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Siren: Blood Curse Chapter 3 Review

  • Finally finished chapter 3 of the 12 chapter series. First half of this chapter will let you control Bella Monroe, Sam Monroe’s daughter. Again I won’t go into the story but with her you basically have to go 100% stealth. I died twice again but at last figured out how to pass the first half of the game. The second half took place in a swampy forest. The environment is just gorgeous in my opinion with a combination of foggy and graininess similar to Silent Hill.

    One thing I dislike is when you use the special sight jacking ability, the screen is split in half, even with a 40inch LCD screen (not showing off please don’t get me wrong), I still found it difficult to navigate while half the screen is occupied with someone else’s view. But sight jacking plays an important role in this game so you are basically forced to live with this or you will die even more frequently since you have absolutely no idea where the shibitos are due to the foggy and grainy environment. If you can actually see them, chances are they can see you too and right away jump at you!

    I apologize for the quality of the images, I took them with my digital camera while playing the game.

    Stay tuned for chapter 4!

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    This entry was posted on Friday, August 1st, 2008 at 9:35 pm

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