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Mod Nation Racers – when LittleBigPlanet meets Mario kart

  • GameTrailers.com has been showing us loads and loads of E3 trailers, teasers, game plays or whatever you call them these days none stop for the past few days. While most of them look promising, I think this one in particular shines among the rest. Mod Nation Racers is the result of combining LittleBigPlanet and one of our all time favorite, Mario kart. While there are features that will immediately remind you of Mario Kart, like the power ups and the wide range of character customizations for your racers which resemble that of LittleBigPlanet. Sometimes copying other feature from different games and implementing them into a single game might actually work, and might be the case for Mod Nation Racers.

    I think one of the biggest selling point of this game is the fact that you can create your own tracks (see trailer 2), something you cannot do in the Mario Kart series. This basically translates to infinite number of playable tracks, assuming people will love this game enough to create these custom tracks similar to LBP’s levels created by the players. If that’s the case, the replay value for the game will be extremely high.

    The game’s customizations, track editor and the LBP feel all contribute to why I have high hopes for this game, which I’m guessing will be released some time next year. Which reminds me I should open up my PS3 and get the Blu-ray drive checked out, otherwise I will be missing out all the great games coming up even this year!

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