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GPS tracking system – good or bad?

  • GPS tracking technology is like a double edge sword. While it can save you when you bump into life’s glitches, it can also become a source of annoyance. Sure my wife can know my whereabouts when I’m stuck in traffic or can send help immediately when mishaps happen, but then what if she begins to breathe down my neck and check on my location all for the sake of watching my every move? Wouldn’t that be much like having a stalker or having my privacy violated?

    This technology is so powerful and enabling that it almost comes across as something abominable to me. Having the feeling of being watched by someone is already burdensome, but what’s even more alarming is having someone closely intertwined in your life wielding the power of a GPS. No matter how much you put logic into the benefits of having this technology, it still presents itself as a nuisance. It would make me feel like I should always be on my toes, not to mention feel conscious about my actions and destinations.

    Instead of strengthening ties, having the power of a GPS tracking technology would only give more rooms for doubts in a relationship. Instead of bringing me closer to my wife, I might even feel more alienated because spontaneity in my actions would be, to some extent, affected. In the end, my wife and I would both feel restless about having the power to know each other’s locations and having the feeling of being monitored anywhere we go. GPS is definitely not a good idea for couples because it might only bring them to the brink of hitting the rocks.

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    This entry was posted on Thursday, March 5th, 2009 at 4:13 am

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