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Siren: Blood Curse Chapters 8-10 Review

  • I should have mentioned this from the beginning about this game. The characters in it are full of facial and physical expressions. For example, if you idle your character and/or your companion will start to moan (not in the sexual way!), cough or cry, in the case of Bella Monroe. A lot of times, assuming the companion is in range of the shibito, they will react, but sometimes he/she just stands there and get hit which is a minor annoyance. And after you have killed the shibito, Miyako, for example, will ask “Is it over now?”. Things like these make the game much more interactive and enjoyable in my opinion.

    Chapter 8 lets you play yet another player, his name is Sol, the camera man. You can actually use him and his trusty video camera! I found it funny killing shibitos with it. But in the end, I picked up a gun instead along the way. This chapter is rather straight forward.

    Chapter 9 is short but is also one of the most intense chapters, yet another spoiler! You get to actually fight the giant baby crying shibito I mentioned in previous review using Melissa Gale (Sam’s ex wife for those who forgot). The second part you are using Seigo, the guy with the rifle again, and the mission is to protect Bella Monroe to escape. It was annoying when I played it because I wasn’t quick enough protecting her from places to places. Basically if you are not fast enough, she will die, period.

    And you get a very special surprise while you are doing one of the last set of sub goals for this chapter. :)

    And finally, chapter 10 is just running around for the whole chapter, just with different characters and purposes. Nothing too special except the scenery for the second half is actually quite a sight.

    Stay tune for the final review for chapter 11 and 12! I can’t wait to see the end!

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    This entry was posted on Friday, August 8th, 2008 at 10:22 pm

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