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Basic Blocks – Contemporary Home (Second Life)

  • This is my first time blogging about my latest design in Second Life. I’m a content creator specialized in homes, stores and even some military buildings like hangars and command centre with nuke. But I prefer designing and building houses instead. I have recently released my latest home design called Basic Blocks.

    Why call it Basic Blocks? It actually comes from the design which consists 10 rectangular blocks. It has two floors, therefore 5 blocks per floor with the middle one connecting to the other four on each much like a “plus” sign. The middle also consists of an elevator for accessing both floors. In this design, I tried to apply a bit more interior designs inside instead of just a plain empty shell. The designs are mainly from mixing different ideas in some of the interior design books that I read all the time. You will also notice I”m a big fan of the 3 colors – black, white and grey, I can never stop using them in all my builds.

    Hope you guys will like this design and feedbacks are always welcome! Even the negative ones as I strongly believe I need to listen to all in order to further improve my designing skills.

    For more pictures please visit my listing @ slexchange.com where content creators like myself sell their products and/or services for Second Life.

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    This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am


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