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Lost Planet 2 reminds me of Monster Hunter

  • I played the demo for Lost Planet and at that time I didn’t like it at all. At first, I had doubts when I saw trailers for the sequel. Honestly after watching the trailers, I might just grab myself a copy of the first one, since its more than one year old and should be cheap, so even if I ended up not liking the game it would only be a small lost to me.

    The reason why I’ve changed my impression for this game is the fact that there are actually huge monsters/insects to fight against (I know about the mechs already) which really reminds me of Monster Hunter and that game was a blast to play as well, specially with 3 other people. After watching one of the “epic” boss battles for Lost Planet 2 (I almost typed out LittleBigPlanet haha) I was impressed and surprised. I seriously didn’t know there were huge monsters/insects to fight against even in the first Lost Planet and I thought it was a new addition to Lost Planet 2. I was wrong, very wrong. So I quickly looked up Lost Planet: Extreme Condition’s review on Gametrailers and it rated the game 7.9 overall, though failing the story side.

    I checked on eBay and the game is roughly $20 USD after shipping, one of the cheapest I’ve found. Looks like I will give this one a try. Lost Planet 2, unfortunately will only be available for Xbox 360 and release date is still unknown.

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    This entry was posted on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 at 8:08 pm

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