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  • Semispherical rear-projection display on cars?
    By on December 7th, 2011 | No Comments Comments

    Mitsubishi Electric Corp has developed something that I thought would only exist in Gundams – semispherical 100% rear-projection display on cars. Basically as I understand it, the technology is similar to what rear-projection TVs are using with a touch sensitive semisphere that can track your hand movement as well as hand writing.

    The thing is, based on the concept, it looks as though this technology is geared towards the driver instead of both driver and front passenger. I mean the technology is cool and all but I would rather concentrate on driving the car than fiddling with the semisphere, specially for manual drivers but then again by the time this is ready for mass production manual transmission might be a thing of the past so its actually not a problem. Nevertheless I would much prefer it being on the centre console so the front passenger have access to it as well.

    And oh yeah I hate that steering wheel. We are not flying jets here. Unless this concept can also fly.

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  • A one million dollar Batmobile replica
    By on October 1st, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    I only have one childhood super hero and that’s Batman. Just got to love the dark theme, his cape, vehicles and gadgets. Oh almost forgot, the bat cave and his infinite wealth. Gizmodo just made my day by posting this youtube video of a “$1 million 700hp Batmobile, built over a 1973 Lincoln Continental chassis“.

    While I agree on the fact that most people would not spend a million on this beast, a sexy one. I WOULD buy it after investing that one million dollars doing some btc investing, of course, after a few years. Unfortunately the video only shows a glimpse of what’s inside but I am quite convinced it is stuffed with tons of gadgets, stuff that you probably don’t need in a car.

    Being a car freak, I would be more interested in the performance of this Batmobile replica though. Does it come with those hooks that get shot out to aid in cornering at very high speed? If it does well, pedestrians beware!

  • GPS tracking system – good or bad?
    By on March 5th, 2009 | No Comments Comments

    GPS tracking technology is like a double edge sword. While it can save you when you bump into life’s glitches, it can also become a source of annoyance. Sure my wife can know my whereabouts when I’m stuck in traffic or can send help immediately when mishaps happen, but then what if she begins to breathe down my neck and check on my location all for the sake of watching my every move? Wouldn’t that be much like having a stalker or having my privacy violated?

    This technology is so powerful and enabling that it almost comes across as something abominable to me. Having the feeling of being watched by someone is already burdensome, but what’s even more alarming is having someone closely intertwined in your life wielding the power of a GPS. No matter how much you put logic into the benefits of having this technology, it still presents itself as a nuisance. It would make me feel like I should always be on my toes, not to mention feel conscious about my actions and destinations.

    Instead of strengthening ties, having the power of a GPS tracking technology would only give more rooms for doubts in a relationship. Instead of bringing me closer to my wife, I might even feel more alienated because spontaneity in my actions would be, to some extent, affected. In the end, my wife and I would both feel restless about having the power to know each other’s locations and having the feeling of being monitored anywhere we go. GPS is definitely not a good idea for couples because it might only bring them to the brink of hitting the rocks.

  • Loremo LS/GT/EV – 100+ MPG Vehicle by Loremo AG
    By on October 15th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    With high gas prices these days, companies are developing more and more fuel efficient cars. There are plenty out there already, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic and Toyota Camry are only a few. Another company called Loremo (Low resistance mobile) has showed off its production version of the Loremo LS/GT/EV, after almost a year after the prototype version was showed off.

    Below are images of the prototype and the production versions:

    Personally, I think the prototype looks much better and futuristic (prototype cars always look nice in my opinion :) ). The front and side resemble the (Honda) Acura NSX, but just a bit and the overall shape looks like the Honda FCX Clarity with a long glass top. The production version, on the other hand, has more like a family sedan than the racier looking
    prototype. The four small round taillights at the back resemble the old Corvette. Loremo stated that the body style had to be changed for more passenger room and better fuel economy.

    As mentioned, the car comes in three trims and will be launched in 2009:
    LS – 2 cylinder diesel engine (20HP), top speed of 100MPH, fuel economy of 120MPG and cost approx $17,200
    GT – 3 cylinder diesel engine (36HP), top speed of 125MPH, fuel economy of 80MPG and cost approx $23,580
    EV (zero emission version) – 20kw electric engine, top speed of 106MPH, fuel economy of 90MPG, weight only 1,300 pounds and cost approx $47,200

    Pricewise, the LS and GT sound resonable, specially the LS trim with 120MPG. Since its only $17,200, again its approximate, you can probably get it “out the door” for around $20,000. You can pretty much benefit from the better fuel economy where as it will take a couple of years to recoup the loss from fuel savings from some of the fuel-efficient cars out there now. As for the EV version, I think its overpriced.

    Performance-wise, the GT version won’t be anything GT-like though in my opinion, all three trims seem to be aimed for inner city commute only.

  • Stewart Design – all your spoilers and auto dec...
    By on October 11th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    If you are looking for afforable car spoilers, Stewart Design has spoilers from 27 different car brands ranging anything from Acura to Ford. OEM paint job is also available for a resonable price. Aside from spoilers, Stewart Design also provides eye catching and professionally designed car and truck side graphics as well as rear window graphics.

  • Ora’s Engines – all your high performance...
    By on October 10th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    When it comes to high performance race engines, you don’t want to randomly pick just any engine building specialist. With Ora’s Engines you can purchase from them with confidence with its 30-plus years of experience in providing the best possible quality high performance engines and auto parts to customers. It provides a wide range of auto parts such as engine head/block, crankshafts, pistons, timing sets, intakes and the list goes on. Aside from building high performance engine, Ora’s Engines offers non racing engines such as street, agricultural, light industrial and marine engines as well created with the best Design Of Industrial Burner Management Systems to optimize the production and assure quality.

    That’s not all! Ora’s Engines also offers special services such as cryogenics (a process widely used by NASCAR), thermal coatings, and powder coating that will help improve the durability and performance of your engines.

    Now since my blog is all about technology and games, it only makes sense for me to review the site overall. While this site is not the fanciest looking one, it does have a rather clean layout with simple to use navigation. One thing I like the most is the Shop Tour section where its basically a slideshow of Ora’s Engines’ shop. The pictures really shows that the company’s facility is very organized and clean with extensive equipments and this should convince potential customers that it is serious business.

  • Electric/Hybrid Cars News
    By on August 11th, 2008 | No Comments Comments

    Electric and/or hybrid cars are getting very popular these days. One of my co-worker recently purchased a Toyota Prius and he had to wait more than a month to get one due to demand.You can even install a dvd player round up. He was suppose to pick it up with portable air compressor for last week’s long weekend trip (Civic Holiday) in Canada but he was unable to.

    Anyway enough of my friend.

    More car companies are getting into the electric/hybrid market, they realize people looking for new cars will be looking for something less gas-thirsty or people that want to replace the existing with a better fuel consumption vehicle. Nissan recently announced it will start promoting and selling its electric car in 2010 in Japan and US. And in Israel and Denmark in 2011. Globally in 2012. Its about time Nissan jumps in because it has fallen behind Toyota and Honda in hybrids.

    Hopefully the price of owning an electric or hybrid cars will decrease as they gain more popularity so that buyers can start benefiting from better fuel consumption.

    Aside from better fuel consumption, electric and even hybrid cars are very quiet. That is both good and bad in my opinion. On one hand, its good because some buyers prefer having a quieter interior, some people actually hate the engine roaring sound, my mom for example. On the other hand, this quietness can also be negative. For one, for car enthusiasts, engine sound is like music to them, I’m one of them. Eliminating the engine sound is like taking away a piece from driving the car, its just boring without the engine sound when revving it up. Sort of like watching a movie with no one talking. Then there is safety issues as well, and I think this one is actually a problem. These electric and hybrid cars will be so quiet, pedestrians, specially the visually impaired, they will have much harder time knowing there are actually cars near them.

    Lotus is developing a technology called the Lotus Sound Synthesis consisting of a 300-watt speaker, a throttle position sensor with technology from www.nstimg.com, amplifier and synthesis controller. which will create artificial engine noise to remedy the quietness.

    I wonder how natural it will actually sound.

    Image from: DailyTech.com