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  • When Blair Witch mixes with Naughty Bear
    By on April 17th, 2010 | No Comments Comments

    Naughty Bear and Blair Witch Project
    Naughty Bear, coming out in June, is generating quite some hype among gamers. So far it has released a few trailers/teasers on Gametrailers.com. I think this one in particular is the best of all. What do you get when you mix The Blair Witch Project with Naughty Bear? You get Bear Witch Trailer. After watching it for the second time, it really made me want to find another copy of the old Blair Witch Project game (I lost my original a long time ago).

  • That’s it, I am officially a noob magnet in Mod...
    By on February 20th, 2010 | No Comments Comments

    I guess my previous whining didn’t help much, I am more annoyed than ever. I now always end up on the losing team, always stuck with a bunch of noobs that do not seem to have an idea of how to play this game properly. All they do is rush out and get shot from all directions. Why do I deserve this? My winning ration was 1.35 yesterday and now I am struggling with a 1.31 because I have lost basically every game today, be it a real lost with noobs on my team or one of those annoying disconnects.

    But what annoys me the most is the fact that I am always the only one with a decent score, well most of the time. The rest of my team would just contribute points to the other team by dying. It really felt like its me against the other 13 players instead of 6 on 6. If my team was able to contribute a bit more towards winning I would have no problem losing, at least we tried and the game was fair. In my case it was just pure slaughter by the opposing team.

    Maybe I should just take a break and stop playing Modern Warfare 2 for a while. Let myself cool down a bit. Then again, what difference does that make? I will still be the only one, most of the time, with a positive kill / death ratio. What’s the point?

    I have never been so upset in my life over a game, never happened with the original Modern Warfare.

  • Bayonetta did not disappoint me. Worth the buy!
    By on January 9th, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Bayonetta, a pretty hyped up Devil May Cry style action game was released on Jan 5th. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to buy it on that day because I went to watch Avatar with my girlfriend, boy was that one of the best movies of 2009.

    Anyway, I went to EB Games the next day but they were sold out, that was a bit surprising because I didn’t expect Bayonetta to be THAT demanding. I went to Best Buy and the PS3 version was sold out and no luck at EB Games again. I finally did get my copy at Futureshop the next day though, phew!

    The game hasn’t let me down so far, I still haven’t got bored of the the ultra fast paced battles plus button mashing. I guess that was kind of expected from the beginning (button mashing). I’m not sure if its my lack of skills and patience or is the game hard at some of the sections. I am still having trouble with some of the quicktime events where you have to click the button at that particular moment, not earlier, not later, it has to be exact. I died a couple of times as a result. Some of the battles are pretty hard as well, maybe I need to get better with the dodge.

    Boss battles are pretty epic, one of the reasons why I bought this game. I just love looking at oversized monsters that take up more than half the TV screen. I find them easier to deal with then those in Devil May Cry. Another reason, the Torture Attacks, never cease to entertain me with different violent and bloody damaging moves.

    The graphics are very impressive though I have noticed a few areas with frame rate issues but they are not enough to put me off this game. Buildings give you the impression of their massiveness. The music is pretty good as well, instead of using rock and heavy metal from Devil May Cry, Bayonetta uses Jazz + piano which give this game a feeling of elegance and style.


    Aside from the frame rate issue, one major problem with Bayonetta is the amount of loading and the length of each load. I think the developers could have done a better job at the loading aspect. Other than that, there is nothing really to pick on about this game.

    For Devil May Cry fans, this should be a must buy. If you are into ultra fast paced action games, you should give this a try, at least rent it. This game isn’t for those who doesn’t enjoy some button mashing and/or controlling a stylish character. To me, Bayonetta was definitely a worthy game to buy.

  • Busted PlayStation 3 – unable to load game/movi...
    By on May 28th, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    So I was playing my favorite Call of Duty 4 on my Playstation 3 and getting pwned, all of a sudden I lost the background sound and I could only hear gun shots. It wasn’t long until it was completely silent, or near silent. I quit the game after the match was over and I couldn’t, it just froze with the black screen, the screen you normally see when you quit the game and back to the main screen. I call this the black screen of death or BSOD for the PlayStation 3.

    I’ve encountered freezes before but this time it was different. The console remained in the black screen so the first thing that came to mind was to turn off the console from the back after trying to turn it off from the touch-sensitive power switch at the front. I turned it back on hoping to get back in the game but I wasn’t able to. The game would not load, as in I didn’t see the game icon in the main screen. So then I tried loading one of my Blu-ray movie discs, same thing.

    With less than 2 years of game time, my PS3′s disc drive is already busted. That’s pretty disappointing. I’m going to call support tomorrow and hopefully get it fixed. I don’t care if I have to ship my console to them.


  • More video game related violence
    By on December 16th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    The incident actually happened a year ago but trial opened just Monday. According to Cleveland.com Daniel Petric shot both his parents, killing his mother and left his father badly injured. The reason for this senseless shooting? Halo 3. His father didn’t allow Daniel to purchase Halo 3 due to its violent nature. He then sneaked out of his house and got it even though he was not allowed to. The game was taken away as soon as Daniel returned home after purchasing it and was locked in his father’s lockbox where he also had a handgun locked inside. A month later, Daniel got the lockbox’s key, unlocked the box and retrieved both the game and the handgun. Then you could of imagined what happened next. He shot them.

    Daniel’s lawyer which is one of the best criminal charges lawyers said he “had been under great stress at the time of the shooting”. I don’t think that’s an excuse for shooting anyone, let alone shooting your own parents, over a game or anything. That is also what Joye Law Firm said about car violence in games. I feel sorry for his parents and family but not himself because I think he should have known better and what made it worse was the fact that he tried to make it look like “a murder-suicide” by placing the gun back to his father’s hand.

    Kids these days are so addicted to video games that they will do anything in order to play. These kids need to realize there is more to just video gaming.

    I bet Jack Thompson would have said something about this if he wasn’t “permanently disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court “. I’m still happy that he got what he deserved. :)

  • Tomb Raider: Underworld – pre-order goodie
    By on November 10th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    I find most of the pre-order bonuses garbage most of the time. T-shirts, caps and key chains are pretty useless in my opinion. But some games do offer useful bonuses such as LittleBigPlanet’s exclusive costumes, which I made a huge and irreversible mistake by pre-ordering it 2 days too late! I was checking out EBGames.com and I found the soon-to-be-released Tomb Raider: Underworld comes with a nicely packaged art book (looks like hardcover based on image from EBGames.com). I’m a fan of collecting game art books (I’ve also bought the Final Fantasy X-2 and 12 art books as well) by the way. I’m really a sucker for these books i guess.

    Apparently there is also a demo available for the PC incase any of you are interested.

  • Digital Building – Contemporary Design for Seco...
    By on November 4th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    I finally had the time to get back to my architecture/interior design hobby recently. I’m actually not too happy with the exterior design of my previous design – Basic Blocks – Contemporary Home. It was just way too plain and I admit I didn’t put too much thoughts into it and spent nearly 100% to interior design.


    This time I focused on the exterior just as much as the interior and based my idea on the Digital Beijing Building by the talented Studio Pei-Zhu.

    I love how the blue lights are “escaping” from the gaps between the columns which really gives the digital as well as the “Matrix” impression to the whole design. In addition to having those blue lights on both sides, they are also visible and extend from the front of the building all the way to the back of the building.


    The building consists of two floors with each floor measuring approximately 40m long, 20m wide and 10m high. The prim count (the number of objects) is a bit more than usual mainly because of the “digital” design on the two walls on the sides. The two entrances are well hidden so people will not be able to see them and makes the “digital” flow from front to back without the entrances interrupting it. I have also made heavy use of the “glow” effect both inside and out for the extra lighting effect.

    Overall I am very pleased with this design (finally) and hopefully my next project will be just as fun and satisfying to design and build as this one. Hope you guys like this one as well!

    Comments and feedbacks are always welcome

  • Another DS game for your girlfriend – Girls Mod...
    By on October 13th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Nintendo DS will be releasing a fashion game called Girls Mode. While this game isn’t aimed for the majority of us gamers. Its still great to see game companies targeting the girl gamers by developing something girly. Your character is basically a GIRL, you shop around and play dress up with clothes, eye shadows…you know what I mean. Then you can compete with others online or through WiFi of up to 4 DS for best look.

    The game is rated pretty low and bashed by everyone, assuming all of them are guys. Come on guys, this game is clearly not for us but for your girlfriends. I don’t see a point in talking down this game. Maybe the girls might think this is the kind of game that they like? To clarify I’m a guy and this is not the type of game I want to play, just incase someone thinks I’m a fanboy of this game.

    Buy your girlfriend this game, you might get lucky. :) IF you play WITH her then your chance might go higher.

    Hmm just kidding…

    Source from Gametrailers.com