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  • Black Ops 2 review
    By on November 26th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    So its been exactly two weeks since the WordPress hosting reviews, being a first person shooter and CoD fan (note: a fan, not a fanboy!) I had to get it. There were two reasons why I bought the game the very first day and this doesn’t mean I won’t be looking for the LOL 2017 worlds skins look out, Zombie mode and the fact that the story takes place in the near future with futuristic weapons and gadgets like kindle comparison where they have the best and coolest gadgets on the globe today.

    I’m not going to go into details about the story but it follows what was left behind in Black Ops with Mason. The first half of the single player was pretty boring as it was basically a flash back, for once I nearly fell asleep as I watched all these in-game cinematics. I was tempted to skip some of them but I thought since I was playing the single player, I had to follow the story. The pace of the second half ramped up which was a good thing, things just got really intense, which I thought was what made the game a Call of Duty game – fast pace and action packed. I actually like the fact that in Black Ops 2, you get to do a lot more than just run and gun. You get to fly in a fancy high tech glider suit and horse back riding shooting RPGs (I still think it is ridiculous to reload an RPG while riding a horse) just to mention a few. Again its nothing special but at least its somewhat different from previous Call of Duty games, the good thing is that you can play in your computer if you have the best gaming keyboard so you can play comfortably. If you are looking for business communications and connectivity solutions for medium and large enterprises. Check out MegaPath that are experts at securely connecting business locations and remote workers with nationwide Internet, managed networks, voice and unified communications.

    You can expect the same level of graphics from previous series, no surprise there as the developers don’t really have an incentive to improve on that at all since there will always be people buying their games. To be fair, there were impressive moments but they were rare.

    Multiplayer is ok and expected, but it does take a while to get used to the load out, or class system. You are now given 10 points to spend on your class with different perks, weapons and weapon attachments. You can spend most in a single weapon, like me where I put most of my points on my primary weapon with 3 attachments. I think this new class system is a positive change in my opinion as you can focus more on a single area of a class. One thing they seriously need to fix is the spawning, I have lost count how many times I got killed as soon as I respawned after I got killed two seconds ago! I did not notice this as much in Modern Warfare 3 though, only in Black Ops and Black Ops 2.

    Zombie mode is always fun playing with your friends, now it supports up to four players on a single system which is another big plus. I played with two of my other friends and we all had a good laugh throughout the night!

    So here is my quick review of the latest Call of Duty – Black Ops 2. Was it worth buying the very first day? I honestly don’t think so unless you are absolutely in love with the series or you are new to the series. Although I see it as a long term investment with its multiplayer and Zombie mode since I usually play for more than a year online based on past games. It will more than make up for the $60 dollar plus tax price tag. Just don’t expect anything too revolutionary, expect it to be the same as the rest of the series with a different story and weapons.

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  • Just received the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 steelbook ...
    By on November 13th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    A few days ago, I received an email from Futureshop about offering an exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops II SteelBook case as a BONUS gift with purchase to all customers who pre-order the game and how they extended this offer to all customers who pre-ordered before September 7, 2012. Obviously I was excited because I did not expect to receive it in the first place.

    Funny thing is, I got the steelbook case today and the actual game has not arrived yet (assuming it will be tomorrow based on online tracking) when the actual game was processed BEFORE I put in the order for the bonus case . Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait one more day before I can get my hands on the game.

    What a tease…..

  • Viking360 modded PS3 controller – all your Call...
    By on October 17th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    I recently received a modded PS3 controller from Viking360 (Xbox360 modded controllers are also available. The one controller I received in particular is the black PS3 modded controller called the Ragnarok with USB option for $129.90USD while a non USB version is $99.95USD.

    At first glance, the Ragnarok controller looks exactly like a regular PS3 controller. The only difference is the extra tiny mod switch on the back of the controller. I had sometime to test out the different modes like burst fire, jitter mode, akimbo mode, rapid fire, timed reload (they call it Fast Reload) where you can control the timing of your reload. All of these modes are designed specially for the Call of Duty series and may work for ParaMarine Task Force as per the details on the site.

    The first few tries of switching modes weren’t as smooth and I had to really find a relatively quiet spot to switch between them, you can learn more info hereto find out how I got it done. But it became second nature soon enough. I’m not going to go into too details on how to switch modes but I will talk about one of them just to give you an idea. For example, for rapid fire mode, all you have to do is hold the mod switch and hit the R1 button, you will see Player 4 LED flashes which tells you that the controller has received your command. You are now in rapid fire mode and you can now fire any single shot weapons like the FAL as if it was a SMG or LMG. Another feature I want to briefly mention is the Zombie mode which offers auto-aim with or without rapid fire support. This might come in handy for those having trouble with much higher stages.

    In the details section on the controller’s page, you will notice something called Phantom Buttons. What this Phanton Buttons means is that, changing modes will not cause you to fire a single shot so that you will not be giving away your positions while you switch in between modes. Call of Duty players like me who really care about stealth and not firing random shots will appreciate this little feature.

    The features go on for this Ragnarok controller and with this USB version you can even program, for example, your Rapid fire Mode to fire from 5 shots up to 99 shots per seconds. I personally think 99 shots per seconds is an over kill but the option is there for those that need it.

    Overall, the Ragnarok does well for what it offers, I have not noticed any problems or glitches while testing this with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops. Pretty solid piece of modded controller. Again, I apologize for not going into too detail on each modes and how you can program the modes through the USB and your computer. I feel that the default settings for each mode is more than enough for the majority of players out there. Again, the options are there for those who need it.

    I’ve copied the details here for convenience:

    • Single Rapid Fire
    • Dual Trigger Rapid Fire
    • Burst Firing
    • Akimbo Firing
    • Jitter Firing**+
    • Zombie Auto-aim**
    • Drop Shot*
    • Fast Reload**+
    • Phantom Buttons
    • Superfast Mode Switching
    • Superfast Mode Toggling
    • Quick Scope**
    • Auto Sniper Breath Hold**
    • Programmable rapidfire speeds
    • Programmable fast reload delays**
    • Supports ALL NINE Call of Duty button layouts*

    Purchase the USB upgrade for your PS3 Ragnarok, and you will receive free Windows PC customization software, free software updates for life, and these additional mods:

    • Programmable Quick Scope
    • Auto-Sprint
    • Trophy Glitch Fast Reload***
    • Semtex Glitch Fast Reload***
    • Dropshot Mode #2 – stay standing when you scope, dropping only when you fire from the hip
    • Akimbo Mode #4 – for fully auto akimbo weapons

    *Single star features designed for Call of Duty, may work with others.
    **Two-star features only work with Call of Duty games.
    +Plus means Jitter mod and Fast Reload patched in MW3. ALL OTHER FEATURES COMPATIBLE.

    Check out their website: http://www.viking360.com

  • Is what I am doing really considered camping in Moder...
    By on April 3rd, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    I’ve been playing the Call of Duty series for years, many years, starting with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. From time to time I get messages from haters saying I’m a camper, or something similar but in a lot more offensive tone. That got me thinking, is what I am doing really considered camping? I do realize that staying at one spot for an extended period of time is camping, that’s obvious. But the thing is, I am far from doing that. I mean each game is roughly 7 minutes on average, what is the fun in doing that when I never play the sniper class?

    I think I am just playing smart, I move out when I know or have some idea of where the enemies are and attempt to take them out. In a real life situation, would you jump out of no where and risk getting shot from every possible direction? Plus with World at War and Modern Warare 3′s wacky spawning issue, it is really hard to constantly be moving all over the place and sometimes you do have to buckle down in a spot for more than 5 seconds when enemies just keep pouring out of the same location.

    What do you guys think? Am I really a camper? Or just a smart player trying to maximize the amount of kills and minimize my deaths for the team?

  • That’s it, I am officially a noob magnet in Mod...
    By on February 20th, 2010 | No Comments Comments

    I guess my previous whining didn’t help much, I am more annoyed than ever. I now always end up on the losing team, always stuck with a bunch of noobs that do not seem to have an idea of how to play this game properly. All they do is rush out and get shot from all directions. Why do I deserve this? My winning ration was 1.35 yesterday and now I am struggling with a 1.31 because I have lost basically every game today, be it a real lost with noobs on my team or one of those annoying disconnects.

    But what annoys me the most is the fact that I am always the only one with a decent score, well most of the time. The rest of my team would just contribute points to the other team by dying. It really felt like its me against the other 13 players instead of 6 on 6. If my team was able to contribute a bit more towards winning I would have no problem losing, at least we tried and the game was fair. In my case it was just pure slaughter by the opposing team.

    Maybe I should just take a break and stop playing Modern Warfare 2 for a while. Let myself cool down a bit. Then again, what difference does that make? I will still be the only one, most of the time, with a positive kill / death ratio. What’s the point?

    I have never been so upset in my life over a game, never happened with the original Modern Warfare.

  • What I really hate about Modern Warfare 2
    By on February 18th, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    This is getting ridiculous and I’m getting fed up with this whole scoring system. I’m not sure if its just me or this happens to basically everyone that plays on PSN. The connection is pretty bad half the time, I constantly get disconnected from games and games that always need to find new hosts. All that I can ignore but I don’t like the fact that it counts as a lost.

    I can understand if the player leaves the game by actually selecting the option in the menu, that is considered a lost. But why on earth would you treat that the same when the game ends prematurely? I’m sure the developers should be able to code the game in such a way that it can differentiate between a user leaving the game by choosing the option and a game that just died due to bad connections.

    I don’t want to sound like a stats whore but I find it uber unfair that my score is messed up because of this stupid system. And also the fact that I seem to attract noobs to fight along side with me makes the situation (my score) even worse.

    Ok I’m done venting….

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Almost perfect...
    By on November 19th, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, one of the most anticipated game this year has been out for more than a week. If I was to summarize the game in two words, I would say its “almost perfect”. Definitely a game worth the full $64.99CAD (+tax) first day purchase with absolutely zero regret.

    The first one, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has a pretty sweet single player story line with a lot of drama. The sequel’s story line is even more, how should I put it, “messed up” and packed with even more drama. Words cannot possibly describe how good I think it is, you have to buy it and see it for yourself. Its not just the story that got “super-sized” but the characters are also noticably more detailed, at least to me, while the environments look relatively similar to Call of Duty 4.

    This time around, you won’t be blowing up your enemies from above using the AC-130 Gunship but you get to be the gunner of an armored humvee, life boat as well as snowmobile chases.

    You can expect to finish the single player story in about 7 hours, but that is ok since this game is made for multiplayer.

    There are also new and more weapons to choose from (same ones sound different now as well! M4A1 for example). This time even the rocket launcher and stinger missle launcher are available in multiplayer which were only available in the first game’s single player missions. I also love the fact that you have 3 times more ammo (correction: the reason why I got full ammo was due to the Scavenger perk) for your guns and you can carry a secondary and add a gun safe for necessary precaution, but not necessary limited to just a hand gun, such as shotguns, grenade launcher or even a rocket launcher. Though you only get to carry one or two shots from the launchers and no way to reload unless you get the Resupply crate from kill streak perk or the Scavenger perk, which in my opinion, very useful in staying fully equipped all the time.

    Another great addition to Modern Warfare 2 is the game allows you to customize your own kill streak bonuses, from 3 kill streak UAV all the way to a whooping 25 kill streak for the almighty tactical nuke (sorry I’m not THAT good). I would search youtube if you want to see what it looks like, I’ve done the search for you.

    I really like the random care package by getting a mere 4 kill streak, you can pretty much get anything from this, not sure if you can get the tactical nuke from it though! (Funny incident: I killed myself by accident from the crate by crouching right on top of the drop point)

    In one of the kill streak bonuses, you get to be the actual gunner of the attack helicopter. While its fun raining bullets down on your enemies from the sky, I think this one, which you can get from an 11 kill streak, a bit over powered. If you get that and the other team is too dumb to shoot it down then you basically are garanteed 10 to 15+ kills just from this.

    So here’s my quick summary of this fantasy game, if you liked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you will certainly like this one, well, most likely. I mean I’m sure you want to know the rest of the story too, and the ending leaves room for Modern Warfare 3, which I cannot wait.

    Hmmm maybe it will be released some time 2011 November? :)

  • Modern Warfare 2 leaked!
    By on August 30th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    So I found this baby submitted by one of the users on GameTrailers.com. Although its rather short, less than two minutes, and the quality is obviously “cam-quality”. It looks like a chase scene at the beginning and then turns into a fierce gun fight. It does look like watching a movie! Man I cannot wait for this game, about two more months people! TWO more months! Let’s cross our fingers that it won’t get delayed!

    [update]For some reason the embedded code doesn’t work, here is the direct link.