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Battlefield Play4Free

  • Battlefield Play4Free looks pretty promising even though it doesn’t have the best graphics but doesn’t mean it will be a bad game. So far based on the trailer, I am more than convinced the game will be worth playing on PC until I get a new PS3 next year. Yes, mine overheated (yellow light of death) again for the second time and died a total of 3 times with the first one being the Blu-ray control board dead.

    I’ve already paid $180 to Sony to fix the control board issue, then another $90 to resoldered the board for the first overheat. I am not going to pay another $90 just to have it resoldered and get it fried again. I might as well accept the fact that I bought a lemon. There is no chance in hell I am going to fork out money to fix this, I’ve already forked out enough to buy a new one almost.

    So what’s the point?

    One reason I believe its a lemon is the fact that, the second overheat happened after 2 games of Call of Duty, don’t tell me the console will overheat after 2 games which lasted for less than 20 minutes. My friend joked its probably because the game got to intense. I laughed out loud.

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    This entry was posted on Sunday, November 7th, 2010 at 2:18 pm

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