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  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete – c...
    By on December 17th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Finally, a trailer of the Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete which shows a few new scenes that weren’t in the original CG animated movie from Gametrailers.com. I have been waiting for the Blu-ray version of FF 13: AC for so long and what makes this a must buy is the fact that the demo for Final Fantasy 13 will be bundled with it according to Wired.com.

    Just three more months!! I will probably get the Japanese version from YesAsia or ebay just incase the North American version isn’t released around the same time though.

  • The Last Remnant – Xbox 360 only….for now
    By on November 11th, 2008 | No Comments Comments
    the last remnant title

    So I saw some trailers from Gametrailers.com regarding the upcoming Square-Enix RPG game The Last Remnant. I was impressed by the new battle system and graphics (you can expect high quality from Square), I’ve even visited its flashy website and checked out the new battle system. And boy I’m pretty much sold after finding out more from the site. With this game, you are not limited to only fighting with just your team but you can give orders to a group called union for support. The distance between your team, your union and the enemies also matter as well. There is also a Morale system that will allow you to hit harder and take less damage if you have high morale. Although some frame rate issue were spotted in one of the recent battle trailers. I don’t think this will be a show stopper, nor it should be in my opinion.

    Luckily for the Xbox 360 owners, this game will be released in less than 2 weeks and unfortunately for the PlayStation 3 owners, we have to wait until they have decided to release it for us. At first I had no idea this game would only be releasing for Xbox 360 and so I was quite excited to get my hands on this when its released. Then I found out its only for Xbox 360 for the November 20th launch. I’m pretty upset as this could pretty well be the next best RPG for the next / current gen consoles before Final Fantasy 13 decides to make itself available for God knows when next year. I thought this game would be the perfect RPG to get our attnetion away from FF 13 until its released.

    Again I envy you Xbox 360 users..hmmm Gears of War 2….

    Here is the trailer that shows some FPS issues: (Source: Gametrailers)

  • Lucky Japanese PSP owners get free WiFi access
    By on August 25th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Sony, BestBuy and Spanish based WiFi provider FON have joined forces to provide free family wifi access for PSP owners in Japan. Imagine surfing the net, watching streaming music and movies on the go! But in Japan only, which is somewhat expected since Japan has a history of keeping the goodies to themselves. For those lucky enough to be in Japan and own a PSP, they will also be able to download custom Dissidia: Final Fantasy themes which the game itself will be released in December. I wouldn’t have heard of a new Final Fantasy release if it wasn’t for this WiFi deal.

    It would be great if this offer became available to us in North America, but chances are pretty slim in my opinion, at least it won’t be free. One reason is that Japan is much smaller than say, Canada, so setting up those hot spots is much easier and less costly. They are already setup in Japan which made the setup even easier. Its just a matter of integrating with each other’s system.

    Although we will most likely not get this free WiFi access anytime soon. It is still good news to those living in Japan, again the Japanese always gets the goodies. :) Think I have one more reason to go to Japan since I have a Japanese version PSP.