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To bail or not to bail that is the question

  • I normally don’t blog about the auto industry unless its tech related but I just felt like blogging about this at the time of this writing because this is something that you don’t see everyday. You pretty much don’t want to see this happen anyway. It will affect people who want to buy new cars, specially if they don’t have money, fortunately there are places that help people to get the car they deserve, visit https://completeautoloans.com/special-financing/ for more info.

    I’ve been reading news about the big three auto makers – Ford, GM and Chrysler asking for bailouts with GM needing the bailout asap because it will run out of money at the end of this year. More than 50% of the people oppose that idea. I too agree with these people mainly because I believe that if a company fails, it is its responsibilty to manage its own mess either by some form of restructuring and job cutting instead of simply asking for the government’s help. I think all these reason bailouts are really spoiling these bailed out companies. So people running businesses will now think that failing is ok because our government will always bail us out. As much as I don’t want to see any company fails, these companies, specifically the big 3s, need to accept failures. And I can imagine why people are opposing since the bailout money comes from tax payers.

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    This entry was posted on Friday, December 5th, 2008 at 2:44 pm

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