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  • This is why Japan has a low birth rate – Love P...
    By on July 12th, 2010 | No Comments Comments

    Love Plus +
    We’ve heard about some kid marrying one of these anime girls a while back, then recently Konami announced Hotel Plus so that these kids can spend some quality time with their dead girlfriends, actually they were never alive to begin with, by the sea. It is sort of like traveling and going on vacation, except by yourself and your DS. Kudos to Konami for knowing how to profit off these poor souls with no real social interaction with real people, especially the girls.

    I would love to see these guys get all awkward and stuff when they find out they are dating the same girls since there are only 3 girls in the game, though they have many hair styles to choose from. But they are still the same characters nevertheless. So have fun with that.

    This is why Japan has such a low birth rate due to the fact that all the guys over there are obsessed, yeah OBSESSED with virtual girls. I know the game and the series in general offers tons of customization and possibilities but I still don’t think the game girls can ever replace the real thing, errr girls. Bottom line? Excuse my language but I just think they need to get laid. Period. End of story.

    I’m so glad I have a real girlfriend and I won’t trade her for any game characters, no matter how cute/hot they are. In the end, they are still god damn pixels.

    I mean, come on look at this trailer:

  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising – Will it better than ...
    By on June 14th, 2010 | No Comments Comments

    I think I’ve just wet my pants while watching this trailer of the next Metal Gear Solid game, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. This time it won’t be a third person stealth action though and instead be more of a third person action (at least based on the trailer) with my beloved MSG character Raiden slashing the enemies. Raiden is looking cooler than ever, sort of his original look mixed with super saiyan from Dragon Ball series.

    Unlike Star Wars: Force Unleashed’s light sabers, Raiden’s blade will actually let you cut or slice up your enemies the way you want. Thank you Konami for actually making this a realistic experience.

    I’m all hyped up for this game right now!

  • When Blair Witch mixes with Naughty Bear
    By on April 17th, 2010 | No Comments Comments

    Naughty Bear and Blair Witch Project
    Naughty Bear, coming out in June, is generating quite some hype among gamers. So far it has released a few trailers/teasers on Gametrailers.com. I think this one in particular is the best of all. What do you get when you mix The Blair Witch Project with Naughty Bear? You get Bear Witch Trailer. After watching it for the second time, it really made me want to find another copy of the old Blair Witch Project game (I lost my original a long time ago).

  • My take on Final Fantasy 13
    By on March 26th, 2010 | No Comments Comments

    final fantasy 13 review
    I haven’t been updating my blog for a while, nothing game related at least. That’s because I have been spending most of my play time on Final Fantasy 13. One of the most anticipated games of 2010 and for many years. So far I have invested more than 50 hours of my life to this game. Then after reading comments from other gamers about how Square Enix got rid of towns and no more experience points to gain screwed the whole series up. Are the changes really that bad?

    To be honest, it took some time to get used to, specially the new battle system. Though its still time-based, you can only control one character now and if that character dies its game over. What’s new is something called Paradigm Shift which allows you to setup the role for each of the 3 team members. Some gamers mentioned this system introduced a lot more button mashing than before. I actually disagree, I think its actually less button mashing since you can’t even control the other two characters.
    final fantasy 13 review
    I thought getting rid of the towns was a bad idea too, you don’t have a spot to purchase your equipments and items anymore. In FF13 you will be doing your shopping through the save point as well as upgrading/dismantling your weapons. I found this new feature works quite well and I don’t really miss the fact that towns are gone, well mostly. What you call towns are now nothing but part of the linear path you have to go through. Dialogue pops up when you walk near NPCs, be it in text and just audio without popup subtitles.

    I also disagree with the fact that the abscence of experience points eliminated level grinding. We have the CP points, similar to those from Final Fantasy 12. You can still grind or harvest more CP points and max out all your characters roles. Just a different name but the grinding is definitely still there. Though what I don’t like about Final Fantasy 13 is the fact that you really can’t grind much until late in the game, I’ve started my real griding in the second last chapters. There was no point getting your characters to the top because the first half of the game was relatively easy.
    final fantasy 13 review
    Another thing I missed is traveling by air, there are so many airships shown during the cut scenes and full CG scenes but we never get to fly one like we used to.

    Anyway, overall I think this game is still well worth the full price. Just because a few of the classic features are gone doesn’t mean it will be a bad game. Though its not perfect, Final Fantasy 13 is still an AAA game in my book.

    ps I love Fang. Not only is she the strongest of all, physically, she also looks good. She’s like a combination of Asian, European and American. Yea basically all races combined. Yes, she is hot. There I said it!

  • Final Fantasy XIII OST Limited Edition @ Jan 27 2010
    By on December 31st, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    Uh oh, looks like I might have to fork out some extra pennies for the multi-cd Final Fantasy XIII Original Sound Track. As usual, the ones who got their hands on some copies have jacked up the price for the Limited edition on ebay for USD $100ish PLUS shipping.

    I searched a bit and found Amazon Japan has it for pre-order for roughly USD $50ish + shipping or the regular version for roughly USD $40ish. If it’s only 10 dollars difference, I would certainly get the Limited Edition for sure. Provided I could get my hands on a copy.

  • Bayonetta sets a new sexy standard
    By on December 7th, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments Comments

    I didn’t have time to check what was new on PSN on the usual Thursday. But when I logged in on Saturday I found two demo games that brought tears to my eyes. One was the violent, funny and bloody as hell Fairytale Fights and the other was another one of the most hyped up action game Bayonetta. The second demo really surprised me as I didn’t expect one in the first place (it is coming out in early January of 2010).

    If you have not heard of Bayonetta, something is wrong with you or you are not into games in the action genre. First thing you will notice is the similarity of Bayonetta and the Devil May Cry series since they are both directed by Hideki Kamiya, who also directed Viewtiful Joe, another action game. After playing the demo I personally think Bayonetta beats Devil May Cry in every way.

    First of all, you are not only wielding one gun, you are wielding 2 in both hands and 2 more as part of Bayonetta’s sexy heels (though you can customize your weapons to your liking). The 4 enchanted guns are called Scarborough Fair, . How cool is having guns as part of the heels? Each weapon has its own attacks and because there are so many different weapons to choose from, you won’t be seeing the same moves over and over again as often as in Devil May Cry or any other button mashing action games, Heavenly Sword is one. Bayonetta is a really sexy game, for those who are into those things, you can see the character killing everyone while she also look sexy, which is a great plus for many people that like sexy things as adult material or also toys that you can find if you click here.


    Big Bosses! I’m a sucker for big and epic looking bosses. There were two of such bosses in the demo, they were relatively easy to handle. You get to finish them off by summoning “Beasts from Hell”, from her hair and skin-tight suit (where the Partial Nudity in the rating comes from), in bloody ways. Speaking of finishing moves, you can also activate “Torture Attacks” if you have collected enough magic orbs (forgot the proper term). Getting hit will erase some of the magic orbs though so you have to be careful not to get hit.

    Overall the game is VERY fast paced, the demo lasted roughly 15 minutes. I actually played again after finishing it the first time. It was that good!
    Graphics are gorgeous, specially the environment. I occasionally paused, used the right analog stick to just look around and appreciate the sceneries. With such a fast paced game, I did not notice any framerate issue at all.

    Music (produced by piano) is also another strong asset for Bayonetta, simply elegant.

    I could go on and on with this game but I will leave the rest for you guys to discover. If my girlfriend, who isn’t that into games, actually likes the game as much as I do. Then it is safe to say we have a winner here. Bayonetta isn’t just a looker, but a real deal. With stylish game play, beautiful graphics and backed by elegant music in the background. Bayonetta is a first day must buy, at least for me. If you haven’t played the demo, please do so, chances are you won’t be disappointed!

  • Fat Princess – PlayStation 3 review
    By on October 30th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    Fat Princess
    So I finally gave in, purchased and downloaded Fat Princess off PSN because I’ve been eyeing on this game since it was released. I was excited now that I finally got the game but was it worth it? I have mixed reactions about this game. Definitely not as good as I expected though!

    So immediately after downloading and installing Fat Princess, which is basically an action strategy game where there are two sides (red and blue). You can customize your character with different looks and more are unlocked as you progress in the game. The objectives are capturing the princess (capture the flag), death match. There is also a soccer x death match for online as well, this mode is pretty straight forward based on the name. You have 5 classes to choose from – warrior, ranger, healer, dark magician who can drain enemy health and the worker. The workers are necessary, in order to gather wood and minerals to upgrade the different classes’ buildings in order to unlock their upgraded classes. They also responsible for building castle doors and catapults which can launch a group of people to the enemy castle.

    I wanted to get a hang of the game first being playing online so I jumped into the single player game and played its rather short storyline which consists of 7 chapters. It was enjoyable most of the time, specially the death matches. There was one chapter that I thought was frustrating, at least playing with the AIs, the ones which you have to rescue your princess.

    Fat Princess

    I guess for now AIs are still dumb and cannot act/play like humans. Most of the time I was alone inside enemy castle trying to rescue the princess even though you are allowed to have up to 3 AIs to help you on your side. And most of the time I got killed right on the spot because either the enemy AIs just swamped me or they cake-fed the princess so much I was basically not moving at all, and then swamped by the enemies!

    In terms of graphics, its not Killzone 2 graphics obviously, it is pleasing to the eyes, cartoonish with vibrant colors. I think the blood and gory part is one of the major plus for this game. Whenever there is a battle you know there will be blood and body parts every where which is insanely fun to watch as you chop your way to your enemies! If you are going to play this one online competitively, better make sure you have best wireless routers for gaming if you don’t, you might not have the best chance to reach number one.

    Without going into every single detail of the game, I’m sure this game is worth the $16 (+tax) I paid. I think its a pretty good casual game where you want to jump in when you have 30 minutes to spare. Its not perfectly for sure and hopefully we will see some expansions/add-ons in the near future, free download would be nice!

    Check out Gametrailers.com’s review:

  • If you want an ultra violent and bloody fairytale, Fa...
    By on October 7th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    I still haven’t bought Fat Princess because I’ve been way too busy to buy new games. Well the real reason is probably because its not a first-day-buy for me. I know its fun, hella fun, but it just isn’t enough to convince me to get it right away. Anyway enough of that. Fairytale Fights might just be good enough to convince me to get this.

    Fairytale Fights, you can partially guess, its about fairytale. There ARE fairytale characters in there, but with a twist. Fairytale Fights, not only does it involve violent action, but we are talking about ULTRA violent and bloody action where your fairytale character are literally chop the enemies into pieces. End result? Blood everywhere on the ground, what makes this even funnier is you can “skate” on the blood! Now that is funny!

    This also feels like a party game, like the Wii kind. Which is a bonus because PS3 and Xbox are both missing some good party games. I’m also putting my bets on this being a downloadable instead of a full $60 game.

    Fairytale Fights will be released on October 27, 2009.