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  • Siren: Blood Curse Chapter 6 & 7 Review
    By on August 6th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Finally got a chance to play chapter 6, it isn’t a long chapter so I combined with chapter 7 as well. From the previous chapter review, I mentioned the level of difficulty raises as you progress through each chapter. But, I didn’t feel that way this time, though I still died a few times throughout these two chapters, maybe it’s either I got better at this game (lol) or some levels are just more difficult than others. I think all the playable characters are introduced, and most places are revealed (?).

    There is really nothing much to say except the graphics haven’t stopped to amaze me. Chapter 7 consists of many old rusty shacks, and each one is just as detailed. I still find it too dark though and always forget to adjust the brightness to get rid of this problem. I know its part of the “atmosphere” but sometimes I have trouble finding the way.

    A bit of a spoiler.

    This chapter introduced some sort of boss shibito, a lot bigger and is really messed up. It cries / screams like a baby but is taller than the shibitos roaming throughout the game. I apologize i should have taken a picture of it but I was too “involved” in the game I forgot about it. Or I should say I was too intimidated by the size of the shibito and I tried to kill it by shooting him non stop and wasn’t able to. I assume its scripted to not die, at least in this chapter.

    Overall, I think the story is kicking into high gear, I say that because things are getting more complicated.

  • Siren: Blood Curse Chapter 5 Review
    By on August 3rd, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Since its a long weekend in Canada, I had more time to play and enjoy the next chapter, chapter 5. This time you gain control of Sam Monroe’s ex wife, still remember who’s Sam Monroe? :) She actually has to deal with something harder than her ex. Talk about being fair!

    Anyway, I think as we progress in each chapter, it gets slightly more difficult or at least that’s how I felt. Thus chapter 5 took me longer than I anticipated and yes I died a few times trying to experiment and figure things out. One thing that makes the game more difficult is you don’t keep your weapon when you die. So whenever you restart, you will have to play safe and hope that you get a weapon, anything, even a tea pot is better than bare fists.

    Chapter 5 is by far one of the hardest chapter I’ve played. And finally, this chapter will throw at you a few puzzles here and there this time, nothing that will make your brain explode but still takes a bit of time.

  • Siren: Blood Curse Chapter 4 Review
    By on August 3rd, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Yup, its the 4th of the 12 chapter series of Siren: Blood Curse Review. Chapter 4 has introduced a new game play, not completely new but with this new character you can “snipe” or zoom-in/out with the rifle. While its nothing compare to first person shoot like Call of Duty 4. It is “enough” for this game. The crosshair is a simple transparent white circle which is adequate since its not a shooter game but a survival horror game.

    This chapter’s characters all have weapons so dealing with shibitos are relatively easy now. The feeling of “survival” is not as strong with weapons, spcially unlimited ammo. The feeling of “survival” was felt strongest when I played Sam Monroe’s daughter Bella, basically you have to be completely stealthy most, if not all the time and she does not have any weapons.

    And don’t forget if one of the objectives is to escape to “location a” with “someone” make sure that “someone” is actually following you. Sometimes with some incident, either scripted or by your actions, you will be separated with that “someone”. Make sure you reunite with them before proceeding. The mission objective will add that in so most of the time you should be fine but I thought I would point that out.