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  • Custom desktop – A gamer’s piece of heaven
    By on April 6th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    A custom desktop is every gamer’s dream. It can offer you hours of enhanced game play, and eye-candy and high quality graphics to those looking for an exciting gaming experience. As opposed to a regular desktop, a gaming desktop is especially tailored to display graphics and videos needed to give you that heightened thrill of the game.

    A custom desktop is better than a pre-built one primarily because it is easily altered according to your gaming needs. This gives you more leeway and freedom to tinker with and add more to its functionality. Likewise, you can upgrade its RAM, plug in a faster hard drive or sdd as the disques pour NAS there is online, and also include more add-ons like new controllers and hardware. You decide what goes into your desktop, giving you unlimited options to meet your gaming requirements. To top it all off, a custom desktop is cheaper and more affordable compared to a pre-built gaming desktop. If you have the skills, you would have no problem at all in assembling the parts you need to create your customized gaming desktop. If you are researching for a new POS system and want to compare the most popular point of sales systems within your given market or industry, visit www.posusa.com and learn more.

    If it is ultimate gaming paraphernalia you want, but do not have the money to strain, then a custom desktop is definitely for you. Why splurge on expensive pre-built gaming computers if you can have one with the very same or even better specs for a cheaper price? Just make sure to buy quality desktop components, mix and match it with other parts at hand, and you are all set for hours of gaming bliss without scraping the barrels of your funds.

  • GPS tracking system – good or bad?
    By on March 5th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    GPS tracking technology is like a double edge sword. While it can save you when you bump into life’s glitches, it can also become a source of annoyance. Sure my wife can know my whereabouts when I’m stuck in traffic or can send help immediately when mishaps happen, but then what if she begins to breathe down my neck and check on my location all for the sake of watching my every move? Wouldn’t that be much like having a stalker or having my privacy violated?

    This technology is so powerful and enabling that it almost comes across as something abominable to me. Having the feeling of being watched by someone is already burdensome, but what’s even more alarming is having someone closely intertwined in your life wielding the power of a GPS. No matter how much you put logic into the benefits of having this technology, it still presents itself as a nuisance. It would make me feel like I should always be on my toes, not to mention feel conscious about my actions and destinations.

    Instead of strengthening ties, having the power of a GPS tracking technology would only give more rooms for doubts in a relationship. Instead of bringing me closer to my wife, I might even feel more alienated because spontaneity in my actions would be, to some extent, affected. In the end, my wife and I would both feel restless about having the power to know each other’s locations and having the feeling of being monitored anywhere we go. GPS is definitely not a good idea for couples because it might only bring them to the brink of hitting the rocks.

  • All your iPhone Accessories needs @ Wireless Emporium...
    By on February 26th, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    The Apple iPhone has been such a hit that 1 out of 10 of my friends has one, be it the first generation or the new iPhone 3G. They are always constantly looking for iPhone Accessories to personalize their iPhones.

    Wireless Emporium, Inc offers a huge selection of iPhone Accessories such as iPhone leather case but I much prefer one of these Silver Aluminum iPhone cases.

    WE (Wireless Emporium) also sells screen protector films as well as a huge selection of faceplates of different colors and styles. Aside from selling these protective products, WE also sells iPhone compatible hardware such as chargers, data cable, battery, holsters / belt clips and over 50 different hands-free headsets to choose from.

    Wireless Emporium not only provides accessories for iPhones but it also offers accessories from other brand name wireless products like Sony, BlackBerry, LG just to name a few. There are also a few phones that you can purchase on the site as well.

    The web site is also user friendly because you can browse the products by their brand names, accessory types or carrier types. For those that do not know the model of their phones, the site also teaches you where to look for it (as quoted from the site “The model number is noted on the back label of the phone”).

    If you are looking for accessories for your cell phone, you should drop by Wireless Emporium and check out its huge selection of wireless accessories at very reasonable prices.


  • Sony Ericsson c902i hands-on review (Day 2)
    By on February 4th, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments

    First I want to apologize for not taking the protective sticker off the screen because I haven’t had a chance to buy a real screen protector yet.

    Today I had a chance to play around the c902′s interface. One thing I want to point out is that instead of having two rows of buttons surrounding the center Navigation key like the T616 and k790i, the c902 actually has 3 rows of keys or buttons (the manual calls them keys). The top row has “Selection” keys and they function based on what are displayed on the screen. As for the middle row, you have the “Call” Key which also displaying the call history and “End” key on the opposite side which also acts as a on/off key as well as closing all the menus. Finally the last row has the “Toolbar” key as well as the “Clear” or cancel key. There are more on the right side of the phone but I will cover that tomorrow when I review the camera.

    Honestly I am still trying to get used to these three rows of keys and I still press the wrong key once in a while. I don’t recommend this phone for those with big fingers because the keys are rather narrow. I’m not a big person myself but I’ve hit the wrong key before because of the narrowness as well as the little space in between them.

    First thing I noticed when navigating through the Grid layout (default style) menu is how fast the screen saver gets activated for inactivity, roughly 20 seconds. I have no luck finding the option to extend the screen’s active time. There are four styles for the menu layout – Grid, Rotating, Single icon and From theme. I am unable to test the last one because I don’t have a theme that supports menu layout yet. After testing the other three styles I still prefer the classic Grid style that displays all 16 icons.

    The menu is pretty standard with the only a few additions comparing to my T616 and K790i. The PlayNow, Radio and the Alarm function is now on its own separate icon as oppose to having it as part of the Organizer. The PlayNow allows you to buy and then download music to your phone. For more information, visit the Sony Ericsson page I found.

    Basically the menu offers functions that are pretty common among other cellphones out there, nothing special in particular which is fine because I think the real strength of this phone is the 5 megapixel Cyber-shot digital camera as well as the games. Stay tuned for my camera review tomorrow and games the day after!

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  • Good deals at MLCP for refurbished & used Cisco ...
    By on January 8th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    One of my tech savvy and hardcore networking friend was talking to me about how expensive it is to purchase all these brand name equipments like Cisco routers and switches, can cost a fortune, for personal use that is. My friend, or more suitably the businesses, can reduce their networking costs by purchasing these refurbished and used networking equipment from MULTI-LINK Communications Products or MLCP. Take one of the used Cisco Equipment , Cisco Catalyst 6513, for example, a brand new one cost approximately USD 13k, but you can get it for less than half of the full price for a used one.

    You might be asking the question “well are these MLCP networking equipment reliable since they are refurbished and used?”. MLCP offers 1 year warranty on refurbished equipment which is 4 times longer than the industry-leader Cisco, and if you don’t have space in your office you can rent a glasgow storage unit for it. If this place is too expensive, then check out the storage prices in Leicester.

    If you are a business owner or a networking fanatic like my friend, you should check out what MLCP has to offer and watch how much you can save with its jaw-dropping prices for refurbished and used networking equipment.

  • Keyless entry for your home!
    By on December 31st, 2008 | No Comments Comments
    fingerprint lock

    We have heard of keyless entry for cars for a long time. But have you heard of keyless entry for your home? A company called Axxis Biometrics provides advanced fingerprint identification locking mechanism generally available for Biometric firms. Each fingerprint lock can store up to 100 different users, or finger prints. Some locks also have a built-in LCD screens that display who has requested for access. And if for some reason there is a power failure, the lock can be opened with a traditional key or with an emergency PIN code, according to the expert at Speedy Locksmith Denver.

    I actually like this idea of not having to worry about what to do when you forget to bring your keys. I know you would ask, well if you forgot to bring your keys then you could have gone back in without unlocking your house door because it was never locked in the first place. True, but that also meant some one could have entered without a sweat. Or in my case, my parents would have locked it when they went out without knowing that I forgot my keys in my room. So when I got home I would have no way to get back in until they return.

    fingerprint lock

    According to Smart72.com, a smart home security and maintenance company, Axxis Biometrics offers three different types of fingerprint locks – deadlock, latch and mortise. Beside fingerprint locks, the company also offers the more traditional PIN code door locks and complete fingerprint access control systems that support fingerprint entry, PIN Code access and access card. Click here for more info

    Check Wired Smarts’ tech guides to find more information on the best security systems for your property.

    I know this technology isn’t the newest of the newest but this is the first time hearing automotive entry for both residential and commercial buildings, and quite affordable too, almost as affordable as the MHI Pros offers gantry cranes.

    Which has a better chance of actually happening – forgetting your house keys and having your fingers chopped off? :)

    Find more information at Access Locksmiths.

  • Electronic Whiteboards – I wanna get me one of ...
    By on December 30th, 2008 | No Comments Comments


    Tech-On! has posted something that caught my eyes this early working morning. Panasonic has introduced 2 models of its High-security Electronic Whiteboards.

    The only difference between the two models is one being “a film-board type that can be hung on a wall and a steel board-type on which documents can be posted by using magnets”, based on the article. Each model is further divided into more trims with film-board type having the “UB-5838C” color wide model and “UB-5338C” color standard model and the steel-board type having the “UB-2828C” color wide model, “UB-2328C” color standard model, “UB-2828″ monochrome wide model and “UB-2328″ monochrome standard model

    What interests me the most is the fact that it can be plugged into a PC through USB where you can transfer whatever is on the board onto the connected computer so you can save whatever you have drawn on the board and bring it with you (to your PC or USB key). It doesn’t say if the reverse is true whether its possible to transfer data from a computer onto the boards unfortunately.

    I’m not sure about its security feature though. Although its great to have password feature that will restrict from being printed or stored. If the person really wants what’s drawn on the board, he/she can still either hand-draw or take a picture of the content.

    Unfortunately, these fancy Whiteboards are quite expensive which range from “approx US$2,020-3,123, including tax” while the printer is approx US$289.58 (I did this calculation based on the current exchange rate, the article didn’t have the US price for the printer for some reason) which are very affordable.

    Image source: Tech-On!

  • Introducing the Evil Controllers – EVIL!
    By on December 10th, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    Evil Controllers brings you the best possible rapid fire gaming controllers for many of the most popular first person shooters for your Xbox 360. There are many advantages you can gain when playing with these evil controllers. Pretty evil I would say. :)

    Evil controllers claim to have “THE ONLY UNDETECTABLE XBOX 360 RAPID FIRE COD5 CONTROLLER ON THE MARKET” as some of you may have already heard about the recent patch that was released to eliminate the rapid fire until EC here came out with the all new Call OF Duty 5 Rapid Fire Controller for all you COD 5 fans. The site also claims this newly developed COD 5 controller “is 100% undetectable and it does NOT slow down automatic weapons!”. There are three versions of the controller, basically the cheapest one has a button that toggles the rapid fire on and off at the lower back side of the controller (its harder to use relatively, and thus the cheapest), the second one having the button at the back side as well but at an easier to reach area. The last and the most expensive of all does not have the button at all where you can toggle the rapid fire feature on and off by the secret two button combination.

    For Halo 3 fans, the Halo 3 Rapid Fire Controllers are perfect for all your evil doings. There are also five different versions similar to the COD 5 controllers depending on how much you can afford.

    If you want ridiculous advantage over everyone else, you have to get these sick controllers!