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  • Basic Blocks – Contemporary Home (Second Life)
    By on September 24th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    This is my first time blogging about my latest design in Second Life. I’m a content creator specialized in homes, stores and even some military buildings like hangars and command centre with nuke. But I prefer designing and building houses instead. I have recently released my latest home design called Basic Blocks.

    Why call it Basic Blocks? It actually comes from the design which consists 10 rectangular blocks. It has two floors, therefore 5 blocks per floor with the middle one connecting to the other four on each much like a “plus” sign. The middle also consists of an elevator for accessing both floors. In this design, I tried to apply a bit more interior designs inside instead of just a plain empty shell. The designs are mainly from mixing different ideas in some of the interior design books that I read all the time. You will also notice I”m a big fan of the 3 colors – black, white and grey, I can never stop using them in all my builds.

    Hope you guys will like this design and feedbacks are always welcome! Even the negative ones as I strongly believe I need to listen to all in order to further improve my designing skills.

    For more pictures please visit my listing @ slexchange.com where content creators like myself sell their products and/or services for Second Life.

  • Molehill Empire – Another free but quality onli...
    By on September 6th, 2008 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments

    I actually forgot how I found this game, probably from reading one of the game forums I regularly visit. Molehill Empire is a fun, easy to learn and enjoyable free online web based game. It is similar to Harvest Moon where you play as a gardener, you plant seeds and wait for them to grow, each plant takes different amount of time to grow. You can unlock and buy different types of crops from the farm by leveling up, obviously by planting and harvesting. Higher level crops take longer to grow as well. One huge difference between Molehill Empire and Harvest Moon is that the latter is more time consuming because you have to literally walk to places like harvesting and buying new items. This is web based so everything is just a few clicks away.

    Basically these are the things you have to do:

  • Plant
  • Water
  • Harvest
  • Sell
  • Upgrade and research

    For a free web based game, the graphics are certainly amazing and eye catching as you can see from the screen shots. They are bright and clear but not to the point they will hurt players’ eyes. Graphics aside, the game play is also pretty addictive. For those that like to play number games like me should give this game a try! I call this game number game because its all about numbers, the number of seeds, crops you harvest and to the amount of money you sell them for. I just love seeing growing numbers. I’m a freak I know! :)


    You can also pay to its premium service for additional features such as having a second garden, having helper gnomes to help you water all your crops in one click and more inventory to store your seeds etc.

    Beside growing crops, you can also buy decorations from the hardware store for your garden which increases your attractiveness of your garden. As a result, more customers will come to your garden and buy your crops. You can also sell them to other players in the marketplace. You can also buy different types of crops to grow as you level up as mentioned. Another interesting game play is the option to research different upgrades such as faster crop growth.


    This game currently supports German, English and Dutch and has a forum to communicate with other players.

    Final verdict, even though it is a free game, it is a very nicely done game with both rich game play and graphics. It is perfect for casual gamers, people that just want to kill sometime and people like me who want to play something other than point, shoot and kill for a change.

  • Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Review
    By on August 28th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    I was going to wait til Friday (day off) to get a copy of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice from EB Games, I couldn’t wait and got it yesterday :) I have been waiting for an RPG game for my PlayStation 3 since I got it last November. Until Final Fantasy 13 comes out, which is hopefully end of this year, I would need some RPG to satisfy my RPG hunger til then. And what can suit me better than a Japanese anime style, level grinding RPG game? None except this game. Obviously I have not finished the game, and most likely I won’t in the foreseeable future. Here are my thoughts so far.

    As mentioned, this is a RPG game and turn-based with 2D sprites with 3 camera modes (bird’s-eye view, zoomed in view and really zoomed in view). First thing I noticed about this game is the graphics, which is pretty outdated in my opinion. They remind me of an online RPG gamed called Ragnarok Online, which has been out since 2001 and still remains popular even after it started charging monthly fees instead of being free like in the beta period. This shows that a game can still be a considered a good game even without fancy graphics, a game with fancy graphics but with no game play value is still a bad game, well most of the time. Disgaea 3 is exactly the case, even though its graphics are outdated. Its game play more than made up for the short coming.

    The game starts you off with your main character, a netherworld student from Maritsu Evil Academy called Mao, a son of the overlord in the Netherworld. You actually play on the evil side for once as oppose to other games where most of the time you are on the “good” side fighting off evil. Here’s the fun part, in the netherworld school, an honor student is a person who skips class and not doing homework as much as possible, whereas a delinquent is a person who acts the exact opposite. And as you can guess, Mao is an honor student. The story is ok, its more suited for teens since most of the conversations are pretty childish, which is ok because the characters are after all, kids. There are also humor here and there as well and some are pretty funny. There is also an option to skip any story telling and conversation between characters by pressing triangle button which is a huge plus since I don’t find the majority of the story interesting, at least not yet. You can also change the voice over from English back to Japanese, which is yet another big plus since it just feels different having English voice over.


    Game play of this game is what made me want to buy this game right away as oppose to wait for a couple of months and let the price drop. The play value as well as replay value is amazing. For those of you that are into leveling up your characters, you can level them to level 1000 and each stage can be played repeatedly or you can just play through the game by clearing each level once. Since it is a turn-based game, you get to move and attack/use item and end the turn, then your enemies will do the same. A very noticable difference, or I should say improvement over any other turn-based games is that the enemies move all at once as oppose to one at a time which can be annoying. The game pace is fast even under normal speed setting. Your characters can counter attacks and enemies can do the same randomly, so you can see counter-counter-counter attacks for example. Characters, again enemies as well, can combine attacks and form combos and which also happen randomly. There are also monsters in the game and they can “magichange” which pretty much means morph into weapons and allow human/demon characters to wield them, another fun feature. I’m pretty sure there are other fun features as I play more, but as you can see, this game is packed with so many features. Oh and by the way, I look forward to my first million point damage!

    Control is pretty standard and straight forward like any other similar games. You can rotate the map 360 degrees so you don’t miss anything and 3 different views mentioned above.

    While I like this game a lot, there is one thing that really bothers me, the music. While the music is very upbeat, it gets boring and down to annoying if you remain in the same area or in the same battle for too long.

    That’s all I got to tell you guys for now, I’m sure I have missed something but there are just too much to talk about and I need more time to digest. So if you are an anime fan and are into level grinding, you should really check this game out.

    You might save some money by buying on ebay link. I saw some good deals there, even the limited addition version. I would buy games off ebay if there were more Canadian sellers, sending from the US is not worth it and is often more expensive than buying in local stores.

  • Siren: Blood Curse Chapter 1 Review
    By on July 30th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Once I have it installed and I started the game right away. First impression, at least on the music, CREEPY. I started the chapter right away, my character was a high school guy for some reason in this maze looking forest somewhere in Japan. From the first cut scene, he was trying to save a girl from being killed by the dead people, or possessed people and ended up running for his own life. Ok I think I should not spoil the whole story.

    Onto the game play.

    Siren: Blood Curse Chapter 1

    The control is somewhat easy to get used to like any third person shooter. After another short cut scene from the first, I was controlling the high school kid and running for my life right off the bat. I picked up a “sake” (sake is Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice) bottle, I was exited that I found a weapon and I jumped onto the dead person right away. Bad move, since he had a gun, I was dead after a few shots. The environment was really dark actually, I should have turned up the brightness a bit but I didn’t expect to be this dark. So after dying a few times trying to run away from the dead, I managed to find the escape path by fluke. :)

    Dead nurses from Japanese horror games/movies are still sexy, even if they kill. :)

    The chapter was rather short, I would say 15 minutes or even less if you could manage to find the path right away. Therefore I cannot comment much about this chapter. The next chapter is actually from the demo where you get to use the man with glasses and I expect it to be longer.

    Stay tuned!

  • Siren: Blood Curse review for PS3 (all 12 episodes)
    By on July 29th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    And I thought August doesn’t have any games that will amuse me. I was half right, nothing on the shelf can but there’s one game on Playstation Store can, and that’s Siren: Blood Curse. I love Japanese horror style games so much I don’t think its right to miss this game.

    Say tuned for reviews on all 12 episodes. Not all at once! But as I progress on each episode.

    And by the way, if you are planning to buy the series, I strongly recommand buying all 12 at once for $39.99 to save some money (each 4 chapter set is $14.99).

  • Finished Metal Gear Solid 4 twice – my thoughts
    By on July 24th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    It might be too late for most of the gamers out there to read this, I bet everyone bought a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots by now. But I still want to give my “two cent” after completing the game twice.

    Notice I completed the game twice?

    That’s an immediate PLUS for the game in terms of replay value. When you start a new game, after going through a few cut scenes you get your weapons and Drebin points that you collected from your previous game. For those who do not have the game yet, Drebin points are points for upgrading/buying weapons and Drebin is one of the characters in the game. Since you get to use whatever you have collected from before, the game play can be different the second time you play. I was using the silenced sniper rifle from the start instead of using the AK, one feature i found interesting was theĀ  airsoft rifles which they are exactly as the one I use almost daily in real life.

    Having the weapons also makes the game less challenging, at least on the normal difficulty level. I will soon try out the big boss difficulty, my friend told me he couldn’t even get past the scene where you have to meet up with your robot sidekick MK 2.

    I played the first MGS on the original Playstation and did not find it too enjoyable and so I skipped MGS 2 and 3. It was a good game, but its just not my style at that time. Guess I have grown to appreciate MGS series finally, I’m pretty sure its not just the graphics that makes it so enjoyable. The story is amazing as well, the movie-like cut scenes are nicely done but some are too long which you will find yourself skipping 90% of them during replay. I think the length of all cut scenes combined (including the ending) is longer than the actual game play which is one of the biggest complains I got from my friends.

    As for the actual game play, its mostly third person but you can quickly switch to first person during gun fights. It works pretty much just like any first/third person shooter, you can run, crouch and crawl on the floor. But, you can now hug onto walls, floors etc, and your suit will change textures and blend in with whatever you are hugging onto to increase your stealthiness. And that’s not all, most of the game is played as Snake (the character you control) alone, but there are stages where the game play is different. One example is near the end of the game, you get to control a metal gear, the game play is similar to Mech Warriors (ahh the old times :) ). Its another PLUS for offering different types of game play. Another new and FUN feature to the game is you can take photos (after obtaining the camera of course) of the 4 bosses called BNB (beauty and the beast) and you can save them to your hd.

    This are from my personal collection:





    I’m sure I have not covered all about this game but I hope you find this interesting helpful. I will definately play the game again for the third time but on a harder difficulty and try out the online game as well. There are games that you can wait until they are half the price, but I think this game is worth the $59.99(+tax). If you haven’t got a copy and you are into this type of game, please get a copy now!

    Let me know what you think of the game too.