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Alan Wake – one of those games where I wish I had an Xbox 360

  • Alan Wake - Xbox 360
    Alan Wake will be released tomorrow May 18th, is one of those games where I wish I had an Xbox 360. Some people might disagree with me but I wish I had this as a PS3 exclusive instead of Heavy Rain. Don’t get me wrong, Heavy Rain was good, but not good enough because it involves too much of just clicking buttons (I nearly fell asleep while playing the demo). I guess I prefer more action oriented thriller games like Alan Wake.

    Alan Wake - Xbox 360

    Alan Wake really brings back memories from series such as Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. It has the atmosphere of Silent Hill. The way of killing the bad guys is to use things that produce light like flash bang, giant spot lights and flash lights which reminds me of Fatal Frame which also uses non conventional weapons like Camera Obscura, instead of guns and frag grenades.

    Alan Wake - Xbox 360

    For those of you who has an Xbox 360 I think you should consider getting it or at least rent it.

    Oh how I wish I had an Xbox 360…..

    Watch this at Gametrailers.com – Building the Drama

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