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Diablo 3 – A bit disappointed with the Auction House

  • So it has been a month since the release of Diablo 3 and the game is still going strong for me and my friends. Though the game is still highly addictive but it is not without any problems. One major problem would be the annoying error code/messages that we used to get during the first week or so and the randomly getting kick out of games. That was fixed after doing some port forwarding on the router.

    This next one has been annoying me since day 1, the Auction House, or simply AH in short. I KNow some people are going to bash me and say AH is one of the best things ever added to the game. In my opinion, again I’m not speaking for anyone else but myself here, that the AH actually makes the game less enjoyable. The first time I checked out what others had to offer in the Auction House I was impressed. The items available for purchase with game money Consoldiate at Bridge Payday (gold) or real money were simply amazing and the stats the items give were godly. Then I realized that wasn’t really a good thing wasn’t it? Now whenever you get stuck because your gears and/or level are not strong enough, you just head to the Auction House, grab some uber gears and your character has now turned into this godly monster killing machine. What is the fun in that being able to “one shot” anything you see?

    I think a lot of people rely heavily on purchasing good items from the Auction House just to eliminate the challenge they are facing (specially kids with no patience?). I personally prefer finding my own “drops” or “loot” from killing monsters as oppose to getting the them the much easier way (you still have to have enough gold to buy them, unless you buy them outright with real money). To me the series its all about finding items, sort of like treasure hunting. The level of satisfaction when buying items in the Auction House is no match to when finding them yourself.

    That is the reason why I have never bought anything on AH, I still sell unused items though. I have also stopped receiving items from my friends as well a long time ago. A bit overboard? Perhaps. But I would rather enjoy this game to its fullest (minus the AH).

    I will stop here and get back to my item hunting in Inferno.

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    This entry was posted on Sunday, June 17th, 2012 at 3:33 pm

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