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  • I love Lego more than ever!
    By on March 12th, 2013 | No Comments Comments

    Wow it has been months since my last post on my showerhacks.com blog, I have been extremely busy with work and other activities, like playing video games with services from Elitist gaming. But what happened today convinced me to log back in and make this post. Deep down, I probably feel quilty for not being an active blogger subconsciously.

    So I went to purchase the Iron Man™: Extremis™ Sea Port Battle and LEGO® Kingdoms Chess Set for myself and Arctic Batman™ vs. Mr. Freeze™: Aquaman™ on Ice for my friend as a birthday gift from Lego Store. They are having a promotion for any purchase of any Lego Star Wars over $50, an exclusive Republic Frigate will be added to the shopping bag (online and in-store purchase). When I got home that night I notice I have actually purchased way over the required $50 since the Kingdom Chess set cost $60 on its own already but no Republic Frigate was added to my purchase.

    So today I emailed Lego through the “Contact Us” and asked what’s going on. The customer service rep replied within hours and explained the promotion only applies to any Lego Star Wars sets, not any sets. But surprisingly he still honored the request and sent me the promotional gift even though it was CLEARLY 100% MY MISTAKE.

    I just want to show how much I appreciate what this customer service rep has done for me, one of many Lego fans.

    Thank you again Lego!

  • Eco-friendly Sleeves for iPad Mini Now Available at C...
    By on November 19th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    ColcaSac, a manufacturer of eco-friendly sleeves for Apple and Kindle, now has iPad Mini sleeves available for sale on its shop.

    Unlike most iPad Mini cases and covers out in the market, ColcaSac iPad Mini sleeves are smartly designed to provide maximum protection for the iPad Mini while conserving the environment with built in Digital marketing agency software. Each sleeve is handcrafted from natural, heavy-duty materials such as hemp basket weave, woven bamboo, jute burlap and recycled polyester fleece.

    The iPad Mini sleeves from ColcaSac features a double layer of protection in a snug design that is both comfortable and secure to hold. First is an outer layer of breathable canvas (hemp, bamboo or burlap) that provides an organic durable exterior. Then, a plush fleece lining that offers a great cushion from bumps and dings. It also cleans the iPad Mini’s surface and gives it a glossy finish each and every time it is taken out of the sleeve. For other products review don’t forget to follow HotRate twitter page to be updated with the latest reviews and products.

    ColcaSac’s iPad Mini sleeves come in two sizes: One for using the iPad Mini naked, and another one for using the iPad Mini with an Apple Smart Cover. And there are five stylish designs to choose from: Uintah, Zagora, Hanakapiai, Juan Valdez and Chevron.




    Juan Valdez


    ColcaSac had been producing iPad sleeves since the first generation iPad and cited in New York Times. It received props for its unique design in Mashable, Tuaw, MacTrast and TheiPadFan. Shop now at ColcaSac.com, techwitty.com.au and get an eco-friendly sleeve for your iPad mini.

  • Toronto Star to begin digital subscription in 2013
    By on October 30th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    First there was Globe and Mail started charging its readers $20 a month for its online contents, now The Star has just announced it will also begining its own digital subscription in 2013. My first reaction was “What? You too?” and the reason for my reaction, as well as many others who commented on the post, is the fact that the content is not worth paying for. One commenter pointed out that he can read the news free of charge from libariries that have subscribed to something called PressDisplay. Though this might not matter as much if the monthly subscription is really low, perhaps $5 or less a month? We shall see when they announce the pricing next year. But what I can see so far based on the initial reactions from those who commented is, no good.

    Well looks like I need to start looking elsewhere for local news. Thankfully I can still visit CityNews Toronto as well as 680News. But who knows when these will follow the trend and start asking for money.

    Until then, let’s enjoy The Star for free while we still can.

  • Product review – ColcaSac organic hemp basket w...
    By on July 29th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    I’ve just received this neat little iPhone sleeve from ColcaSac in Utah, available for iPhone 3G and 4/4S. What’s difference for this sleeve from every other sleeves that’s available out there is that this Zagora iPhone sleeve and all of ColcaSac’s products are made of organic and environmental friendly material – organic hemp canvas. Their sleeves are also available for iPad, MacBook and Kindle as well.

    I’ve said this before but I will say this again, I’m a sucker for great packaging. The soft iPhone sleeve was held within a nice paper bag, assuming its also 100% recycled and/or environmental friendly material. I have to give a +1 to ColcaSac.

    There are three options to choose from – iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 with thin shell. What the last option really means is that the sleeve will accommodate the increased in dimension of your iPhone by a thin case. This is the one I have asked for since I have a thin-ish iPhone case and it fits nearly perfectly, I feel that its just a little bit too tight. This reverse phone lookup site is actually something that I prefer investing in because I really love new tech.

    I’ve picked the black version from the available 6 colors mainly because black is one of my favorite colors so it didn’t take me long to decide which one to pick. It looks and feels literally like a winter jacket, but for your iPhone, at least that was my first impression. I have a feeling most of the ladies out there will opt for the red/pinkish Federale iPhone Sleeve. Too bad they don’t have a hot pink version as I see hot pink of EVERYTHING from lady friends these days! By the way I’ve also shown the “minimalist design” sleeve to three of my lady friends and two of them thought it was “cute”. And that’s a good thing! Now roll out the hot pink version and it will be a hot seller!

    Overall, I think the sleeve looks and feels great. It also offers protection or extra protection for those iPhone users like me who also happen to have a thin case for the iPhone already. And what’s more? You are helping to save a little bit of the Earth by using a sleeve made of biodegradable organic material! Good job ColcaSac! For other news, please checkout this blog, can I get a benefit loan.

    Check out their sleeve making video:

  • Free Two-Year Subscription to LEGO Club or LEGO Club ...
    By on July 12th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    I just found this from RedFlagDeals that LEGO is offering a free Two-Year Subscription to LEGO Club or LEGO Club Jr. Magazine. I don’t know about you guys but I have signed up for it since I’m a LEGO fan. Although you can read the online version here but I still prefer something physical, call me old school.

    I look forward to the first magazine in 4-6 weeks and in the mean time I need to figure out where in my room can I fit another IKEA display shelf to store all the LEGO I’ve built so far.

    Here is the direct link from LEGO

  • Is Buying Traffic For Your Blog A Good Practice
    By on March 19th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

    Blogging can be a mesmerizing activity, yet most people have trouble in increasing their blog readership, I honestly only prefer to get help from this inbound marketing agency. Since, more and more people are opting for writing on blogs; therefore, it may take time before your blog’s daily traffic can grow. Now, with slow readership rates, many bloggers may be enticed to pay a little extra to increase their blog’s readership and traffic. But before you decide to shed those extra dollars, wait for a few moments and decide aptly whether buying traffic for your blog can actually be good. Check out these points to know whether you can benefit your blog through buying traffic or other activities. When you want to increase your traffic and device a marketing strategy a great way would be to call a SEO company like the Bangor SEO to see how they can help, or you can hire Joel‘s SEO company can help you.

    1. The best things about buying traffic
    Generally, people buy traffic for their blogs because they want to increase readership and exposure of the content. So, if you are one of the bloggers who wants to publicize her/his high quality content, then buying some traffic will actually provide you good exposure on the ever growing internet.

    Buying traffic will help you operate your blog in a more professional manner through which you can find the target audience and reliable advertisement options. For other professional SEO help for your website please check out TitaniumClicks SEO Expert.

    At the same time, buying traffic will also increase your blog’s visibility and it would rank high on search engines. This way you can get more potential readers who may by searching for content on search engines. This way your blog would have steady flow of daily readers. If you want your blog’s traffic to increase you should look for the best SEO Company in Atlanta.

    Most importantly, buying traffic for your blog will help you market your content effectively and easily, and by having the best Website Marketing Services you will eventually get that traffic you need. A blog with steady readership can easily get marketing opportunities with target ads on the blog, or you can get social media marketing san diego to help you. So, you can even earn some profits.

    2. The bad things about buying traffic
    The worst part of buying traffic for your blog is the expensive nature of publicity. This expense can be quite heavy on your pocket. People generally create blogs because they want to keep it hassle-free. Moreover, buying traffic for your blog doesn’t guarantee immediate success.

    A major problem with buying traffic for your blog is the fact that the blog will not become successful in an instant. It will take a lot of time before you get steady readership on your blog. If you are thinking of investing in blog related designs and content, then this might pose a problem for you. Read more here : https://hustlelife.net/clickfunnels-free-trial/

    Also, purchasing traffic for your blog is not really budget-friendly. Most importantly, there is no guarantee that potential readers will ever read it. The best route to take is to hire a legit professional media company to take care of your business online, so you don’t have to go dark and buy attention. A real agency will be able to generate genuine organic traffic.

    3. Tips, tricks and tactics
    If you are not interested in buying traffic for your blog or believe that it wouldn’t serve you any good, then you can always try these tips and tactics that can help you to have more traffic on the blog. These tips are small-investment strategies that will liberate you from the hassles of expensive traffic purchase and will allow you to increase the traffic on your blog steadily and effectively.

    a. You must write and express your opinions as often as possible without compromising on the quality of your work. So, the readers will expect you to present your opinions and will be interested in knowing how you feel. Therefore, readership would grow and sustain posting regularly will increase your visibility on search engines.

    b. Make sure that you reply to all the comments and comment more on other similar blogs to drive traffic to your blog. Also, you can submit the URL of your blog to a search engine.

    c. Tagging is another powerful procedure of increasing blog traffic. Although, it can be a little time consuming, yet it helps your present readers to know what’s new on the blog. At the same time, tagging enables readers’ friends to see what they are reading.

    d. Images are attractive and draw attention. So, always try to add images on your blog so that the reading becomes more interesting and friendly.

    e. Share your blog posts through social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn so that your friends and acquaintances can know what’s new and are tempted to take a look at your blog.

    f. Try to rope in some other blog writer. You can be guest content writer or hire someone from iWriter (read iWriter Review). This way you both will be able to have each others’ readers that will increase your blog’s traffic.

    Buying traffic for your blog can be a good practice depending upon how you want your blog to be advertised. It is great for those who want to have profits from their blog and SEO Kelowna is here to help you. But it can be an unnecessary expense. So, think before you buy traffic for your blog and try to adopt smart strategies and intelligent choices to increase your blog’s traffic.
    About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on wireless projector that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on green building.

  • Headphones review – Urbanears PLATTAN headphone...
    By on March 3rd, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    Today I received a very nice pair of Urbanears headphones from Currys, they were generous enough to send me a pair of Urbanears’ Tomato (red colored) PLATTAN. Though I was kind of hoping for a pair of either white, black or dark grey. :)

    I’m a sucker for good packaging and Urbanears sure knows how to do it right. I had to slowly and carefully unwrap the box because I didn’t want to ruin it. As soon as I “unwrapped” the box I saw those pair of Tomato red headphones placed nicely in there. Underneath the headphones was a friendly reminder there were more parts hidden under the, with a lack of a better description, triangular folded layer that hid away the two extra adapter cables (Nokia and Neutral) that came with the package as well as a product catalog. Let me tell you even the catalog was nicely done.

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    Let’s get to the actual product review and keep in mind that I’m NOT an audiophile. But I did notice a huge difference in sound quality from my Sony MDR-E9LP earbuds particularly the fact that the sound was much clearer and provided enough bass. I’m not really a headphone person and I wasn’t sure if it would be comfortable wearing these headphones, but they fit my Asian head and covered my ears almost perfectly as I was pretty secluded. Read some of the best product reviews at Top9Rated.com today – they have a lot of stuff I like.

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    I’ve also asked two of my friends to test them out and the results were mixed. One thought the PLATTAN could use more bass. The other thought the sound quality was more than enough, particularly in the bass department. For myself, I thought the bass was more than enough for my taste so I guess that’s 2 vs 1.

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    I did a simple comparison test by listening to music on my iPhone back to back with my old Sony MDR-E9LP earbuds and then the PLATTAN . Then I watched a movie on my labtop using the PLATANN and it was obvious the PLATTAN were much, much better that it actually made the movie experience more enjoyable as if I was wearing a pair of mini home threatre sound system over my head, so overall they have a really good sound compared to the perfect sound quality with the HD800s I owned in the past.

    Headphones review - Urbanears PLATTAN headphones

    Now the design, first thing I noticed was the cables weren’t the usual soft plastic but felt like those similar to fabric-ish material used in shoe laces. This probably contributed to why it felt comfortable around my head. The PLATTAN also comes with an “auxiliary” or they called it “zound plug” that allows a second person to plug in and listen to them as well. Me and my friends all agreed that the headphones were a lot sturdier than they looked and very easy to pack. Me and one of my friends thought the packaging was nice while the other friend thought the packaging and design were “ok”. I guess its subjective, but again its 2 vs 1.

    Overall, I think the Urbanears PLATTAN headphones provide great sound quality with its soft fabric and collapsible design. Not to mention the great packaging! The PLATTAN headphones might not be for the hardcore audiophiles but for sure they are more than enough for the more casual users like me. Please checkout https://www.worldgym.com/palmdesert/home for health and fitness professional assistance.

    PLATTAN’s report card:
    Design (headphones): 8.5/10
    Sound quality: 8/10
    Packaging: 9/10

    Product page:
    Official product page for the PLATTAN

    For Canadians, Urban Outfitters is also selling the PLATTAN headphones:
    Urban Outfitters product page for the PLATTAN

    Currys is currently running a laptop promotion at Curry’s laptops

  • Tutorhub – online tuition and homework help
    By on January 17th, 2012 | No Comments Comments

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    Check out their site: Tutorhub

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