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Shopping with a robot!

  • ASIMO, a robot that can run, walk as well as conducting a symphony orchestra (the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in May) developed by Honda was and is still a breakthrough in intelligence technologies. Now another japanese robotic company tmsuk has also been developing robots,the most recent being the TMSUK-4 humanoid and was showcased in one of the department stores in Japan.

    The demonstration was about an immobile grandmother unable to shop with her granddaughter physically, so she controled the TMSUK-4 with a built in camera so she saw what the robot saw so she could shop with her granddaughter. While this is interesting, I don’t think you can use this for anything shopping. What I mean is, it can be used to shop for groceries, you cannot use it for shopping for clothes or shoes. The purpose of this robot is somewhat limited, at least for now.

    I wonder if I would live long enough to see Gundams flying around :)


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    This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 8:42 am

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