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Electronic Whiteboards – I wanna get me one of these

  • high-security-electronic-whiteboards

    Tech-On! has posted something that caught my eyes this early working morning. Panasonic has introduced 2 models of its High-security Electronic Whiteboards.

    The only difference between the two models is one being “a film-board type that can be hung on a wall and a steel board-type on which documents can be posted by using magnets”, based on the article. Each model is further divided into more trims with film-board type having the “UB-5838C” color wide model and “UB-5338C” color standard model and the steel-board type having the “UB-2828C” color wide model, “UB-2328C” color standard model, “UB-2828″ monochrome wide model and “UB-2328″ monochrome standard model

    What interests me the most is the fact that it can be plugged into a PC through USB where you can transfer whatever is on the board onto the connected computer so you can save whatever you have drawn on the board and bring it with you (to your PC or USB key). It doesn’t say if the reverse is true whether its possible to transfer data from a computer onto the boards unfortunately.

    I’m not sure about its security feature though. Although its great to have password feature that will restrict from being printed or stored. If the person really wants what’s drawn on the board, he/she can still either hand-draw or take a picture of the content.

    Unfortunately, these fancy Whiteboards are quite expensive which range from “approx US$2,020-3,123, including tax” while the printer is approx US$289.58 (I did this calculation based on the current exchange rate, the article didn’t have the US price for the printer for some reason) which are very affordable.

    Image source: Tech-On!

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    This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 at 9:26 pm

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