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  • Bayonetta did not disappoint me. Worth the buy!
    By on January 9th, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Bayonetta, a pretty hyped up Devil May Cry style action game was released on Jan 5th. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to buy it on that day because I went to watch Avatar with my girlfriend, boy was that one of the best movies of 2009.

    Anyway, I went to EB Games the next day but they were sold out, that was a bit surprising because I didn’t expect Bayonetta to be THAT demanding. I went to Best Buy and the PS3 version was sold out and no luck at EB Games again. I finally did get my copy at Futureshop the next day though, phew!

    The game hasn’t let me down so far, I still haven’t got bored of the the ultra fast paced battles plus button mashing. I guess that was kind of expected from the beginning (button mashing). I’m not sure if its my lack of skills and patience or is the game hard at some of the sections. I am still having trouble with some of the quicktime events where you have to click the button at that particular moment, not earlier, not later, it has to be exact. I died a couple of times as a result. Some of the battles are pretty hard as well, maybe I need to get better with the dodge.

    Boss battles are pretty epic, one of the reasons why I bought this game. I just love looking at oversized monsters that take up more than half the TV screen. I find them easier to deal with then those in Devil May Cry. Another reason, the Torture Attacks, never cease to entertain me with different violent and bloody damaging moves.

    The graphics are very impressive though I have noticed a few areas with frame rate issues but they are not enough to put me off this game. Buildings give you the impression of their massiveness. The music is pretty good as well, instead of using rock and heavy metal from Devil May Cry, Bayonetta uses Jazz + piano which give this game a feeling of elegance and style.


    Aside from the frame rate issue, one major problem with Bayonetta is the amount of loading and the length of each load. I think the developers could have done a better job at the loading aspect. Other than that, there is nothing really to pick on about this game.

    For Devil May Cry fans, this should be a must buy. If you are into ultra fast paced action games, you should give this a try, at least rent it. This game isn’t for those who doesn’t enjoy some button mashing and/or controlling a stylish character. To me, Bayonetta was definitely a worthy game to buy.

  • Busted PlayStation 3 – unable to load game/movi...
    By on May 28th, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    So I was playing my favorite Call of Duty 4 on my Playstation 3 and getting pwned, all of a sudden I lost the background sound and I could only hear gun shots. It wasn’t long until it was completely silent, or near silent. I quit the game after the match was over and I couldn’t, it just froze with the black screen, the screen you normally see when you quit the game and back to the main screen. I call this the black screen of death or BSOD for the PlayStation 3.

    I’ve encountered freezes before but this time it was different. The console remained in the black screen so the first thing that came to mind was to turn off the console from the back after trying to turn it off from the touch-sensitive power switch at the front. I turned it back on hoping to get back in the game but I wasn’t able to. The game would not load, as in I didn’t see the game icon in the main screen. So then I tried loading one of my Blu-ray movie discs, same thing.

    With less than 2 years of game time, my PS3′s disc drive is already busted. That’s pretty disappointing. I’m going to call support tomorrow and hopefully get it fixed. I don’t care if I have to ship my console to them.


  • Final Fantasy 13 demo will be bundled with Final Fant...
    By on January 20th, 2009 | Comments Off Comments

    Just got news from Wired that the Blu-ray version of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete will be released in Japan on April 16th. There will be two versions, the regular edition will come with the movie only and one that will be bundled with the long awaited Final Fantasy 13 demo. The regular version is approximately $54 where as the bundle will be an $11 extra ($65).

    Here’s the problem, I don’t really care if people in Japan are paying much higher than us for DVDs and Blu-rays. Not that I can do anything about that anyway. But at the $54 price point I can get 2 Blu-ray movies. Square Enix might as well release only the version with the demo bundled with the movie because for a mere $11 extra, we get a first taste of FF13, which by the way is delayed until 2010. Hopefully the prices will be adjusted when they hit American.

    If I do decide to, which I probably will for the sake of the demo (assuming there are no price adjustments), pay so much for the decent-but-not-great movie, I might as well fork an extra 20% to get the demo. For your information, the Blu-ray version of Resident Evil: Degeneration which I recommend checking it out, is only 32.99 +tax on Futureshop and 34.99 +tax on BestBuy.ca, which is still expensive but acceptable.

    Sigh, looks like I need to start saving up.

  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete – c...
    By on December 17th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Finally, a trailer of the Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete which shows a few new scenes that weren’t in the original CG animated movie from Gametrailers.com. I have been waiting for the Blu-ray version of FF 13: AC for so long and what makes this a must buy is the fact that the demo for Final Fantasy 13 will be bundled with it according to Wired.com.

    Just three more months!! I will probably get the Japanese version from YesAsia or ebay just incase the North American version isn’t released around the same time though.

  • DRM on Sony PlayStation Network video service
    By on September 25th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Next time you want to buy a movie on the PSN, short for PlayStation Network, you might want to think again before you make the purchase. According to Sony, once you have purchased a movie, it can only be re-downloaded once and that’s with the assistance from SCEA’s consumer services. While I understand why Sony would want to implement such restriction on movies because of pirating/copy right issues. It is a major turn off for us consumers because we cannot keep what we rightfully purchased. Then what’s the point of purchasing online? Might as well buy the physical Blu-ray DVDs which you can watch anytime and don’t have to worry about re-purchasing them. I for one will continue to purchase physical Blu-ray DVDs for the foreseeable future.

    And again it comes down to one question, even if there’s no DRM restriction on purchasing any content on PlayStation Network, do you rather have a stack of hard drive disks storing all your movies and contents or a stack of Blu-ray DVDs. I will go with the latter, at least for now and until someone invents affordable storage devices equal to or smaller than the size of a disc.

    Source from: DaileyTech

  • Blu-ray and Digital Download – Let’s be f...
    By on September 17th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Before reading this from cnet news. I really thought it would either be digital download or Blu-ray, never once I thought they could co-exist. But now I think its possible because we are not dealing with two similar formats here like the HD war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Blu-ray is a physical storage medium while digital download is well, digital where data is stored in say, a hard drive.

    There will always be people that prefer to buying the actual DVDs instead of downloading even when broadband Internet access becomes widely popular and fast. One reason being is that a lot of people, including me, are not comfortable downloading everything off from the Internet. Another reason will be the hard drive space you need to purchase in an on-going basis. And in the very near future, almost everything will be in HD format, we will be dealing with large files (think of a Blu-ray disc which holds either 25/50 GB). There are two questions you have to ask yourself before going the digital path.

    - Are you willing to wait for a while in order to download such large files?
    - Are you willing to constantly buy hard drives to store your data?

    Of course, these two questions are irrelevant if broadband Internet access becomes extremely fast and that the price of hard drive space is like buying candies. But still, would you rather have a collection of DVDs on your shelf or a collection of hard drives instead? Well, for faster download and stable internet connection, choose Mega Path Broadband Internet services which keeps your business connected to the world wide web.

    I think in the end, the two WILL co-exist where people will use both depending on the situation. For movies, most likely people will continue to buy physical DVDs and download things that take up less storage space such as games and trailers (which is a common thing already on xBox Live and PSN).

    Looks like there won’t be a war, at least not so soon.

  • Blu-Ray has 5 years left? I don’t think so!
    By on September 8th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Today I read an article on DailyTech and the article talks about how Andy Griffiths, the Samsung director of consumer electronics in UK thinks Blu-Ray technology will be replaced by OLED HD. For those who aren’t familiar with OLED, it stands for organic light emitting diode. One major benefit of OLED over traditional LED that we use in HD TVs today is it consumes less power because it does not require a back light to display images. And one less component means thinner TVs. Back to the topic, like the people who commented said, they are two different things. Blu-Ray is a storage medium where as OLED HD is a display technology. The missing link between the two is what will replace Blu-Ray as a new storage medium to be displayed by OLED HD.

    Aside from that, I personally think Blu-Ray will last for more than 5 years. I mean it has just started to take off this year, Griffiths also said 2008 will be the prim year for Blu-Ray. What? I think it has just started to become popular after the HD war ended not too long ago and now its prime year when we are stepping into the last quarter of this year? I’m sorry but I can’t convince myself to believe that.

    Besides Blu-Ray, HD TVs have also started to become more popular. HD TVs with 40″ and even up to 50″ models are relatively much cheaper than a few years ago therefore allowing more people to enjoy TV channels and movies in HD. OLED HD certainly has a bright future and I don’t doubt that one day it will replace the HD we have right now. But I don’t think it will be as widely available (price wise) as the HD technology right now. Even the small 14″ from Sony cost almost a leg and an arm (again relatively speaking) to purchase and supply is limited. And why would I want a 14″ OLED HD TV? I bet most of us average consumers cannot differentiate the quality between a 14″ OLED HD TV and a 50″ HD TV with 1080p output. And why on earth would you watch say, Transformers on such a small TV? And even if OLED HD was ready for the general public in 5 years, would the cable providers be ready for providing subscribers OLED HD channels? How much would the monthly TV bill is going to be?

    Just my daily rant.