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Siren: Blood Curse Chapter 2 Review

  • Finally had a chance to play the second chapter (or episode as that’s how they called it in the game). The game started with intro cut scene where chapter 1 left off. Again I won’t go into the details of the story. As mentioned from chapter 1 review, chapter 2 is basically from the demo where you are Sam Monroe(the guy with glasses) PLUS for the first half of this chapter, you are again controlling the highschool kid Howard Wright. It feels like this chapter, as well as the first, are meant to be “tutorials” where you get to learn the basics of the game, a special skill is also introduced called “Sight Jacking”, basically you see the surrounding through another character who is also introduced in this chapter.

    Overall, this chapter is still dark and creepy. Unlike Resident Evil or any first/third person shooter, you cannot always go head on with the shibitos, yes I finally found out the name of those “dead” people I’ve been mentioning. This chapter again, makes you sneak up on them and surprise attack them (feels like Metal Gear Solid to me lol).

    Siren: Blood Curse Chapter 2

    Later in the game, you are given a gun with unlimited ammo. It is fun but then you lose that sense of “survival” feel but then again there aren’t a swamp of them to take care of. The shibitos are no threat to you when you have a gun, they just run blindly towards you and die before they can even lay one hit on you. On the other hand, if you have a melee weapon, you really have to fight smart like sneaking up on them and perform a heavy attack.

    This chapter is a bit longer than the first but definitely a good game play.

    I should have chapter 3 review up by tomorrow so stay tuned!

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    This entry was posted on Thursday, July 31st, 2008 at 9:16 pm

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