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Siren: Blood Curse Chapters 11-12 & Overall Review

  • At last I have finished the game, what an experience! I’ve pretty much mentioned the likes and dislikes of this game. But I really have to stress that the sight jacking ability can sometimes be very….annoying. Particularly in chapter 11 where you play Sam Monroe and have to protect his daughter Bella, when a shibito sees you, or targeted you, your screen will be separated into the normal view and your sight jacking view. This can be very frustrating because as you know, this game takes place in the dark more than 50% of the time and when you are in the middle of a battle with multiple enemies, its hard to navigate around the area with half the screen. That killed me a few times before I could complete the mission. That’s my biggest complain of the game and of chapter 11.

    And by the way, you get to kill one of those baby crying shibitos, they are actually called the maggot shibitos. You can’t kill them with normal weapons though, but through particular ways depending on the missions.

    After finishing chapter 11, it makes sense to finish the last chapter :)

    You are in control of Howard for the entire chapter. As you can imagine, you will get to fight the final boss that created all this hellish mess. It is actually an easy fight since all it does is teleporting around, as long as you don’t stand close to it, it won’t attack you. The background is too “colorful” though and its very distracting. Finally, I am somewhat disappointed because the other bosses have given me a much tougher time than this final boss have.

    The ending shows Howard cleaning up the mess like a “hero”. Maybe its because I haven’t played the previous games of the series, I honestly have no idea what was going when I watched it.

    Anyway, I think this game is still worth the money and again, buy the complete pack because there’s really no point to buy only a 4 chapter pack since all chapters are linked together. If you liked the demo you will like the entire game. I mean I don’t think you will like the first 4 chapters and then all of a sudden you lose interest, the chance of that is pretty low in my opinion.

    The story is confusing, at least for me. I am still not sure how everyone has ended up in that village in the first place. Graphics wise, as mentioned before, the environment including weather, buildings as well as all playable characters, NPC and enemies are all highly detailed (well except for the posters on the walls). In terms of controls, its easy to pick up, you will get used to the control pretty soon as the first 2 chapters are pretty much tutorials and teach you the basics. Game play is also pretty good, except for the occasional sight jacking annoyance. Sometimes the game forces you to go in pure stealth mode and sometimes you can just kill your way through, provided you have a weapon, not just your fists though! I believe you can even complete the game in pure stealth as well.

    If you like Silent Hill type of game, there is a pretty high chance you will like Siren as well. Its pretty much as creepy and messed up as Silent Hill!

    I hope you all enjoyed reading my reviews on Siren: Blood Curse for the PlayStation 3. And oh yes, the last picture shows you how “good” I played. :)

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