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  • Rage for PC – texture flickering fix
    By on October 15th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    I was so happy when I finally got to play Rage after all the wait. I got the PC version of it instead of for the console. As soon as I started the game I was greeted by a pretty good movie intro which got me even more hyped up. As soon as the movie ends the flickering appeared all over the place, it got even worse as soon as I stepped out of the waste land area. I was disappointed but was determined to find the fix for it. After I updated my ATI 5670HD video card driver the problem still persisted. I was so close to giving up when I stumbled upon this on Google – The RAGE Megathread, one of the users posted a “preview” version of the latest ATI driver. I downloaded it and gave it a try while telling myself this might not work either. After I restarted my computer as prompted. I started the game for the third or forth time, to my surprised it actually was working with absolutely no screen tearing or flickering at all. Thank you Computers R Us Atlanta from that thread and fixing my pc!

    Then again, shouldn’t this game be tested properly on PC before releasing? This is pretty bad, considering it was produced by Id Soft, the maker of the all time classic Doom? Oh the name of this game makes this whole situation ironic.

  • Hitman veterans redefine the shooter genre again
    By on October 10th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    From the creative minds that brought you the Hitman series comes Heroes & Generals, the first title from independent studio Reto-Moto. Heroes & Generals – now in Alpha testing – introduces an unprecedented mix of frontline shooter gameplay and strategic campaign management in a massive-scale multiplayer online war.

    Imagine a game where your actions can help turn the tide of a persistent online war being fought by thousands of other real players, either in the role of a hardened soldier engaged in blistering first-person shooter combat, or as a strategic officer managing the grand scheme of the campaign on a tactical war map. Heroes & Generals will deliver this combined one-two punch in a thrilling multiplayer online battle across authentic WW II settings.

    As H&G enters a vital playable testing phase, they encourage all gamers to enlist for an Alpha-key now at their www.heroesandgenerals.com community site.

    One great war with thousands of players
    Heroes & Generals delivers a full blown first-person shooter experience, complete with intense infantry and vehicle combat in a wide variety of modes and missions, fought on behalf of the Axis or Allies. As your customizable character advances in rank, you might join a small squad of elite soldiers operating behind enemy lines, or fall-in with a larger section fighting an epic battle for a strategic bridgehead.

    The result of every clash alters the ongoing battle for European domination. Each conflict takes place across diverse battlegrounds including contested cities, factories, airfields and war torn country-sides, each one represented on the strategic map with hundreds of key locations.

    As these battles are waged, resources and global strategies are managed on a tactical overview map linked to the game’s innovative War Server. Here, players who choose to be strategic officers will have the entire map at their disposal and can decide how to manage battlefield assets and where to push the attack.

    Influence the fate of millions within your browser
    Heroes & Generals is a PC game that’s fully playable in a browser, yet it offers state-of-the-art graphics and sound thanks to the proprietary Retox engine built by Reto-Moto. We call H&G a “Mass Participation Game”, a term that not only describes the ease of access and massive-scale warfare, but also our goal to create a game that embraces open feedback from the community at every step – including our current Alpha stage.

    Heroes & Generals will offer incomparable early hands-on access and participation: A real opportunity for gamers to influence everything from map layout to weapon handling, truly evolving the game’s design alongside dedicated interaction with Reto-Moto team members.

    Check out the Heroes & Generals Debut Teaser on YouTube:

  • Madden 2012 hits Facebook‏
    By on October 8th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    You can now build a powerhouse team of NFL players and face off against your friends and NFL teams. Experience a rich gameplay on Facebook, featuring real player stats, heightened manager controls, NFL games predicted, and more! Time to settle the score in Madden NFL Superstars.

    Features like Power rankings allows you to rank your favorite teams to help decide the weekly Madden NFL Power Rankings that are included in the weekly roster update.

    Form a squad and play Madden NFL 12 for chances to win awesome prizes – like tickets to the actual Super Bowl!

    Lastly, you can smack-talk like a pro. Use the Smack Shack Facebook app to psych out your friends with the help of real NFL players.

    For official rules click here.

  • Well looks like Duke Nukem Forever blew it
    By on June 15th, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    I’m glad I forgot to buy Duke Nukem Forever on Tuesday after reading the review from IGN which gave it a jaw dropping 5.5/10. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the result after watching this multiplayer trailer from GameTrailers. It looked like a really generic shooter and it just didn’t feel like the good old Duke Nukem. The single player story might be entertaining but I can’t justify paying $69.99 + tax just for single player because I value the multiplayer aspect of a game a lot.

    I’m just sad that after 10 years of waiting and the hype generated throughout, went to waste. I felt like they rushed it out because they knew the fans had been waiting and the developers didn’t want to wait any longer. Instead of rolling out with something similar to StarCraft 2 status, which also came out 10 years after the first game, Duke Nukem Forever blew it.

    Hopefully not forever as the game name suggested. Hopefully there will be another one coming out that’s done properly. One that retains the old humor and game play with next generation game elements. For now I would just bring out the old Duke Nukem 3D in the mean time while we wait yet again for Duke Nukem to return. This one just didn’t do it.

  • If you liked Dead Space, you would love Dead Space 2
    By on February 13th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    Dead Space 2

    So I finally finishe Dead Space 2 and it was a blast! I would say the game is near perfect in my opinion. From start to finish it was full of none stop action and suspense where the game got me a few times and made me jump. Towards the end I didn’t expect I had to deal with so many necromorphs, they just kept on popping up here and there and that was fun! My only complain is the final boss fight and I will let you guys see for yourselves instead of me spoiling everything.

    Dead Space 2

    Dead Space 2 introduced a few new guns but I seriously think the previous ones like the trusty plasma cutter, pulse rifle and the very powerful (even without upgrade) line gun, were more than enough to fight off any mobs of necromorphs. I did use the “sniper” seeker rifle from the beginning of obtaining it to the end. Definitely provided me with different ways of dismembering the necromorphs.

    The game also introduced a few new types of necromorphs, the Crawler (exploding baby), Stalker and Pack along with the old “cast” like Slasher, the Brute and Lurker (see a full list here). Surprisingly there were a lot of boss encounters like the previous game, which is also one of the downfall of the game. But like I said, the game pace was so intense for me that didn’t bother me too much. Though I did miss killing the The Leviathan or The Hive Mind.

    The sound effect, as usual, gave me the creeps and kept me alert and awake all the time. Funny how the necromorphs only appeared when I least expected! Good job on that.

    I played a couple of multiplayer and honestly it wasn’t as bad as people said. But for sure it DOES require teamwork otherwise you will not achieve anything acting like Rambo. One thing is true though, is the fact that humans are a bit overpowered at times so you really have to play smart if you are playing as necromorphs. Sort of like Zerg from Starcraft, you really have to know when to swamp at the humans. Here’s a (obviously) tip, try not to go head on!

    For all that PLUS it includes the rail shooter game Dead Space Extraction, originally from the Wii, I give Dead Space 2 a 9/10.

    Perhaps there will be a third one?


  • This is what all game companies should do – FRE...
    By on January 18th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Animus Project Update 2.0

    Why can’t more game companies be like Ubisoft? Why can’t they make us gamers happier and stop milking us to death? After all, we are the ones keeping them alive. Look at the DLCs for the Modern Warfare series, they (Treyarch) recently said they have listened to the fans and created DLC maps for us, well I guess they didn’t listen hard enough. We said it many many times we didn’t want and we still don’t want to pay for the DLCs, especially rehashed maps like the ones from Modern Warfare 2 DLC.

    Keeping your fans happy goes a long way game companies and Ubisoft is doing the right thing. Good job Ubisoft for releasing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Animus Project Update 2.0 for FREE!

  • Vanquish – Will this be another SEGA hit?
    By on September 3rd, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Bayonetta was good, I personally thought it was much better than Devil May Cry. This week, the demo for SEGA’s upcoming third person shooter Vanquish, was out and I finally had a chance to try it out. First impression, wow, got to love the demo they picked for us. It is the one that Gametrailers has posted before. You get to fight the ginormous robot boss for this demo, which is basically the majority of the demo. I really love that battle suit (forgot the name of it) of the character you are controlling. The gun can morph into 3 different modes – shotgun, heavy machine gun and assault rifle that shoots quicker than the heavy gun. Only complain here is I wish the guns were louder, that’s it.

    I love a lot of things about this game, huge boss, huge drop ships for you to shoot in the demo and you can make your character Tom to have a smoke in the middle of a gun fight. What more can you ask for? The third person system is pretty much the same as other ones so regular third person shooters will feel right at home. Remember Max Payne and its bullet time slow mo? Well its also in Vanquish (I’m sure there are other games that have bullet time), only this time you don’t need to fill up any meter to activate it, it will activate as soon as you are about to die, which opens up a few seconds for you to shoot your way out of harm.

    The demo didn’t really let me do the power slide move (or maybe I’m just a noob and haven’t figured out how) which I don’t like, it looks kind of weird to be power sliding your way to cover. It reminds me of what soccer players do when they score goals, they do a power slide in front of the fans.

    So after playing this short but sweet demo of Vanquish, I’m half sold. The only hold back right now is the fact there is no online component to it as mentioned in Destructoid. So I might actually wait a bit for this one until the price by half or something. I’m thinking of buying Bioshock 2 since the price has dropped to 29.99 and PLUS it has multiplayer, not that I want to play it though.

  • Tempted to get Starcraft 2 right away
    By on July 26th, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    Starcraft 2
    I thought I could resist not getting Starcraft 2 right away but I was wrong, so very wrong. After watching this campaign overview. This evil trailer is making me have second thoughts. Even if I decided to get it right away, would there actually be any stocks on the shelf? I doubt it!

    I`m still debating though, since I won`t be playing the online multiplayer as much (I am still very addicted to Modern Warfare 2), is the story still worth the $59.99 plus tax? Another concern is whether my computer can actually handle it. I think the latter is the bigger question.

    I can so see myself giving in to temptation….

    Update: I went to EB Games today after work just to see if I was lucky enough. I didn’t get it obviously due to popular demand and everyone pretty much pre-ordered the game, what a surprise! I was told there were still copies at a nearby mall, but I didn’t bother to drive opposite way just to get it since I was 5 minutes away from home. I will try my luck again tomorrow.