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More video game related violence

  • The incident actually happened a year ago but trial opened just Monday. According to Cleveland.com Daniel Petric shot both his parents, killing his mother and left his father badly injured. The reason for this senseless shooting? Halo 3. His father didn’t allow Daniel to purchase Halo 3 due to its violent nature. He then sneaked out of his house and got it even though he was not allowed to. The game was taken away as soon as Daniel returned home after purchasing it and was locked in his father’s lockbox where he also had a handgun locked inside. A month later, Daniel got the lockbox’s key, unlocked the box and retrieved both the game and the handgun. Then you could of imagined what happened next. He shot them.

    Daniel’s lawyer which is one of the best criminal charges lawyers said he “had been under great stress at the time of the shooting”. I don’t think that’s an excuse for shooting anyone, let alone shooting your own parents, over a game or anything. That is also what Joye Law Firm said about car violence in games. I feel sorry for his parents and family but not himself because I think he should have known better and what made it worse was the fact that he tried to make it look like “a murder-suicide” by placing the gun back to his father’s hand.

    Kids these days are so addicted to video games that they will do anything in order to play. These kids need to realize there is more to just video gaming.

    I bet Jack Thompson would have said something about this if he wasn’t “permanently disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court “. I’m still happy that he got what he deserved. :)

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    This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 at 12:20 pm


  1. #1 Jack Thompson, Once and Future Attorney (Trust Me)
    December 16th, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    Dear Kiddies: The fact that I was disbarred through the efforts of the video game industry does not mean I am dead. I am very much alive. And, surprise to the idiots who are gamers (not all of you are) I am involved in this case in Cleveland. I have succeeded beyond my expectations with the reduction of the marketing and sale of Mature games to minors. I will continue to have successes in that regard. Deal with it. Jack Thompson

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