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  • I’ve actually been playing the three games that are included with the cellphone since I got it a few days ago. The said games are Need for Speed ProStreet, Solitaire and a photo hunting game (forgot the name, the game’s name I have is in Chinese). After playing all three, there is one disappointment and one positive surprise. The photo hunting game is actually not new, its one of the games for my now dead Sony Ericsson K790i.

    Need for Speed ProStreet is the disappointment here. I knew it wouldn’t be too enjoyable since its on the cellphone but I didn’t expect to be this bad. I will skip the how good or bad the controls are because its hard to play this type of games using cellphone keys anyway. The major issue I have with this game is graphics. I know graphics is only one of many factors that determine if the game is worthy or not. But I expected something better than the graphics for this mobile version of Need for Speed ProStreet. I closed the game within two minutes. Oh yes the music also sounds horrible.

    I honestly did not expect Solitaire to be THIS addictive. This game is not just A game, but rather a series of card games such as Klondike, Freecell, Pyramid, Poker, Spiderette, Flower garden, Scorpion, Yukon, Golf, Calculation, Seven Sisters and Beleaguered Castle. That is an impressive total of 12 card games in one! Klondike is pretty much the classic Solitaire you play in Windows, Pyramid is the one where you take away cards that have a sum of 13 and your goal is to clear all the cards. Finally Poker is not the one which you play with your poker friends, but a grid of 25 cards so you can chain pairs, flushes, 3 or 4 of a kind vertically or horizontally. It forces you to do more thinking because there are now more ways to get good hands. Unfortunately I have never heard of the other 9 games until now.

    You think that’s it for this game? Think again! This game also has an RPG element to it. You will start off with a character and you get to choose your gender. You are in a cafe and your goal is to keep playing cards, gain more experience points and ranks. As you gain more experience you will unlock more clothing to customize your character. You will also get trophies and see the cafe gets bigger as your ranks go up.

    The photo hunting game will have you take pictures under the sea, there are different types of sea creatures such as fish, obviously, sea horses, turtles etc. As you complete missions you will unlock more missions. The objective is straight forward, you will have to complete missions like taking pictures of given species or capture a group of the same species within your air tank’s limit. Your air tank will be refilled for every 1000 points, for the first time, by 30 seconds, then it will gradually refill less until you reach 10,000 points where it will stop refilling.

    Well I think that’s it for this review!

    This 4 series review should cover most, if not all of the features for the Sony Ericsson c902i. I hope this will help those that are looking for a new cellphone as well as those that are thinking of getting this cellphone but are unsure if it will suit you or not. In my opinion, the c902i is perfect for those that want to have everything in one but does not need a data plan, much like one you will need when signing up for an iPhone. Although it has a built-in 5 megapixel Cyber-shot camera, it CANNOT take quality pictures at a distance like a digital camera can due to lack of optical zoom.

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  • First I want to apologize for not taking the protective sticker off the screen because I haven’t had a chance to buy a real screen protector yet.

    Today I had a chance to play around the c902′s interface. One thing I want to point out is that instead of having two rows of buttons surrounding the center Navigation key like the T616 and k790i, the c902 actually has 3 rows of keys or buttons (the manual calls them keys). The top row has “Selection” keys and they function based on what are displayed on the screen. As for the middle row, you have the “Call” Key which also displaying the call history and “End” key on the opposite side which also acts as a on/off key as well as closing all the menus. Finally the last row has the “Toolbar” key as well as the “Clear” or cancel key. There are more on the right side of the phone but I will cover that tomorrow when I review the camera.

    Honestly I am still trying to get used to these three rows of keys and I still press the wrong key once in a while. I don’t recommend this phone for those with big fingers because the keys are rather narrow. I’m not a big person myself but I’ve hit the wrong key before because of the narrowness as well as the little space in between them.

    First thing I noticed when navigating through the Grid layout (default style) menu is how fast the screen saver gets activated for inactivity, roughly 20 seconds. I have no luck finding the option to extend the screen’s active time. There are four styles for the menu layout – Grid, Rotating, Single icon and From theme. I am unable to test the last one because I don’t have a theme that supports menu layout yet. After testing the other three styles I still prefer the classic Grid style that displays all 16 icons.

    The menu is pretty standard with the only a few additions comparing to my T616 and K790i. The PlayNow, Radio and the Alarm function is now on its own separate icon as oppose to having it as part of the Organizer. The PlayNow allows you to buy and then download music to your phone. For more information, visit the Sony Ericsson page I found.

    Basically the menu offers functions that are pretty common among other cellphones out there, nothing special in particular which is fine because I think the real strength of this phone is the 5 megapixel Cyber-shot digital camera as well as the games. Stay tuned for my camera review tomorrow and games the day after!

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  • After one and a half weeks of frustration with the UPS (I might turn my frustration into another blog post when I have a chance), my Sony Ericsson c902i has arrived to my work place. You have no idea how happy I was and still am, when I unwrapped my new phone. As far as I know, the c902i is not available from any service provides such as Rogers, Fido or Telus. I am not sure about the US but this 3G phone has been available in Europe and Asia for quite some time. We, in America, are always the last group of people to get our hands on the newest gadgets.

    The reason why I purchased the c902i is the fact that it has the looks of the K850i which I was extremely close to getting towards the end of last year. I changed my mind because it was just too bulky, specifically how “thick” it is. The c902i fits me perfectly because it has relatively the same design with its blueish lights but packaged in a much slimmer, thinner and glossy black body surrounded by matte black/silver. And it also has a 5 megapixel Cyber-shot camera as well.

    Sony Ericsson has also released a James Bond edition which features an attractive titanium silver color housing and are offering free titanium rings with the purchase of the phone , obviously you have to pay more. With the sexiness of the c902i along with the free ring, this looks to be a great value for your money. :)

    Click here for full specifications.

    I will divide up the review into parts and I will write about my impression of the c902i as I go.

    Day 1:

    First thing first I don’t like is the box. Yes I know why should I even care, its just a box its not like I will be calling people and carrying around with it. But I’m a presentation person, the previous two Sony Ericsson phone boxes (T616 and K790i) were much nicer compare to this one. I’m not sure if its because its boxed by Vodafone or not. As you can see from the picture, you can clearly see the k790i box is nicest among the three.

    In terms of size, it is a clear win for the relatively new c902i. It is as tall as the K790i and taller than the T616 by a little. The T616 is the slimest of all but not by much. And finally the c902i beats both phones hands down with its ultra thin design. Although it is the heaviest among all three but that is because the T616 and K790i are very light weight to begin with therefore the extra weight on the c902i isn’t too noticeable.

    Tomorrow, I will play around with the phone’s interface. Stay tuned!

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