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  • Toronto Star to begin digital subscription in 2013
    By on October 30th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    First there was Globe and Mail started charging its readers $20 a month for its online contents, now The Star has just announced it will also begining its own digital subscription in 2013. My first reaction was “What? You too?” and the reason for my reaction, as well as many others who commented on the post, is the fact that the content is not worth paying for. One commenter pointed out that he can read the news free of charge from libariries that have subscribed to something called PressDisplay. Though this might not matter as much if the monthly subscription is really low, perhaps $5 or less a month? We shall see when they announce the pricing next year. But what I can see so far based on the initial reactions from those who commented is, no good.

    Well looks like I need to start looking elsewhere for local news. Thankfully I can still visit CityNews Toronto as well as 680News. But who knows when these will follow the trend and start asking for money.

    Until then, let’s enjoy The Star for free while we still can.

  • Headphones review – Urbanears PLATTAN headphone...
    By on March 3rd, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    Today I received a very nice pair of Urbanears headphones from Currys, they were generous enough to send me a pair of Urbanears’ Tomato (red colored) PLATTAN. Though I was kind of hoping for a pair of either white, black or dark grey. :)

    I’m a sucker for good packaging and Urbanears sure knows how to do it right. I had to slowly and carefully unwrap the box because I didn’t want to ruin it. As soon as I “unwrapped” the box I saw those pair of Tomato red headphones placed nicely in there. Underneath the headphones was a friendly reminder there were more parts hidden under the, with a lack of a better description, triangular folded layer that hid away the two extra adapter cables (Nokia and Neutral) that came with the package as well as a product catalog. Let me tell you even the catalog was nicely done.

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    Let’s get to the actual product review and keep in mind that I’m NOT an audiophile. But I did notice a huge difference in sound quality from my Sony MDR-E9LP earbuds particularly the fact that the sound was much clearer and provided enough bass. I’m not really a headphone person and I wasn’t sure if it would be comfortable wearing these headphones, but they fit my Asian head and covered my ears almost perfectly as I was pretty secluded. Read some of the best product reviews at Top9Rated.com today – they have a lot of stuff I like.

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    I’ve also asked two of my friends to test them out and the results were mixed. One thought the PLATTAN could use more bass. The other thought the sound quality was more than enough, particularly in the bass department. For myself, I thought the bass was more than enough for my taste so I guess that’s 2 vs 1.

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    I did a simple comparison test by listening to music on my iPhone back to back with my old Sony MDR-E9LP earbuds and then the PLATTAN . Then I watched a movie on my labtop using the PLATANN and it was obvious the PLATTAN were much, much better that it actually made the movie experience more enjoyable as if I was wearing a pair of mini home threatre sound system over my head, so overall they have a really good sound compared to the perfect sound quality with the HD800s I owned in the past.

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    Now the design, first thing I noticed was the cables weren’t the usual soft plastic but felt like those similar to fabric-ish material used in shoe laces. This probably contributed to why it felt comfortable around my head. The PLATTAN also comes with an “auxiliary” or they called it “zound plug” that allows a second person to plug in and listen to them as well. Me and my friends all agreed that the headphones were a lot sturdier than they looked and very easy to pack. Me and one of my friends thought the packaging was nice while the other friend thought the packaging and design were “ok”. I guess its subjective, but again its 2 vs 1.

    Overall, I think the Urbanears PLATTAN headphones provide great sound quality with its soft fabric and collapsible design. Not to mention the great packaging! The PLATTAN headphones might not be for the hardcore audiophiles but for sure they are more than enough for the more casual users like me. Please checkout https://www.worldgym.com/palmdesert/home for health and fitness professional assistance.

    PLATTAN’s report card:
    Design (headphones): 8.5/10
    Sound quality: 8/10
    Packaging: 9/10

    Product page:
    Official product page for the PLATTAN

    For Canadians, Urban Outfitters is also selling the PLATTAN headphones:
    Urban Outfitters product page for the PLATTAN

    Currys is currently running a laptop promotion at Curry’s laptops

  • Tutorhub – online tuition and homework help
    By on January 17th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    Tutorhub is basically a UK based social networking online tuition site, like Facebook and tweeter, for students searching for tutors online or people thinking of becoming tutors themselves. You can get tips on how to buy youtube views and also find help with homework in many different categories such as math, science, English, other languages, humanities and social sciences etc. Asking a question is as simple as typing your question in the text box and press Ask your questions. Do you know that you can also Buy Instagram likes? click here to learn more.

    Check out their site: Tutorhub

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  • Sell mobile phones for best prices compare to other m...
    By on January 12th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    New phones are coming out every year, heck every few months! If you are one of them and in the UK. If I was one of them, I would sell my phone and recoup part of what I’ve spent and put it towards the new phone. Similar to trading in your current car for another except that you are guaranteed the best price from Sell My Mobile, after this all you need to do is get a phone plan or a extension of the plan you already have, for example, Aircel Chennai talktime and validity extension plans are a really good choice for most people.

    The process is very straight forward and anyone who knows how to navigate a site can follow their 4 simple steps. First you search for the model of your phone, the results will be displayed showing companies looking to buy your phone as well as how much they are offering. You then select the best deal you can find and fill out the details. Once you have mailed your phone to the cell phone recycle company and they have verified the phone, they will send you the payment in cash or vouchers.

    I personally think this is a good way to get rid of your unwanted phones where you get paid to get rid of your junk, you cannot get any better than that. Its espcially true for people who own popular phones like the almighty iPhones which always have high demand. Someone with an iPhone 4 can sell it, then get an iPhone 4S without paying for the full price for the new one. Even though I personally wouldn’t do that unless I was really crazy about Siri, a better camera and processor. The site also contains a “Most Popular” section where it shows you the most popular traded in phones. I could get these from partner stores at shopping centers near me, as well.  As of right now, iPhone 3GS 16GB is the most popular and you can get up to £113 follow by iPhone 4 16GB where you can potentially sell it for £243.

    Check out their site: http://www.sellmymobile.com
    Sister site for people in the US: http://www.sellcell.com

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  • Product review – Proporta iPhone 4/4S cases
    By on November 3rd, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    I’ve finally received the iPhone cases from Proporta, I guess I should call it products review since they were nice enough to send me not one but three cases to write about as well as a bag of Yorkshire Tea and a postcard. I just wanted to say thank you again.

    The three cases I got were the Shine Case, the Ted Baker Hard Shell Case II and finally my favorite of all, the Doodle Pad Hard Shell. All of them are designed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The latter two are for the back and sides of the iPhone 4/4S only.

    The fit:
    All three cases fit nearly perfectly, I suspect its due to my white iPhone’s slight difference in size from its black counterpart. For the Ted Baker Hard Shell Case II and the Doodle Pad Hard Shell, it may take a bit more effort to remove the case once its “clipped” on, again its probably because the white iPhone is marginally bigger? Mind you, this is not solely a Proporta problem, many other iPhone case manufaturers have the same problem with the white iPhone. Besides, its barely noticeable.

    Aside from the leather made Shine Case which is a bit too bulky for my taste, the two hard cases do not give me the sense of bulkiness at all. They are just thick enough for you to know they are there protecting your phone but not to the point where you feel your phone got fatter.

    The style:
    I cannot really comment much about the Shine Case since its obviously aimed towards the ladies with its red leather and floral casing. But it feels a bit too old school for my taste but its obviously looks subjective. Flip it open you there is a mirror tucked just below the top leather layer. Alternatively, it can be swapped out with anything from credit card to driver’s license or any other card that fits. When I looked into the mirror (no I was not trying to put make up on!) I felt like the mirror makes my face narrower, is that purposely designed so the ladies can look narrower than they really are? :)

    The Ted Baker Hard Shell Case II has a pretty nice design, specially the one I got, which is the Garden Print with its garden + abstract patterns. If you like abstract and/or nature things then you might be interested in checking this one out. And the bottom has a nice semi-shiny name plate with Ted Baker engraved on it which I thought was a nice touch. I did not know who Ted Baker was but after some quick Googling I do now.

    Now onto my favorite Doodle Pad case, I just love it for its simplicity. It is nothing fancy and it does not have to be. It is also the cheapest one among all three. The doodle drawings just bring back my a lot of my childhood memories with all these childish drawings and phrases like “I AM COOL”, “Hiya” etc. On top of that, it looks great on the white iPhone with its white paper background. I think it would be too much of a contrast if you were to put it on a black iPhone but its just a matter of personal taste.

    The feel:
    I’ve always had the impression that shiny or glossy things are slippery but I find the Shine Case’s shiny leather exterior easy to grab and does not feel slippery. The other two cases, as the names suggested, are hard cases and feel sturdy. I love the rubbery feel when holding them with more than enough grip that should minimize the chance of dropping it. Now that I have the Doodle Pad case, my phone should have no problem staying in my pants’ pocket while I drive with all the grip. Last thing I want is for my phone to drop out of the car and onto some hard concrete floor when I get out of it.

    All in all I think Proporta makes pretty good quality cases. You will agree with me as soon as you grab one in your hands. I highly recommend the Ted Baker series and the Doodle Pad. Specially the Doodle Pad if you have a white iPhone.

    Check them out: http://www.proporta.com/

  • 10K give away by TheHut.com
    By on November 1st, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    TheHut.com is having a 10K give away. All you have to do is answer a simple question with your name and email and you will have a chance to win vouchers to spend on the site! Closing date is 18/12/2011 midnight.

    For more details and terms/conditions please visit https://www.thehut.com/hut/competition.secure?comp=vouchr

  • IWOOT – Most Awesome Competition this Christmas
    By on October 19th, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    I Want One Of Everything (IWOOT) is having its BIGGEST competition ever. You can win over 2,350 products worth over £85,000, this is the BIGGEST competition to date. All you have to do is text AWESOME to 84383 or head over to www.iwantoneofthose.com/win.

    You could win: (see full list)

    • Villain Chair
    • Apple iPad 2 – 64GB Wi-Fi & 3G (White)
    • RolerBall
    • Apple iPad 2 – 32GB Wi-Fi & 3G (Black)
    • Bladefish 5000 Sea Scooter
    • Penny Farthing
    • Xbox 360 250GB Bundle: Includes Kinect Sensor and Kinect Adventures
    • Bladefish 3000 Seajet
    • LP to CD Converter
    • iTamTam M3 Vogue Speaker Dock for iPhone 3,4 and iPod Classic/Touch including rechargeable battery – Cherry Red
    • PS3 Sony Playstation 3 Slim Console (320 GB)
    • Senna – Limited Collector’s Edition with 1:12 F1 Lotus Model (Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy)
    • Nintendo 3DS Console (Cosmic Black) Bundle: Includes The Sims 3
    • G155 – Mobile Gaming Environment
    • Microsoft Licensed Warhead 7.1 Wireless Headset Tritton (360)
    • Nova Crystal – White


    Texts cost £1 plus your operator’s standard charges. Enter as often as you like. T&Cs* here. Closing date: 11.59pm 10/12/2011

    *with details of the free postal entry route

    The basics:

    • Texts cost £1 plus your operator’s standard charges. Free postal entry route available.
    • You can enter as many times as you like.
    • Entrants must be 18 years or over.
    • Entrants must be residents of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland).
    • Entry to the prize draw opens 9.00am Sunday 16/10/2011 and closes at 11:59pm Saturday 10/12/2011. Entries received after this date will not be considered. Texts received outside these dates and times may be charged but will not take part in this competition.
    • The winner will be randomly drawn from all eligible entries on Sunday 11/12/2011 and will be notified that they are the winner within 5 days of this date.
    • Whilst we will do our best to ensure that prizes will be delivered before Christmas, we are unable to guarantee this. All prized will however be delivered by 31 January 2012.

  • Twist Casino – eyecandy for 3D graphics
    By on February 21st, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    Finally, an online casino bonus as classy and sophisticated as top Vegas casinos has arrived. Twistcasino hosts card games, roulette, slot machines, Craps, Keno and Video Poker on www.boomtownbingo.com/girly-bingo-review for their amazing features and instant play applications. Their 3D Flash-based games run pretty fast with eyecandy for graphics. You can gamble in the privacy of your home and not have to install anything. That means real privacy for most players. What’s more is that you can play for fun without any real money involved, a great option if you want to try the casino out first and see if you’ll like it.