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  • I just lost more than 20 million gold in Diablo 3, fa...
    By on July 19th, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    Yesterday night was suppose to be a happy night, but it quickly turned into an epic disappointment. No, the game did not crash on me, nor did someone hacked into my account. It was my fault and I’m pretty sure I have learned from this mistake. I have accidentally sold the most expensive item I have ever found in my entire Diablo 3 career – Plan: Hallowed Armaments. This legendary plan is currently going for more than 20 million gold in the auction house right now.

    My friend suggested me to contact a GM to see if he/she can actually retrieve for me but after checking out the Battle.net support page I figured its hopeless.

    Quoted directly from the support page:
    Customer Support cannot assist in restoring sold, destroyed, or lost items. Items that are salvaged for crafting materials are permanently destroyed.

    The 12 most recently sold items can be recovered from any vendor through the Buyback Items tab. The Buyback Items tab is cleared when your character leaves the game. Sold items that no longer appear on this tab are permanently lost.

    Point of this post? Please, please watch what you are about to sell because the buy back only holds 12 items and after that whatever you want to buy back is/are gone for good. From now on, I think I’m going to teleport back to town whenever I find something really rare. Otherwise? I’m just going to forget about it, go right click happy with the vendor and boom sold for a mere 200 something gold instead of 20 something million gold.

    Yup, I failed, failed really really badly. Bash me all you want because I deserve it. I think I will start playing online bingo as a hobby, besides there are so many sites and games available for you to try out, since you can play some of them even if your phone like The Guides Axiom Game, you can find online.

  • Diablo 3 – A bit disappointed with the Auction ...
    By on June 17th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    So it has been a month since the release of Diablo 3 and the game is still going strong for me and my friends. Though the game is still highly addictive but it is not without any problems. One major problem would be the annoying error code/messages that we used to get during the first week or so and the randomly getting kick out of games. That was fixed after doing some port forwarding on the router.

    This next one has been annoying me since day 1, the Auction House, or simply AH in short. I KNow some people are going to bash me and say AH is one of the best things ever added to the game. In my opinion, again I’m not speaking for anyone else but myself here, that the AH actually makes the game less enjoyable. The first time I checked out what others had to offer in the Auction House I was impressed. The items available for purchase with game money Consoldiate at Bridge Payday (gold) or real money were simply amazing and the stats the items give were godly. Then I realized that wasn’t really a good thing wasn’t it? Now whenever you get stuck because your gears and/or level are not strong enough, you just head to the Auction House, grab some uber gears and your character has now turned into this godly monster killing machine. What is the fun in that being able to “one shot” anything you see?

    I think a lot of people rely heavily on purchasing good items from the Auction House just to eliminate the challenge they are facing (specially kids with no patience?). I personally prefer finding my own “drops” or “loot” from killing monsters as oppose to getting the them the much easier way (you still have to have enough gold to buy them, unless you buy them outright with real money). To me the series its all about finding items, sort of like treasure hunting. The level of satisfaction when buying items in the Auction House is no match to when finding them yourself.

    That is the reason why I have never bought anything on AH, I still sell unused items though. I have also stopped receiving items from my friends as well a long time ago. A bit overboard? Perhaps. But I would rather enjoy this game to its fullest (minus the AH).

    I will stop here and get back to my item hunting in Inferno.

  • Diablo 3 – Wizard class revealed
    By on October 11th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Finally, another Diablo 3 trailer and this one reveals a new character class – Wizard. A female Wizard (she looks Asian and pretty attractive by the way!) shows off her cool but deadly magic spells and unleashes them upon the enemies. In fact, she looks a bit too strong against those enemies, probably her stats were tweaked for this demonstration? In the end of the trailer, looks like another boss enemy that looks pretty epic but not as epic as the one from a while ago that basically took up the whole screen.

    There is no official released date announced yet but I searched around and most of the sites are still saying “TBA” (to be announced) but based on 1up, the release date is end of September of 2009, not sure how accurate it is.

    I just hope my PC can handle all these fancy looking effects and man I can’t stop using the word epic these days….

    Trailer from Gametrailers.com