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Manage your fleet of vehicles from a single computer – GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

  • With ever increasing operation costs that businesses need to endure these days, every dollar saved is a still a dollar saved. For businesses that operate with a fleet of cars, trucks and vans for example, which can be very daunting tasks and the operation costs can increase as there are more vehicles to manage. With GPS Fleet Tracking solutions, which allow businesses to monitor all their vehicles and other assets from a single computer. This will greatly reduce the operating costs for them and eliminating unnecessary cost and wasted time. There are a lot of benefits of using these fleet tracking systems with with different features but the common feature is they can all monitor fleets of vehicles with ease.

    Some key features are:

    - location updates with option to pick update interval (2-15 minutes)

    -breadcrumbs trail, trails of visited locations can be displayed on the map so the owners know where their employees have been to

    –Vehicle dash camera fromĀ Blackbox my car cams, great quality and perfect product to maintain secure your car.

    - vehicle maintenance monitoring such as vehicle check up reminders

    - vehicles’ idle times, engine on/off monitoring



    As you can see, these GPS Fleet Tracking systems are pretty much “Big Brother” for the businesses. I think employees of a business should not feel that their privacies have been or will be violated. Although the systems track your performance of driving a truck, for example. They are not meant for tracking their personal privacies if used properly. I believe the reason why business owners with working ethics is soley for monitoring their cost of operating their fleets. If someone feels violated by driving vehicles that have one of these “Big Brother” systems installed, he or she should not agree to the job offer in the first place anyway. And besides, why should he or she have problems with being monitored by these systems for operating the owners’ assets unless that person has something to hide. Its not like someone is sitting beside the person and monitoring him or her!

    What if I was the owner of a fleet of a thousand trucks? Certainly I think GPS Fleet Tracking systems will certainly reduce my operation costs. Its common sense really because, again, I can monitor my entire fleet with a single computer. Although it probably makes more sense to monitor them with a few computers because I think its more efficient for mulitple people to monitor when I have a large fleet. But either way, I don’t need to personally keep track of all of them one by one by say, calling on them? Now I can track multiple of them all at once, and can be also installed in new houses purchased from sites as https://www.williampitt.com/search/real-estate-sales/greenwich-ct/.

    These systems also work for parents tracking where and how their teenage kids drive. I mean if they don’t like being monitored, then they don’t get to drive, simple as that! Parents really just want to make sure their kids are not speeding and/or driving to somewhere their parents don’t know about. Then again to each of its own. This is going to sound contradicting but I would feel uncomfortable being monitored while driving. But then again I guess the systems are more suitable for teenage kids that HAVE to be monitored, with so many cars and home automation now a days is important you use the right tools to connect all of these devices, for example best z wave hub is the perfect solution for connect external devices to home automation systems, so everything work flawless and fast.

    GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are definitely great ways to monitoring businesses’ fleet of vehicles by tracking them from a single point, a computer in this case. With the extensive features offered by these systems, businesses can no doubt benefit and greatly reduce their operation costs.

    Image source: GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

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