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  • Tutorhub – online tuition and homework help
    By on January 17th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    Tutorhub is basically a UK based social networking online tuition site, like Facebook and tweeter, for students searching for tutors online or people thinking of becoming tutors themselves. You can get tips on how to buy youtube views and also find help with homework in many different categories such as math, science, English, other languages, humanities and social sciences etc. Asking a question is as simple as typing your question in the text box and press Ask your questions. Do you know that you can also Buy Instagram likes? click here to learn more.

    Check out their site: Tutorhub

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  • Facebook – German style!
    By on October 9th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Facebook has filed a lawsuit against the most popular German social networking
    web site that closely resambles Facebook in terms of user interface.

    I decided to check out studiVZ and immediately the login screen resembles that of Facebook. I did not bother to sign up to check the look and feel of what after you logged in. I googled one of the images from that site, as you can see it looks almost exactly the same as Facebook.

    Facebook has also launched lawsuits against few other Facebook-style web sites. It is no surprise there are so many wannabes trying to copy Facebook because of its success and popularity.

    But then again, what about Friendster?





  • intodit – A flexible hosted Wiki service‏
    By on September 14th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    I received an email about intodit, a free flexible hosted WiKi service. I spent some time browsing around intodit and I found it easy to navigate through pages. The site combines social networking and wikipedia together where people with the same interests can join similar groups and discuss/contribute to similar topics. Another feature that I like is you can browse through different WiKi categories so you can quickly jump around different interests with just a few clicks.

    Ok so its just a WiKi, you will probably ask why does it look and feel like a social networking site? Each pages’ theme can be customized with different background pictures, logos and font styles. Instead of the plain-o white background from wikipedia. You can also add videos/music clips, images and display them much like on Facebook and MySpace but in a drag and drop style. On the other hand wikipedia displays information mostly in a form of text with a few to no images.


    The site looks like its pretty new, so there isn’t a lot of contents added yet. Hopefully in a few months or so, there will be more added to it!


  • Internet Hoax – Miley Cyrus died in car crash!
    By on September 7th, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    I was checking out some threads in one of my favorite forums and I saw this in the General Discussion forum with a title “Miley Cyrus has died 1992-2008″. My immediate reaction was “What? I didn’t hear anything on the news at all”. Mind you, I’m not a fan of her because I’m too old for Hannah Montana. I clicked the thread and was shown pictures of what appeared to be Yahoo! News and a screenshot of digg on the same topic. Then I thought this had got to be a hoax. And I was right, I’m sure most of you would have figured that out right away. But I just wanted to point out how easy it is for pranksters to manipulate us with fake information. Specially when the news is being spread from popular sites like digg and the ever accurate wiki. I bet someone actually fell for it, I honestly did at first, that’s why I clicked the thread to check it out.

    Guess we really need to think before trusting any piece of information that appears over the net.


    To clarify, Miley Cyrus, the Hannah Montana star is still alive based on myFox.