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Lap-Band Surgery – lose that extra pound!

  • Lap-Band surgery is one of many ways to lose the extra unwanted weight and is considered to be the least invasive bariatric surgery available. Each surgery generally takes about 40 minutes where patients can leave a few hours after post surgery and be ready for work or any normal activities within 4-5 days. Unlike many other relatively more invasive operations, Lap-Ban surgery only requires a very small incision in the stomach to allow a small restrictive device; however, you may want to get supplements from healthyusa to prepare your stomach first. The device consists of a small band with a balloon inside that is filled with a saline solution around the top section of the stomach and connected to a tube and in the end with a access control switch that will control the amount of “contraction” of the band. This contraction slows down food from going into the stomach and makes the patient feel full for a longer period of time. The band also creates a “pouch” in the upper stomach which holds less food than the rest of the stomach and therefore making the patient eat less.

    If you want to learn more about Lap-Band Surgery, one of the specialists performing such operation is Dr. Richard E. Collier and his office is located at Conroe, Texas. He also provides free weekly seminars for those interested to learn more.

    His web site is easy to navigate and packed with useful information from about himself, Lap-Band FAQ, nutritional info, body mass info to testimonials etc.

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