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Facebreaker Demo Review for Playstation 3

  • I downloaded the demo tonight to try it out, I had doubts before as I’ve seen many negative ratings on most, if not all of Facebreaker’s trailers. But I belive you really have to play it yourself before you can criticize.

    The demo offers you 3 of 12 playable boxers as well as your own. You can fight either by using those 3 boxers or 2 custom made ones plus one that you can make. The custom boxer is actually a good idea. You are given the 3 options:

  • create boxer – where you can download a photo off from EA,
  • use a USB camera that you have to connect to your PS3 (not sure how well the photo will populate the boxer’s face as I don’t have a USB camera.
  • Or you can start from an existing boxer. I have created a purple looking one based on the existing playable boxer Steve.
  • The fun part is the last option, you will literally take 30 minutes to even an hour going through each customization such as the pattern and color of the boxer gloves, hair color, eye color, body color, body size etc. Customization to me has always been a huge bonus when I just how flexible and user friendly the game is.

    Onto the game play and graphics. As mentioned before, a lot of people are not too positive about this game. After playing a few rounds of the rather short demo, I think its not that bad after all. In terms of game play, its fast pace, really fast I should say. You are basically smashing all the buttons and hope you will land some punches to your opponent. I do have to agree with people posted on gametrailers.com on the fact that, even on easy difficulty it is still quite hard to beat your opponent. And the fact that your opponent punches so fast its hard to use dodge or parry.

    Graphics wise, running on 1080p, its bright and clear. Even though its not top notch graphics, I wouldn’t say its bad either, just not the best!

    My final verdict for this game is if you like fast pace games or fighting games in general (by the way this game is no match with Soul Calibur 4 and let’s not go there) and if you like to put your friends’ faces as the boxes, which I would find it fun if I had a USB camera. This game might be for you, or at least a rental game. Definitely not as bad as some of the people commented.

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    This entry was posted on Thursday, August 7th, 2008 at 1:17 am

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