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  • Final Fantasy XIII OST Limited Edition @ Jan 27 2010
    By on December 31st, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    Uh oh, looks like I might have to fork out some extra pennies for the multi-cd Final Fantasy XIII Original Sound Track. As usual, the ones who got their hands on some copies have jacked up the price for the Limited edition on ebay for USD $100ish PLUS shipping.

    I searched a bit and found Amazon Japan has it for pre-order for roughly USD $50ish + shipping or the regular version for roughly USD $40ish. If it’s only 10 dollars difference, I would certainly get the Limited Edition for sure. Provided I could get my hands on a copy.

  • 123 MEDIA MAX Review
    By on December 31st, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 123 Media Max. All opinions are 100% mine.

    With dramatic change in technology, many companies have come up with unique techniques to back up their favorite movies. Gone are the days of VCR or DVDs, now more improved technique in this sector are Blu-ray discs which have taken over. The latest and most advanced innovation is from 123 media max. The 123 media max allows users to backup copies of any Blu-ray movies to standard DVD-RW with amazing HD quality which is as good as the Blu-ray counterpart. In addition, it is also capable of backing up DVD movies to DVD either in single or dual layer format. You can also convert videos from digital cameras to DVD with 123 Media Max, so is great for the people that put their cameras in drones so they can get the DJI Care Refresh Review with all the new drone capacities now a days.

    You can create a DVD from multiple video files as well as editing the audio and video pieces independently using this software. With 123 Media Max, you can easily create cell phone ring tones from your CDs, MP3s and Audio files. Finally, you can even convert and burn YouTube, Google, Metacafe, My Video, blip.tv, Put file, Break and MySpace videos to DVD with this software.

    With 123 Media Max’s latest movie backup software, you can easily take create backups for your movie collections and without any additional add-ons. You can backup all your favorites, be it from DVDs or VCDs or Blu-ray and DVD movie collections, even your home made videos. With this software, you will never have to worry about not being able to backup your precious movie or music collections which you can listen by using your own bookshelf speakers, and also be able to playback on Blu-Ray, DVD players or even on Sony PS3.

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  • All in one cell phone – LG Chocolate Touch
    By on December 24th, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

    I’ve always wanted a cell phone with various features like Internet, image/video/mp3 capabilities but I ended up unsatisified everytime. Some phones had mp3 playback but didn’t connect to the Internet which made it impossible for me to use the reverse cell phone lookup app every time I needed it, those that allowed me to get connected had mp3 playback with horrible quaility. So I thought in order to get all these features I would have to buy many models. That didn’t sound much of a smart idea because it didn’t make sense to purchase different phones for different purposes, there must be one that has everything I need.

    I came across a new phone from LG, the Chocolate Touch. In addition to the features that I wanted, it also had some additional ones such as a built-in 3.2 mega-pixel camera, great display quality, voicemail service and video conference facility. What I found amazing was the visual effects with rhythmical beats which vibrated when I received calls. Last but not least, the Dolby Mobile sound technology is top-notch among the same class of cell phones. Finally, it also featured one-touch connectivities to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

    With this phone, I will never get bored easily and I will never have to carry a mp3 player, a digital camera and a phone. All I need now is the LG Chocolate Touch.

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  • Do you still want LittleBigPlanet Sackboy Doll? I fou...
    By on December 9th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    So I was looking for sackboy dolls when the game was released but now that the hyped has died down, kind of, it slowly vanished off my want list. But I see a few are still looking for it. I’ve done a bit of research and apparently people are selling them on ebay, be it the real deal (as they claimed) or hand knitted or even hand crocheted ones.

    Strange thing is they don’t list them as LittleBigPlanet but Little Big Planet, as three separate words. So you won’t find anything if you search as one word which I later discovered. Anyway here are some ebay search results for those of you who are still looking for one of these.


  • Sharing Photos Made Easier with the Eye-Fi Card
    By on December 9th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Eye-Fi. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Have you ever gone on vacation and taken pictures with your family, only to realize months down the line that they are still sitting on your camera? You’ve been meaning to upload them to your digital scrapbook to share with your friends, but can never seem to find the time. Even still, when you do have time to grab the photos off your camera, it always seems that your USB cable has gone missing or your card reader doesn’t want to work. It’s just too much of a hassle to upload those photos, and so, you let them sit. If only there was something that you could do about it, maybe a hands-free solution to your troubles.

    Well, now, there is. It’s called an Eye-Fi card. This small wireless memory card works just like any other SD card, with the exception of being wireless. You can store your digital photos and videos just the same as a normal memory card, but the difference is that it will automatically transfer your media files to your computer. Additionally, the Eye-Fi card will upload your photos and videos to your favorite sharing sites as well. The only thing you have to do is turn on your camera, and the Eye-Fi card with do all the rest. The Eye-Fi card does your sharing for you, so you can spend your time doing other, more important, things.

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  • Sell your old gadgets and go green with Gazelle.com
    By on October 27th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    Plenty of auction sites exist for people who want to sell off their old things that still have some market value but never has there been a site so noble as to offer to buy people’s no longer needed electronic gadgets. That would be gazelle.com. Unlike auctions sites, they’re paying consumers for sending them their gadgets that were probably replaced by newer models. The purpose is environmentally friendly because there is an incentive for people to not throw their old electronics into the trash but instead let these be reused and still stay in circulation for as long as possible.

    It’s a wonderful idea but certainly not the ultimate solution yet. It will buy companies and governments enough time to figure out how to properly deal with the ever increasing amount of special wastes such as electronics. The proper disposal of these things are not yet shouldered by most companies as the technologies that could recycle or at least make components less hazardous are still very costly and impractical. We are not really mindful of the speed of our technological advances and their consequences. Where else would all the waste go? They’ll be buried in landfills. The goal of gazelle.com is to make usable old electronic gadgets stay in circulation for as long as these can while everyone else figures out a better way to deal with the ballooning garbage problem.

    Space on earth would not be enough to hold all our garbage in the next centuries. It’s a waste of our resources to keep converting material that won’t even be of any value to nature itself. Untreated wastes are indeed very wasteful of our resources because there are still things of value that could be extracted such as more service life or other valuable substances that could be reused or recycled. The problem is that the process of doing so is quite labor intensive as is the case in computer parts. Millions of tons of electronic garbage are shipped to developing countries that are willing to accept these as surplus second hand items but will eventually end up in these countries’ landfills as their facilities are unable to cope with the proper treatment of such wastes. So far the prices offered by gazelle.com are reasonable and would make the resale of these items in distant developing countries unfeasible. Remember, should you choose to circulate your old stuff instead, you would have contributed to lessening the garbage problem.

  • Stunning 22 feet long Lego Yamato battleship
    By on August 12th, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    One word, stunning, I’m still stunned by the fact that its done in 6 years and 4 months (a bit long), its 22 feet long, 3 feet wide and weighting more than 300 pounds. A Japanese studen has built the legendary Japanese battleship – Yamato. He built it section by section just like real world ship building. The main turrets can turn as well! Talk about attention to detail, I totally didn’t expect him to put motors underneath them.

    At the end of the movie trailer, there was the futuristic Yamato battleship from the famous anime as well. This guy is definitely a talent. He is pretty much the best non-professional Lego builder I’ve seen.

  • GPS tracking system – good or bad?
    By on March 5th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    GPS tracking technology is like a double edge sword. While it can save you when you bump into life’s glitches, it can also become a source of annoyance. Sure my wife can know my whereabouts when I’m stuck in traffic or can send help immediately when mishaps happen, but then what if she begins to breathe down my neck and check on my location all for the sake of watching my every move? Wouldn’t that be much like having a stalker or having my privacy violated?

    This technology is so powerful and enabling that it almost comes across as something abominable to me. Having the feeling of being watched by someone is already burdensome, but what’s even more alarming is having someone closely intertwined in your life wielding the power of a GPS. No matter how much you put logic into the benefits of having this technology, it still presents itself as a nuisance. It would make me feel like I should always be on my toes, not to mention feel conscious about my actions and destinations.

    Instead of strengthening ties, having the power of a GPS tracking technology would only give more rooms for doubts in a relationship. Instead of bringing me closer to my wife, I might even feel more alienated because spontaneity in my actions would be, to some extent, affected. In the end, my wife and I would both feel restless about having the power to know each other’s locations and having the feeling of being monitored anywhere we go. GPS is definitely not a good idea for couples because it might only bring them to the brink of hitting the rocks.