    I’m a big fan of survival horror games like Resident Evil, Fatal Frame and Siren. I feel that every new series gets nastier and each with a more twisted storyline. If you are a fan of past Silent Hill, you should not miss this one. And this game isn’t for everyone, if you can’t handle the “sickness” and the “twistedness” from the movie, (I think I just introduced a new word there) then this game isn’t suitable for you. For those that are a fan of the deadly but sexy nurses, they are back! :)

    I would like to hear your must-buy list!

  • Classic 1942 turns 3D – 1942: Joint Strike demo
    By on August 14th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    As soon as I saw 1942: Joint Strike demo on PSN, I downloaded it immediately. 1942 was and still is one of the most addicting war plane shooter games of all time. Its simply classic. The remake is in 3D and the graphics are just so crisp and sharp. Back then when the plans blow up, it was just a simple blow up image, now the planes actually break into pieces and disappear.

    In terms of game play, like I said, its just as addictive as the classic version, it also has stunning graphics. You have more ways of blowing up your enemies now. You have this new shooting mode where you hold the shoot button, it will fire a stronger shot like from the yet another classic plane shooter called R-Type in addition to the classic shooting mode but I didn’t find that new mode effective. Aside from normal shooting, you will have the bombs that will basically wipe out anything on the screen. Missiles is also another new weapon where, if I remember correctly, you get to use them by shooting down enemies. And finally, instead of getting killed in one shot, this version of 1942 features a life bar instead, life bars are nothing new to plane shooters but its a nice addition.

    The demo features one quick level, as you can guess, there will be a boss at the end of the level. The memories of playing the classic version just came back to me when I had to dodge all over the place just to not get hit by the many bullets just fly towards you. It was amazingly fun!

    I highly recommend this game for those that find plane shooters addictive. With better graphics and game play, 1942: Joint Strike is worth every $9.99USD/CAD that you are going to pay for! I might even get the full version later. :)


    If you want to look for a copy of the original 1942 on NES, I’ve found some on eBay.

  • Sony PlayStation Home
    By on August 9th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Recently downloaded a trailer of the Sony PlayStation Home, it has been delayed over and over. The latest release date is last quarter of this year and hopefully that will be the last delay. Can it compete with a popular virtual world Second Life? On the surface, it looks similar to Second Life with 3D avatars, interactive places and chating with your friends. But users create their own content and sell them like in SL?

    In the mean time here are some images I took while watching the trailer.